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Constant Contact Review

In the following article, we are going to review Constant Contact from email creation, sending, tracking and reporting features, contact management, pricing, support, as well as other highlights to explain why so many customers prefer it.

constant contact logo 5In 1995, the founder of Constant Contact ( saw the big value of email being a marketing tool, which was usually regarded as a way of communication online for friends. Thereby, Constant Contact was born and named Roving Software, who promised to help small business against big business.

Up to now, Constant Contact has already become one the best email marketing companies, trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers. Even better, Constant Contact is a part of EIG Group in this year! It makes two long-standing and successful companies be together to create a public company with significant scale.

Constant Contact Review on Special Coupon

Customers can save a lot via Constant Contact Coupon. The first is as long as 60 days of free trial, which allows customers to get full access to every email marketing tool at Constant Contact, as well as online resources & live expert help. As for customers, it is wonderful that they can feel free to try its services and tools.

The second is pre-pay discounts. Constant Contact offers very flexible payment cycles, including monthly, 6-month, and 12-month cycles. If customers prepay for their 6-month or 12-month accounts, they can receive up to 15% discounts off the original price. That is to say, the price of Constant Contact will lower to $17/mo, instead of regular $20/mo.

Additionally, Constant Contact promises to help small businesses and nonprofits succeed. Thereby, Constant Contact has a special discount for nonprofits. It is up to 30% discounts with the pre-pay discounts. So, nonprofits can purchase Constant Contact email marketing by spending as low as $14/mo only.

Constant Contact Review on Email Creation & Sending

Apart from attractive discounts, Constant Contact also packages a lot of features in plans. Here we are going to talk about features of email creation & sending.

At Constant Contact, with its pre-installed templates, email creation is easy. Over 400 customizable templates include newsletter templates, business letter templates, promotion/sales templates, feedback templates, note templates, and events templates.

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Customers can find the best format for their messages from these templates. Constant Contact drag-and-drop editor enables them to customize templates and drag in their own logo, text, and images, making their own email brand.

Personalized emails, like anniversary emails and birthday emails, will be automatically sent to the right place. It owes Constant Contact Autoresponder. For example, design a birthday email once and set the birthday as the trigger to send the email automatically, and then the email goes by the set. That is how Autoresponder works. Customers also can set an automated list and add new contacts to it, which can help customers save time on sending emails.

Constant Contact Review on Contact Management

Constant Contact offers free email list building tools to customers. By using them, customers can easily create custom forms, letting visitors join their contact list. Contact list management is important to marketing success as well.

At Constant Contact, customers can easily upload current contact list to their Constant Contact accounts. Tags are used to categorize different contacts. Toolkit will update duplicate contact for them.

Besides, Constant Contact also provides sign up tools to help customers capture new contacts. Unlimited storage allows customers to store as much contact information as they want.

Constant Contact Review on Email Tracking & Reporting

Constant Contact does email tracking & reporting from audience engagement to open rate in real-time, helping customers know the stages about their campaigns and business.

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Its email tracking tools can measure how many audiences are engaged in their campaigns, and the results help them target their messages better. It can track and analyze customers’ revenue, which makes customers know how well their campaigns perform.

The contact growth report can show customers how many new contacts are added. Mobile open rate is also tracked and reported to figure out which device their readers prefer, and then design messages for the preferable device.

Moreover, Constant Contact provides Toolkit app, a tracking application, which allows customers to check their marketing report anywhere.

Other Highlights of Constant Contact

Constant Contact has image library where customers can get plenty of images to design beautiful emails. 1GB to 2GB file storage enables customers to store your images. Via MyLibrary app, customers can browse and upload images from mobile devices for free.

98% deliverability rate is very high in the industry, but the company makes it by following the CAN-SPAM and CASL legislations. Besides, its Spam Check tool checks customers’ messages before sending, and gives suggestions to the potential problems.

Constant Contact is integrated with popular apps that customers may like, such as Outlook, MINDBODY, and so on. APPs & Integration can help customers grow their contact list, updates contact between their accounts and 3rd party applications.

What’s more, Constant Contact email marketing includes social share buttons. Clicking these buttons, customers’ email marketing can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in a quick and easy way.

Pricing of Constant Contact

At Constant Contact, customers can prepay 6-month terms or 12-month terms and receive 10% to 15% off discounts respectively. Namely, Constant Contact will start from $17/mo at least. Meanwhile, if the customer is nonprofit, they can save 20% to 30% from the normal prices. It means Constant Contact email marketing starts at $14/mo. Nonprofit discounts are based on pre-pay plans.

What’s more, before buying it, the company offers 60-day free trial. It makes customers get full access to all Constant Contact email marketing tools, online resources, as well as live expert help.

Constant Contact Special Deal Constant Contact Special Deal
60 Days Free

Constant Contact also gives 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee, which shows the confidence of Constant Contact and its care to customers.

Customer Support of Constant Contact

Constant Contact understands how to support and teach customers to live with Constant Contact better! The company provides diverse ways to assist customers. At Help Center, customer can find different offices’ phone numbers to call Constant Contact; they can start a chat with a live support staff; they can get support via email; or they can connect with Constant Contact support on Twitter!

Besides, Constant Contact creates blogs and posts a lot of FAQs & video tutorials, which can help customers to learn better to use Constant Contact email marketing. When customers want to learn more, they can connect with Constant Contact experts to join a local class, seminar, or online webinar. What’s more, Constant Contact builds User Community, where customers can communicate with their peers and learn from each other.

Do We Recommend Constant Contact?

In short, Constant Contact email marketing is user-friendly and easy-to-use with a lot of automatic features. High deliverability with social sharing network can help customers grow their business quickly. Considering the 60-day free trial and up to 30% discounts, we highly recommend Constant Contact to small business and nonprofits.

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