CloudFlare DNS Review

DNS is an Internet service. For the Internet, DNS serves as a”phone book” translating good computer hostnames into the IP addresses. Also, it is different from the phone book. It is updated quickly, allowing the locations of services to be changed without impacting end users continuing to use the same host name.

DNS is easy to use, flexible, and easy to maintain. To having DNS within users’ hosting packages, they can get many benefits. Their data can be protected from being accessed by unauthorized visitor; the DNS servers are associated with those software to make the automatic error checking.

In below, we are to try to review a DNS service provided CloudFlare. This CloudFlare CDN Review mainly includes 4 parts, which are CDN pricing, performance, management, and support. After reading it, customers could know whether they need it nor not.

Who is CloudFlare?

cloudflare logoIn 2009, 3 founders of CloudFlare began to really build CloudFlare team filling with talented people. CloudFlare team also remains the first core mission that is to assist clean up the Internet, so that online users can enjoy the better Internet environment. What makes the team surprised is that its customers cannot only get rid of bad guys online but also get their websites running average 30% faster than before.

CloudFlare can only make better security, but also help improve incredible performance. By far, the company has helped more than 2,000,000 web properties safer and faster.

CloudFlare DNS Review on Pricing

Probably, CloudFlare is the largest free DNS hosting provider. CloudFlare powers over 35% managed DNS domains and offers global, authoritative DNS in the market. Managed DNS means that customers can get free from the DNS management mess.

In additionally, CloudFlare DNS comes with other security features including filtering, limiting, as well as blocking. These additional features can make customers enjoy CloudFlare DNS with the best cared security.

On top of that, as well said before, CloudFlare DNS is totally offered free to all customers. They can set it up within just a few minutes and add on those security features as well as performance features at no any other cost.

DNS from reliable CloudFlare is totally free and well-protected, so we think customers can get one and have a try at least.

CloudFlare DNS Review on Performance

Going with CloudFlare authoritative DNS, customers can get the global coverage from the Anycast-powered network that serves 43 billion queries every day, lightning-fast speeds along with instant updates, and built-in security. Let’s reveal them one by one.

CloudFlare DNS Offers Global Coverage via the Anycast-Powered Network

CloudFlare team runs a large authoritative DNS network which is the Anycast-powered network. It can power the DNS and other related services, while serving up to 43 billion DNS queries each day, and the number of DNS queries is continuing to grow. Now, there are totally about 2,000,000 sites using CloudFlare DNS to ensure the availability to every user around the world.

cloudflare network

Data centers have been built across the world. All nodes in CloudFlare’s network can serve the DNS requests on its custom-built and fully-owned facilities that run its authoritative DNS software. The company also designs its network against the 50% network losing but never sacrifice the service availability. This can be done with the work of failover and load balancing.

All these bone by CloudFlare are for customers who can review the 100% uptime, and its Business and Enterprise CDN plans will include this as a standard feature.

Lightning-fast Speeds & Instant DNS Service Updates

speed and SEOAccording to SolveDNS, CloudFlare is consistently ranked as a fastest DNS service provider. CloudFlare routes the DNS query to any possible closest available location. In that circumstance, users’ requests can be responded in just a few milliseconds.

About DNS update issues, CloudFlare makes that fast as well, which can be done under a minute. The instant updates also make things easier, which are to update to point-to disaster recovery server, to change the website content, and to switch the hosts. Even better, it can bring some good for both customers and their readers. For readers, they can read the freshest website content; for customers, they can get rid of the issues of outdated information.

CloudFlare DNS Service Comes with Built-in Security

security and SEOSecurity has been already taken into consideration when CloudFlare was established. For DNS service, security also comes. CloudFlare DNS is designed to be able to resist strong and large DDoS attacks that ever seen.

CloudFlare team has rich experience of dealing with security problems and any attacks. Learning from it and combining with its custom authoritative DNS, CloudFlare applies good protections, which include filtering, limiting, and blocking.

Besides, it also has 2-factor authentication to ensure better security.

CloudFlare DNS Review on Management

Generally speaking, DNS comes with ease of use and flexibility. Well, CloudFlare makes it easier, because it does not set up the limitations for query, and enables it to support millions of records in one account. Customers can manage it and do some changes with the powerful, robust API.

CloudFlare DNS Review on Support

CloudFlare is glad to support customers going with its DNS smoothly. So, whenever they have questions, they can feel free to call the team or submit tickets. Moreover, CloudFlare has a help section on website, which almost includes everything customers could need. Therefore, go there and solve issues quickly.


About CloudFlare, many people must have heard CloudFlare CDN service. Here in this post, we make the best work to review its DNS service, and we know that it is powerful, fast, secure, and easy to use. The most amazing thing is that it is free to everyone. If customers are using the cheap web hosting packages without DNS service, then take the chance to make the website faster and securer.

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