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Windows Hosting is often relatively more expensive than Linux ones, but there are still many fans outside. Especially for those .NET framework users, Windows web hosting becomes the only option.

Therefore, to assist those customers get optimal Windows web hosting and reduce their hosting budget burden, we are to recommend a Cheap Windows Hosting provider, Host4ASP.NET. In the review, we are to analyze Host4ASP.NET Windows hosting from pricing, features, performance and customer support. So, customers can check out whether it is the right one for their sites.

Cheap Windows Hosting – Host4ASP.NET

Although Host4ASP.NET ( started in 2014, it has received a wide range of recognition from Windows customers. Now, Host4ASP.NET offers Windows hosting, SSD hosting, Hong Kong Hosting, SSL certificates, Windows VPS as well as Reseller hosting.

Among those, Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET hosting has been regarded as one of the best rated ASP.NET web hosting solutions, offering .NET hosting fans the latest Microsoft technologies and cutting-edge features with attractive prices, namely starting at $2.95/mo. Therefore, taking pricing, .NET framework support and Microsoft technology support, we recommend Host4ASP.NET as the cheap Windows Hosting provider.

Host4ASP.NET Windows Hosting is Cheap

Firstly, we are to introduce the pricing of Host4ASP.NET hosting pricing details at first. For Shared hosting, Host4ASP.NET designs 3 packages, including BASIC, ADVANCE, and BUSINESS. The entry-level package BASIC normally starts at $4.95/mo, while when customers go through our exclusive promo link below, it only charges at $2.95/mo, which means customers can get a 40% off discount. So, Host4ASP.NET is really a cheap web hosting provider.

Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Deal Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Deal
40% Off

If customers need more powerful Windows VPS, then Host4ASP.NET Hyper-V Windows VPS is of course the first option. The company will charge its VPS from $29.95 for monthly payment, but if customers go via above exclusive promo link, then it will only charge at $19.95/mo, meaning customers can also get a 33% off discount. To learn more about Host4ASP.NET hosting deals, please check out Host4ASP.NET Coupon.

Additionally, Host4ASP.NET will offer customers a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, which ensures that customers can cancel hosting accounts during the initial 30 days, and then request a refund from Host4ASP.NET.

Host4ASP.NET Windows Hosting Review on Features

Host4ASP.NET has Windows shared hosting, Windows reseller hosting and Windows VPS. For shared hosting, Host4ASP.NET designs 3 packages, and all are 100% focused to be the best ASP.NET hosting plans. Each package comes with the latest MS technology such as Windows 12 R2 OS, SQL server, MVC, .NET framework, and Silverlight. Supported by MS SPLA program, Host4ASP.NET Windows hosting is recognized by MS and recommended by ASP.NET site as well.

Besides, there are many advanced features. For programming, Host4ASP.NET Windows hosting includes classic ASP, multiple ASP.NET supports, PHP 5.x, Zend Guard Loader, as well as Zend Optimizer. For database, there is MySQL 5 with phpMyAdmin, SQL Server local DB, SQL Server 2012/2014, SQL backups & SQL Restore, remote access to MSSQL DBs, access databases, etc.

Additionally, in each package, Host4ASP.NET offers up to unlimited websites hosted, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, 1GB site memory, unlimited email accounts, unlimited concurrent connections, free domain, free dedicated IP, free SSL certificate, IIS 8.5 – full trust, BetterSecurity Suite, and more.

All ASP.NET hosting order can be instantly set up and activated. Host4ASP.NET also guarantees usability. Customers can get easy-to-use WebSitePanel, plus IIS, web deploy, WebMatrix and MSSQL management studio, to manage their site effortlessly.

When customers need to upgrade to more advanced plans, Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS plans are good options. All VPS plans include flexibility, allowing customers to configure their server environment from choosing the Windows OS to decide the amount of server resources. Due to Hyper-V Windows VPS, customers can get full control from kernel and many Hyper-V options, such as full OS customization, Windows 2012 R2 instance & license, and more.

Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS also includes full SSD storage, fully upgradable packages, and easy management. WebSitePanel also comes to Host4ASP.NET VPS plans, which has many functions to help customers manage every aspect of their VPS, like shutdown, reset, start, snapshot, restoration, ISO image mount, Hyper-V virtual server import & export, and system re-installation.

Looking at Host4ASP.NET Windows hosting solutions, we can easily know it designs premium plans for customers, no matter they are personal webmasters or businesses.

Host4ASP.NET Windows Hosting Review on Performance

Host4ASP.NET has guaranteed its Windows shared hosting with 99.9% uptime and 99.99% uptime with its Hyper-V Windows VPS hosting. It is not only Host4ASP.NET has the powerful technology support from MS, but also it utilizes great hardware and data center facilities.

For shared hosting, Host4ASP.NET uses 100% DELL branded servers, and each server is configured with 2 AMD Opteron processors with 12 cores and 32GB, as well as RAID 5 protection with SSD storage support, boosting 10 times faster speed. In terms of security, Host4ASP.NET uses Cisco Firewall, anti virus, anti spam, DDoS attack response, and daily server backups. To ensure the reliability, Host4ASP.NET equips its data center with fully redundant power system.

Host4ASP.NET VPS also uses state-of-the-art data centers, equipping with the latest DELL servers, BGP technology, and redundant power supply. Other more, all the advanced features that shared hosting has are included as well.

Host4ASP.NET Windows Hosting Review on Customer Support

Host4ASP.NET Windows hosting comes with responsive support. There are all well-trained support staff offering timely response and help. Customers can easily get help via different ways including 24/7 live chat and 24/7 ticket. Even better, Host4ASP.NET support team will monitor customers’ server around the clock. For VPS customers, Host4ASP.NET even offers 24/7 server patching, managed software, and automated full system backups. Therefore, customers can relax to left the server and website security to Host4ASP.NET.

Other more, there is knowledge base as well as FQAs, including rich useful information waiting for customers to check out.

Host4ASP.NET is a Cheap Windows Hosting Provider

According to the information we mentioned above, it is evident that Host4ASP.NET is a premium Windows hosting provider. Its Windows hosting solutions are diverse, and each one comes with rich Windows-friendly features and advanced technologies. Plus solid rock hardware as well as data centers, Host4ASP.NET makes sure faster speed and reliability for customers. Well trained support team also offers customers good support. Starting from $2.95/mo, Host4ASP.NET is a real cheap Windows hosting provider.

To learn more about Host4ASP.NET Windows hosting, please go to

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