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Choose Bisend Over Winhost for ASP.NET Hosting Service

“Bisend or Winhost?”—it’s a question a bit like asking “Coke or Sprite?” since both providers enjoy a quite good reputation in ASP.NET hosting market.

While Bisend ( is relatively new but fast-growing web hosting star, Winhost ( has been around a lot longer and cultivated a strong user base. In below Bisend vs. Winhost comparison, we will compare the two web hosts side by side, revealing the reasons why we recommend Bisend rather than Winhost when it comes to price-valued ASP.NET hosting service.

Bisend vs. Winhost—Plans and Pricing

Bisend ASP.NET hosting is tailored to different needs. Customers can choose from Standard, Pro and Business Plan in accordance with specific requirements for hosting resources.

The Standard being the basic one which includes 10GB SSD disk space and 50GB bandwidth, while the rest set no limitation on the usage. The Business, in addition to all mentioned features, exclusively hosts customers’ websites on a high-end server, which optimizes the speed 4X faster than a standard server included in other two plans.

Bisend makes its ASP.NET hosting service affordable to most people from personal bloggers to business owners. Regularly starting at $7.99/mo, the hosting service now gives a special discount up to 64% off. Namely, customers only need to pay with $2.95/mo if they purchase a 3-year Standard solution. Even better, Bisend provides a non-contract 30 day money back guarantee to ensure risk-free service.

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Deal Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Deal
64% Off

On the other hand, speaking about Winhost ASP.NET hosting, there are three packages available too. Likewise, except the Basic that contains 3GB disk space and 50GB bandwidth, the Max and Ultimate both offer unlimited resources.

Similar to Bisend, Winhost is promoting its ASP.NET hosting plans by giving different offers based on the billing cycles. For example, if customers sign up with a 2-year service term, they can get the maximum 33% off, reducing the starting price at $3.95/mo. Additionally, Winhost tries to eliminate any risk from customers with the 30 day money back policy.

Winhost Promotion Winhost Promotion
Up to 33% Off

Bisend vs. Winhost—User Interface

Bisend uses the most popular Plesk Onyx. Even for a newbie, he/she can create an online presence and manage the hosting account in every aspect in the help of the control panel. Plesk Onyx features an intuitive graphical interface via grouping tools on the left of the screen, customers can clearly understand where should they start and find more options buried under each tool.

Importantly, Plesk Onyx makes it possible for customers to always have the most updated ASP.NET systems and applications installed in simple clicks. Currently, ASP.NET Core 2.0, ASP.NET Core 1.1, Microsoft SQL Server 2017, Microsoft ODBC Driver 11/13, and PHP 7.2.0 are supported.

Compared to that, Winhost’s self-developed control panel seems less competitive. Though it does provide 1-click script installers which is close to Plesk, the interface is a little boring and, of course, not is that eye-catching as Plesk Onyx.

Bisend vs. Winhost—Speed and Uptime

Bisend sites are hosted in the data centers at Chicago or Hong Kong. Both data centers are well equipped, utilizing complete climate and temperature control, water detection systems, fire-suppression systems, UPS, and diesel backup generators, etc., therefore ensuring maximum reliability. Also, Bisend invests a lot of money in new technology for better performance. The hosting company only uses brand-new Dell servers with SSD storage and multi-core Intel Xeon processors, in addition to partnership with multiple backbone providers. Every Bisend customer can benefit from a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Instead of renting data centers in different regions for better serving international customers, Winhost only offers on server location in Los Angeles CA. The data center is located nearby its office so that their support technicians can instantly access the servers when a sudden event (data breach, server failure, etc.) happens. To optimize the page loading times and connectivity, Winhost also uses Dell servers and configure them with some latest hardware and software.

To help visualize the speed difference between the two web host, we use the GTmetrix to make a simple speed test, from which one can clearly see Bisend has better response time and page speed score. Bisend loaded in just 2.2 seconds, whereas, Winhost took around 3 seconds. Bisend test site was faster than Winhost.

Bisend vs. Winhost—Technical Support

Customer support plays a significant role in the life of a consumer, particularly when one is new to the industry and doesn’t know much about building website or setting up email accounts, or others. Better the customer service, better the user experience. Bisend is readily available for all ASP.NET hosting clients, should they have any questions.

All Bisend’s support staffs are experienced, well-trained to provide superior service around the clock, via live chat, ticketing and email system. Beyond that, Bisend Support Center and Blog section have many useful tutorials and articles that customers can make use of to have some easy problems solved.

In comparison, Winhost offers less support channels. If customers need to consult a professional when encountering an emergency, the quickest way is using the Support Portal in the control panel, while email support is still available. Fortunately, Winhost, as an experienced ASP.NET hosting provider, has rich experience in solving related questions and some FAQs have been offered in its Knowledgebase.

In fact, we have to admit that both ASP.NET hosting providers need improving when it comes to technical support. Bisend fails to offer toll-free telephone service and Winhost lacks of even the basic live chat support. However, if there be a winner, Bisend may slightly win out over Winhost as a whole.

My Recommendation—Bisend!

Based on the key features comparison of both Bisend and Winhost ASP.NET hosting, it’s easy to find the clear winner—Bisend. Winhost might be offering ASP.NET hosting for a longer history and at relatively cost-effective prices, but the total customer satisfaction for the web host is not up-to the mark as compared to Bisend.

Bisend not only provides cheap ASP.NET hosting, it also allows for reselling the hosting service reasonable pricing. With data centers in both Chicago and Hong Kong, the two largest internet markets in the world, customers can deliver excellent performance experience. Also worth mentioning is the Plesk Onyx, which can help significantly simplify management for website, email, database, etc.

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