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Codero Review

In below Codero review, we are going to make a detailed introduction from its uptime & performance, price value, and customer support. In the end, we will give our conclusion on whether Codero is recommendable as other best cheap hosting providers.

Who is Codero?

codero logoCodero (, founded in 1992, is a global hosting company with state-of-the-art data centers earning the trust of multiple marquee companies. Since inception, Codero has made its goal to deliver exceptional service to every customer, in every interaction, with no exceptions.

After decades of development, Codero now has been the home of high-quality managed, cloud, patented On-Demand Hybrid services and best dedicated server hosting, all offered at a great price with an exceptional customer experience.

Codero Special Coupon

To make its hosting services more appealing, Codero has launched some discounts allowing webmasters to purchase its products at a more competitive price.

Codero dedicated server service starts at $99/mo. Now, by following the promotional link below, people only need to pay with $25 for the first month with a discount of 74% off. Thereafter, the price would renew to $80/mo. Even better, if customers sign up with its semi-annually or annually plans, the price would be more affordable.

Codero Promotion Codero Promotion
74% Off

Meanwhile, Codero is promoting its cloud hosting. Codero provides its customers with a 512MB instance at no cost for up to 3 months of free service. After 3 months, the basic Codero cloud hosting plan will be billed at $5 per month.

Codero does not provide money back guarantee for its customers, but it has a price match guarantee. It means, if people find a publicly advertised price from a competitor for identical products and services, then Codero will match it. The maximum price reduction can be up to 30% off of Codero’s price.

Note that only prices offered by competitors that have been providing dedicated web hosting or managed hosting services for at least three years and that currently provide 34/7/365 toll-free support can be matched.

Codero Price Value Review

Frankly speaking, Codero really offers high price value hosting services, especially when it comes to its dedicated servers.

Codero dedicated server plans are available for truly any need. Three types of dedicated server configurations including Best Value, Advanced and Performance are out there allowing people to freely choose from. The Best Value servers are powered by Core i3 dual core processors in speed of up to 3.4GHz per core, including 8GB RAM, 1TB SATA storage, and 20TB bandwidth.

codero dedicated server plan

Besides, all dedicated server plans contain fast deployment, automation for ease of use, PCI compliance, quick deployment, free setup and etc. In addition to that, Codero also offers optional Parallels® Plesk Panel and cPanel/WHM to make it easy for customers to manage their accounts. And the web host also provides the flexibility for people to determine the best platform for their dedicated hosting, including custom operating systems and open-source.

With so many good features, Codero set the price of its dedicated servers starting at $80/mo instead of regular $99/mo. The good news is, with the latest promotion, people can get a basic dedicated server by paying $25 only for the first month.

Codero cloud hosting makes use of on-demand access and is completely scalable. No matter which plan people go with, they can receive the choice of operating systems, SSD-powered storage, alternative control panel or RESTful API driven, and an option for private cloud, if they wish. This service charges from the incredible price of $5 each month or 1 cent per hour. More importantly, there is a 3 months of free service for all cloud hosting clients upon sign-up.

Codero hybrid hosting, melding dedicated servers with cloud hosting, enables customers to benefit from its on-demanding scalability and to customize the performance of their network and speed based on exactly what they need. There are four sizes to meet different requirement with price varying from $15/mo to $275/mo.

Codero Review on Uptime and Performance

Codero has invested in 5  top notch data centers across the USA to ensure 100% uptime with superior performance, best security and fast salability.

Just in the case of Codero Central data center in Dallas, TX, Codero equips the data center with highly advanced fire suppression systems, redundant HVAC systems, fully power supply, UPS, as well as continuous security and surveillance. More than that, this data center has 10 Gbps/sec switches and can be connected to numerous telecommunications.

codero data centers --1

Due to the reason that Codero operates and owns all its technology and infrastructure, it is able to deliver more scalable and faster speed service for its clients. It takes advantage of multiple brand new storage including SATA, SAS, and SSD. At the same time, Codero work with many bandwidth carriers to maximize its speed. Other more, the web host supports a variety of platforms, such as Microsoft, Unix, Linux, Dell, Intel, Cisco, Brocade and so on so forth.

Another factor worthy to mention is Codero’s being actively interested in operating environmentally friendly DC facilities that benefit both the customers and environment. It carefully chooses power systems components higher in efficiency and operating reduced emissions. The data center buildings are combined with eco-friendly materials and design for reducing cooling demands on the facility.

Codero Customer Service

When it comes to Codero customer support, there is a live 24/7/365 U.S.-based support team that can be reach via phone, live chat, Skype, and ticket. For more complicated problems, Codero senior technicians are available 8:00am – 5:00pm, CST (Monday-Friday).

If people just meet with some common issues, they can take advantage of Codero’s knowledgebase to have their problems solved independently. There are hundreds of articles covering almost all kinds of issues.

Is Codero Recommendable?

Based on what we’ve mentioned above, it is clear that Codero is recommendable, especially for those who demand for a high price value dedicated server. The hosting company has offered rich features, industry-leading uptime, superior performance, and award-winning customer service for all of its hosting plans. With only $25 for the first month, people can get a standard dedicated server included redundant resources, fast deployment and high performance hardware. Its cloud hosting, with a starting price at $5/mo, is also worth a try.

At last, if you are looking to know more information about Codero, you can visit to check out.

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