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Codero Cloud Hosting Review

Established in 1992, Codero ( is a provider of high quality hosting servers including dedicated server,  managed servers, and cloud hybrid hosting solutions for all sizes of businesses worldwide.

Due to its best-in-class reliability, performance and value, 100% uptime guarantee, as well as exceptional customer support and SSAE 16 (SAS 70) certified secure data centers, thousands of enterprises choose to rely on Codero everyday!

In below post, we are going to review Codero cloud hosting, with the respect to features, pricing, performance and customer support. By analyzing it comprehensively, our readers can have their opinion on whether Codero cloud hosting is a trustable hosting solution or not.

Codero Cloud Hosting Review on Features

Codero provides rich resources in cloud hosting packages that will help customers run their business and websites smoothly and faster than ever before. Basic hosting resources include:

  • 512MB to 32 GB available memory
  • 1 TB to 10 TB premium bandwidth
  • 1 to 8 cores
  • 20GB to 512GB disk space

There are various cloud hosting options based on both Windows and Linux OS like CentOS, Federa, Ubuntu and Debian for customers to choose from. Codero’s cloud hosting service offers a full suite of features including instant and easy scalability to enhanced plans Restful API, guaranteed CPU performance, RAID10 hard disk performance, rapid provisioning (available quick for use) and a unique system that bills customers by the hour and month.

Codero cloud hosting uses Plesk Control Panel, which optimizes computing for consumers, businesses and service providers across all major hardware, operating system and virtualization platforms. Convenient and simple, Plesk Control Panel makes it easier to mange web hosting tasks so that customers have much more time to focus on growing their business.

In addition, Docker is available in cloud hosting packages. It is a free platform which helps customer build, ship, and run distributed applications. It enable customers to deploy assemble app quickly and run more workloads.

This service is recommended for those that are looking for an environment that allows dynamic variable availability for peak usage times, scalable web applications or SaaS apps, a testing and development server, high traffic applications and websites and more.

Codero Cloud Hosting Review on Pricing

Unlike some companies that require an annual contract, Codero offers both monthly and even hourly billing cycles for those who don’t have the budget to support annual contracts. Customers can choose different plans according to their own demands. Below, we’ll start with their Linux Cloud Hosting service pricing.

Codero offers seven Linux cloud hosting plans to choose from, and the pricing of the plans varies from $5/mo to $300/mo or $0.007/hr to $0.480/hr.

As expected, if customers need Windows cloud hosting, they will pay much more than Linux due to the Microsoft Windows licensing overhead. They currently offer six Windows cloud hosting plans that varies from $26/mo to $316/mo or $0.037/hr to $0.502/hr.

Codero Promotion Codero Promotion
3 Months Free

In addition, Codero cloud hosting is free for 3 months, apart from all addons and additional services. Customers can create one server for experiencing, after that, it’s their decision to keep or abandon it. However, free signup requires a credit card such as MasterCard,VISA, AMEX and DISCOVER.

Codero Cloud Hosting Review on Performance

As for performance, 100% uptime is guaranteed for Codero cloud hosting. Codero’s superior technology and automated infrastructure make it possible for customers to run cloud hosting successfully, while enjoying the high availability and extreme data security.

Codero cloud hosting comes with free SSD drives, which can increase database storage, thus offering faster read/write speeds. All servers are adopted from Dell with the latest Intel processors.

The web host locates the servers in two SSAE No. 16 SOC 1 certified data centers. Phoenix data center includes a 10 Gig backbone with multiple redundant carriers, PCI compliancy, and Dallas data center includes 10 Gigabit/sec switches to the rack, connected to numerous telecommunications hubs, Tier III compliant and state-of-the-art facility.

Both data centers are armed with high security equipment, 24/7 live network monitoring system, highly advanced fire systems, power backup systems and multiple HVAC systems to achieve an optimum temperature to deliver highly reliable cloud hosting service.

What’s more, the data centers of Codero are environmentally friendly. Environment-friendly building materials and design make it possible to reduce cooling demands on the facilities, besides, ultrasonic humidification systems require less energy and create no additional heat.

To ensure top performing network, Codero offers unlimited inbound traffic and superior network redundancy. It also works on multiple platforms like Dell, Intel, Brocade and Cisco.

Codero Cloud Hosting Review on Customer Support

Codero cloud hosting now is covered by full management. The seasoned and highly technical US-based team of Codero will deal with any issues that might arise in customers’ servers and websites. Various support channels are available for customers to get assistance:

Live Chat – After clicking “Chat Now” on their website, customers will be automatically directed to a live chat support agent. Customers don’t need to provide their name, email, topic/department, or reason for their ticket. They’ll go straight to a representative who responds very quickly.

Ticket System – Their ticket system directs you to a separate server portal website that will ask customers for their username and password to get assistance. However, pre-sales questions are not available via this method.

Phone Support – Codero offers a toll-free telephone number to call and is available 24/7/365. An international number and Skype calling option are both available as well.

Knowledge Base – Specific to their cloud hosting, this section only provides assistance with 16 topics, however, the likelihood of finding answers to customers’ questions with their plan is slim.

Is Codero Cloud Hosting Recommendable?

To conclude, Codero hosting designs its cloud hosting based on cloud-powered infrastructure that offers real time redundancy for each customer. High availability is so important, especially for those business websites. Codero guarantees 100% uptime, which few cloud hosting providers can ensure. The fastest and reliable performance, remarkable support and cheap prices can attract more customers to have a try. So we strongly recommend it. For more information about Codero cloud hosting, please go to

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