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Codero Dedicated Server Review

Established in 1992, Codero is a popular provider of dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting and more. Up till now, the company has been offering multiple hosting services to about tens of thousands of webmasters around the world.

In below article, we will make a review about Codero dedicated server hosting from four aspects, including features, price, the overall performance and technical support to help webmasters know the reasons why this company can be trusted by dedicated server hosting customers.

Codero Dedicated Server Review on Features

Codero is a powerful web host that can meet the requirements of its customers at the extreme, so the company provides its dedicated server hosting customers with enough features to run their websites.

Three hosting solutions are available for dedicated server hosting customers to choose from at Codero and they are Best Value, Advanced and Performance. In fact, each plan comes with essential features. Let’s take the Plan “Best Value” as an example.

It contains PCI compliance, quick deployment, 20 TB data transfer, automation for ease of use, free setup and more. In addition, the company also offers free Plesk control panel to webmasters, trying to make it easy for webmasters to manage their websites, files, data and more.

In addition to that, Codero “Best Value” also comes with 4 standard IP addresses. By the way, only 1 IP will be bounded to the server by default, but webmasters can request additional IPs as needed.

Moreover, “Best Value” dedicated server hosting customers can also get powerful CPU that features Core i3 Dual Core, 3.4 GHz (I3_4130) and 8GB DDR3 1 TB SATA. Furthermore, Codero allows its dedicated server hosting customers to configure any server with RAID controller cards to enhance the data protection and storage performance.

Codero Dedicated Server Review on Performance

When comparing with shared hosting and VPS hosting, there is no doubt to say that Codero has the strength to guarantee a better online network to help webmasters run their websites.

At Codero, the company claims that it create its aggressive 100% uptime SLA (service level agreement) for every Codero dedicated server hosting customers. And Codero ensures that it can make sure 100% uptime of hardware, network and power as well as HVAC system in a given month.

Besides the above points, 100 Mbps uplink port speed is also available to Codero dedicated server customers, which is the maximum connection speed between the Internet and the server. With 8 GB DDR3-1333 UDIMM, customers can easily get access to a network that supports multi-task without any problems.

Codero Dedicated Server Review on Prices

Generally speaking, the dedicated hosting price offered by Codero is affordable after reviewing the generic hosting service.

To make more and more webmasters can get the service at a competitive price, Codero gives some discounts to its dedicated server hosting customers. The regular price of each plan we mentioned in the above is $85/mo, $115/mo and $255/mo respectively. With the latest promotion, the price for the first month can be cut down to $30, $41 and $90 respectively, 70% off the regular prices.

Codero Promotion Codero Promotion
65% Off

Like many other dedicated server hosting providers, Codero does not offer the policy of money back guarantee to its customers. However, we can tell webmasters that it is safe to choose this company by considering that there is no contract for dedicated server hosting customers.

Codero Dedicated Server Review on Customer Supports

In order to help webmasters achieve online success, Codero offers some convenient, responsive and useful channels for them to contact Codero technical center.

If webmasters are eager to deal with their issues via some direct ways, ticket submitting, live chat and phone calling are available for them to select at their willing. All of the technicians are well trained and they are patient, courtesy and professional, so they can always help webmasters handle their issues as soon as possible no matter what kind of issues they encounter.

On the other hand, if webmasters are willing to get their problems resolved by themselves, there are some indirect ways for them to seek solutions, such as Codero Knowledge Base.


Based on the above points, it is safe to say that most webmasters have a clear understanding about Codero dedicated server hosting. In general, the company has the edge to guarantee rich features, high performance online environment and an affordable price to all of its customers. In addition, Codero also promises to offer the industry-leading customer service to its customers. Therefore, we recommend Codero for dedicated server hosting customers to operate their websites.

At last, if webmasters want to get to know additional information about Codero dedicated server, please visit Codero.


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