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8 Common Google AdWords Mistakes

Google AdWords is one of the best ways to send paid traffic to your site directly so that they can be converted into the ultimate buying customers which will eventually improve your return on investment. While opening an account for Google Adwords is really easy to start targeting the powerful audiences but you need to remember that it should bring positive result that is ROI in order to stay in the business. What happens with some beginners is they start out the Google Adwords without knowing how to use Google Adwords actually which finally affect their company profitability.

So, the most common Google Adwords mistakes are highlighted here so that you can follow proper steps to prevent your company from running into losses.

The keyword grouping is not correct

One of the most vital rules in using the Google Adwords is to make use of Ad group and segmenting the ad based on similar types of keywords. While the ad is not being grouped and all the keywords are lumped in one ad, it will confuse the visitors as all will be shown the same ad. The ad which will shown to the users should match the keywords as more closer the ad copy is to the keywords, people will be interested to click on that ad.

Also, it is suggested not to keep more than 20 keywords in an ad group normally.

You are following the wrong keyword matches

When it comes to adding keywords in a campaign you can do it any of the ways from three options available such as broad match, phrase match and exact match. While broad match let you have great impressions but it is more inaccurate and can have negative effect on the ROI. But the phrase match and exact match on the other hand provide lower impression while deliver higher conversion rate. And what keyword you will be using in a campaign completely depends on your product or service. The best idea is to start out with exact match keywords and then eventually expand it to broad and phrase match keyword if the first one do not yield good result for you. Or else do the reverse thing, that is test out the result and go for the right way.

Are you running ads on the search network with display select?

This is another most common mistake people keep doing if they are not well equipped on how to use Google AdWords. This combination campaign type do not work greatly actually as the format for Display and search network is completely different and they require you to follow different approaches as well. So, first know about the best practices accepted by industry and create the ad according to that.

Not including negative keywords

Including negative keywords in the campaign is another important thing on which you should pay attention. Based on the keyword match type, your ads will be shown for different searches and if most of the visitors clicking on your ad is not targeted audiences or they will not be converted into buyers then it will cost you more money. So, it is always recommended that include some negative keywords in the ad so that it can prevent irrelevant visitors from clicking on your ads.

The ad variation display is not rotating evenly

If you have created more than one ad variation in order to run split test, then it is important to rotate the ad variation evenly which can help you in better understanding which ad is serving you better. But this feature is not activated by default and you can enable it by going to settings>Advanced settings in to your Google Adwords account and then select the option ‘rotate indefinitely’.

The landing page and ad copy is not related

The landing page should be ideal and engaging so that visitors are finally converted into buying customers. So, ensure the ad copy is perfectly the mirror of the landing page. In case you send all the traffic directly to the homepage of your site, they will simply leave the page without even trying to navigate to other pages to get the information they are looking for. So, if your ad is related to a product, the landing page should be the product page rather not the homepage.

You are unaware of your competitors

To do well in the business, this is one most important trick. Know your competitors first and investigate how they are doing with the Google AdWords. If required, just place yourself in the visitors’ place and once click on the competitors ad to properly study their landing page design, ad placement etc. to gather some knowledge from there so that it can be applied in your Google Adwords ad campaign.

You are not testing the ad position

Testing the ad position is really needed that can have great impact on your ROI. So, what you are suggested is raise or lower the bid on CPC and see the result. If you are really happy with the result of lower bid, then why to spend more money on cost per click? But if that position is not yielding you good result then raise your bid to get the top position.

Finally you are not measuring the ROI

With all these if you are not actually measuring the ROI, this is the biggest mistake you are doing. Tracking the conversion rate is really crucial so that you can take up the proper action needed. For this, either set up a Google analytics goal or else install AdWords tracking pixel and you will be good to go.

So, Just starting with Google AdWords is not enough rather ensure you know how to use Google AdWords properly to have higher ROI. The most common Google Adwords mistakes that most of people keep committing are listed here, so that as a beginner you can start well and take your business to the next level.

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