Choose an EV SSL over an OV SSL for E-Commerce Sites

SSL, short for Secure Sockets Layer, is the internet security technology for helping build a safe link between the browser and the web server. This secured link makes sure the informatidoon sent from your browser to the web server is private, therefore hackers are impossible to spy or steal it. As SSL has become an industry standard, millions of websites are using it to secure and protect any private or sensitive data sent through their websites. However, the most common use of SSL is for protecting customers during online transactions.

Properly installing an SSL Certificate is the prerequisite for a secured SSL connection on a web server. Usually, you will be required to answer some questions once you complete activating SSL on your web server for verifying the identity of your domain name as well as your company. Thereafter, your web server will generate 2 cryptographic keys: the private key and the public key.

The public key is open to all website visitors and is placed into a CSR (also known as Certificate Signing Request). A CSR is a file involving all data details about your domain name. Only when the CSR is generated, can you begin applying the SSL. During the process, the CA is responsible for verifying your submitted details and issuing an SSL Certificate with your details once verified. Then, the CA issued SSL Certificate will be automatically matched to your private key by your web server, which means that you are able to establish an encrypted and secure link between the web server and your client’s web browser.

In the era of internet, the way we live, work, learn and play is closely connected to the internet. E-commerce rapidly growing up into major player in commerce market in more and more countries. Meanwhile, SSL Certificates have been an essential requisite for e-commerce. Almost all credible business sites are secured by OV SSL or EV SSL Certificates since no user is willing to enter confidential information on untrusted sites when making a purchase. We also find that an increasing number of online businesses prefer EV SSL certificates to OV SSL certificates. If you’re running a business website and considering choosing between the two types of SSL certificate from a proven company, it might be helpful to understand the trend.

Differences between OV SSL and EV SSL

Before discussing the key reasons that set EV SSL apart from OV SSL, we would like to introduce some differences between the two products to give people a better understanding of them.

OV SSL Certificates

OV is the more secure step up from DV. In addition to checking up on the ownership of the domain name, the CA will carry out additional vetting of the organization and individual applying for the certificate. This might include checking your business registration, which can be verified directly using online government databases. However, if the online fillings are not available or inaccurate or not up to date, the CA may request additional official government registration documents, which vary on a case-by-case basis. Usually, a Dun & Bradstreet listing can satisfy most of the requirements for an OV SSL Certificate.

Advantages of OV SSL:

  1. More thorough vetting process than DV SSL;
  2. Company information is displayed to users;
  3. Provides a certain level of trust about the business or organization who owns the website.

When to consider OV SSL
Public-facing websites with reference to less sensitive transactional data.

EV SSL Certificates

EV SSL Certificates are the most premium type of SSL Certificates available. Identified on sites mainly by showing the green address bar, EV SSL is the most recognized symbol of trust across the web on the planet. They are becoming more and more commonplace in the industry, especially amongst e-commerce sites. Some most trusted sites like Twitter, Bank of America and PayPal are using EV SSL to give users peace of mind.

EV SSL Certificates require a more stringent verification process than OV SSL Certificates. Apart from the documents necessary in the verification process of an OV SSL Certificate, EV SSL Certificate requires you to complete a few extra steps, including proving both physical and operational existence as well as completing a simple telephone call with the CA directly.
Advantages of EV SSL

  1. EV SSL comes with the green browser address bar;
  2. Increase user trust and lower bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment.

When to consider EV SSL

E-commerce sites and websites dealing with credit card and other sensitive data.

Why Choose an EV SSL over an OV SSL for E-Commerce Sites

Below are the top three reasons why you need use an EV SSL rather than an OV SSL Certificate with your e-commerce site.

Firstly, EV SSL helps build brand trust.

When considering engaging in online business or e-commerce, customers or site visitors need to make sure the company is trusted in advance. The CA would verify that the organization has exclusive rights to dominate a domain, plus confirm the organization’s existence legally, operationally, and physically.

In a nutshell, EV SSL Certificates features with the highest level of authentication and are designed for boosting and maintaining customer confidence in e-commerce. They guarantee that the website has passed a thorough strictly and globally standardized process of identity verification.

Therefore, if your e-commerce site is being secured by an EV SSL Certificate, your customers or visitors can feel free to make payments on the site, which, in turn, helps increase your transaction conversion rates.

Secondly, EV SSL displays known and trusted visual indicators.

Once you’re verified a legitimate business after the CA completing a thorough validation process, you can obtain an EV SSL Certificate that activates the globally trusted and recognized green bar with other visual secure site indicators like https:// and a clickable padlock icon:

Crucial identifying information as the domain name, business name and detailed location will appear in the dynamic site seal.

Thirdly, EV SSL protects and promotes your brand.

EV SSL Certificate assures customers that your business is legitimate and your e-commerce site is secure, releasing them from information security. Particularly, EV SSL certificates protect customers against phishing schemes.

Furthermore, if you’re running less well-known e-commerce site, the EV SSL Certificate can benefit you with increased trust offered by this highest class of SSL. In other words, your brand legitimacy can be improved through using a standardized level of trust that is usually found with well-known online brands.

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