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The Most Common Mistakes of Blogger Outreach

It goes without saying that the bloggers have their own unique way of conveying your message to the target audience. They influence the convertible business, the audience trusts their view and if the people are satisfied with their purchase they are going to get you more customers. If you are interested in engaging in Blogger outreach programs for your business and are approaching a blogger then here are a few mistakes that you should avoid to have a better liaison with your blogger.

Nothing Comes for Free

Blogging is not easy, there are much time and effort that goes in. If you are looking forward to one of those blogger outreach programs that will shoot up your blogs progress then remember there is a specific channel through which these blogger outreach programs happen. Don’t you think compensating the bloggers for their hard work is important? This way you will not only draw the attention of the blogger towards your company’s offer but you will also have them doing your job with interest.

Businesses at times run on a tight budget and saving money comes on their priority list. However, it’s not always money that they look up to, there are other ways of remunerating them.

Open up that door of creativity within you and offer them things which are equally good alternatives for money. Here are some examples of what you could offer:

  • Give them leads for their business.
  • Give them your company’s product for free or credits that they could use for discounts or make a purchase.
  • Have the program affiliated so they can earn money.
  • Let them publish on your site.
  • Free license or account.

Don’t Sign Them Up For Other Business Related Things

If a blogger replies back to your email or you have started working on one of the blogger outreach programs together it doesn’t give you the right to sign them up in one of your mailing lists. Permission is not only nice but also compulsory according to the laws which don’t authorize you to send business emails to ones who are not interested. Respect their privacy to have a good association together.


Your work doesn’t finish after engaging in one of the blogger outreach programs with the bloggers. If you wish to have a more successful venture together then you ought to make regular follow-ups. Not replying back doesn’t mean the bloggers are not interested in completing your work, they forget at times or they could be busy. Following up also shows how keen you are in having them do your work. It is also a sort of agreement for a work which two people or parties intend on doing.

Right Approach

If you are really interested in having a specific blogger to outreach for you then ensure that the communication sent across to the blogger is clear. You may be busy but an automated mail or a mail-merge wouldn’t be of any help. Communicating to the point instead of roundabout talks on the niceties of the blog is a sensible thing to do. Honesty will have your work done quickly.

Your mail should be personalized and adding the name of the blogger would be great. You could find their name in their ‘About Me Page’, their Twitter profile, their RSS Feed etc.

Offer Value to their Audience

When you are involved with one of the blogger outreach programs, it is obvious that you value your blogger – which is perfectly fine, however, they are going to help you draw customers and you cannot miss them. In the end of the day the target is to get more customers and thereby increase the productivity of your business.

Remember to offer something to the audience too. From discounts to samples whatever you think you can offer to them to draw their attentions towards your company.

Honour Your Word

If you have shown all the enthusiasm and willingness to work with a certain blogger and then suddenly stop responding to mails or start asking for reviews about their blog, it could be pretty annoying. Proper research work prior to approaching the blogger to have your job done is essential. The popularity of an influencer and their blog, relevancy to your business and what impact your business is going to have once you indulge in business with them should already be investigated about. Besides this doesn’t put you on a good list with the blogger, you never know when you would need their services.

Don’t Ask the Bloggers for Leads

Every business prospect doesn’t materialize, but there is a more decent way of ending it. Several bloggers have been through this experience when they have been turned down and have been asked to give details of other blogger friends who were better than them. Does it seem right? We don’t want people to have a bad opinion about you and offending a blogger is definitely not something you want.

Stay Connected After the Work is Complete

People will forget after the work has been done.

The blogger outreach programs, which you wanted has been successfully completed and you are receiving an overwhelming response. Would it be wrong if you credited the blogger on social media and made them feel good.

Engaging with their audience and responding to their questions carries much significance. Adding a line about the blogger and the increase in traffic because of their contribution in the newsletter is appreciable.

Guest posts from you hardly take two minutes, a gesture which is more than just a simple – thank you.

When you are communicating with a blogger your response rates will definitely increase if the above points are kept in mind. The blogger outreach programs will be more fruitful if the above mistakes are avoided.

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