CloudFlare CDN Review

cloudflare cdn reviewCDN, content delivery network is one of the most important methods for customers to manage high-speed websites efficiently. By comparing with many CDN providers, we name CloudFlare as one of the best CDN companies, which can offer the best service to its customers.

About CloudFlare

CloudFlare can be regarded as a big community that can protect and accelerate any website cloudflare_logoonline. The company can also automatically optimize the delivery of customers’ web pages to guarantee the fastest page load times and best performance.

In below CloudFlare CDN Review, we will make a comprehensive analysis from its features, features and pricing as well as customer support to help customers have a clear understanding about why this company can offer the best CDN service.

CloudFlare CDN Review on Features

CloudFlare utilizes first-class hardware, web server technology and network routing to reduce hops featureand lower latency. At the same time, it can also offers many optimized features for customers to get the best performance online environment and we will list out the main features in the following:

  • Fast Speed– the company operates 24 data centers around the world. Its CDN can automatically cache static files of customers, so these files will be collected closer to the visitors while delivering dynamic content directly from customers’ web servers. It is tested that a website on CloudFlare loads twice as fast for their visitors averagely. By the way, CloudFlare never charges for bandwidth.
  • Works with Static and Dynamic Content– CloudFlare caches static resources, such as JavaScript, CSS, and images. Customers can freely choose which subdomains that they want to be a part of CloudFlare’s CDN and which one that they do not.
  • Rock Solid Reliability– customers will not be affected by any issues of data centers with CloudFlare’s distributed network.
  • Works with Other CDNs– CloudFlare will work as a complement if customers have used a CDN.
  • Always Online– CloudFlare serves a limited copy of cached websites if customers’ server goes wrong to keep it online for visitors.

In addition to we mentioned above, it also offers some other features, including SSL, Mobile optimization, no configuration necessary, protecting against traffic surges, automatic IPv6 and more.

CloudFlare CDN Review on Pricingpricing

There are four different plans are available for customers to select at CloudFlare, namely CloudFlare Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise. And their price is set at $0/mo, $20/mo for the first website, or $5/mo for each subsequent website, $200/mo and $5000 respectively.

CloudFlare CDN Review on Customer Support

In addition, CloudFlare also takes customers’ satisfaction as a top priority. The company promises that customers can deal with about almost all problems via checking the search bar. Moreover, customers can also solve their problems via ticket.

search bar


In conclusion, CloudFlare is a reliable company who can offer free CDN to its customers, aiming to help customers manage their websites smoothly and successfully. If customers can find more information about CloudFlare, they can freely visit


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