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Coolhandle Review

In the following post, we are going to talk about a new web host for customers, which is Coolhandle. We will analyze it from current promotion, price value, reliability & speed, ease-of-use, and customer support. After completing this review, we and our readers can figure out whether Coolhandle is a reliable and affordable web hosting provider.

coolhandle logoCoolhandle ( started its business in early 2001. The company makes 100% satisfaction be its mission, and guarantees professional and friendly service and support. With over 15 years of growth, the company makes progress and claims that it has a wealth of knowledge and capability to handle any hosting needs, but whether is it trustable? We will find in the following analysis.

Coolhandle Current Promotion

Recently, Coolhandle does not offer special discount on web hosting products. But if customers can purchase longer billing cycles, they can receive some discounts. The company offers 6 months of billing cycle as the shortest term, while 36 months of billing cycle is the longest term. If customers buy the shortest term, Coolhandle Starter web hosting charges at $7.95/mo and the longest terms of Starter plan charges at $3.95/mo.

Coolhandle Shared Hosting Coolhandle Shared Hosting

Although its longest term of Starter plan is cheap, the 36 months of billing cycle is too long for customers, especially for business websites, because their websites generally grow fast and shared hosting does not fit them for such a long period.

In addition to that, after we check Coolhandle’s Terms of Service, we find that the company does not offer any money guarantee for all hosting plans, including add-on services. Therefore, long terms without money back guarantee cannot make us and customers feel safe.

Coolhandle Review on Price Value

By viewing Coolhandle website, we learn that Coolhandle now is providing shared hosting and reseller hosting products in the market.

Its shared hosting has 3 packages: Starter, Business, and Pro. Starter includes unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 5 domain names, 5 sub domain, 5 parked domains, 5 MySQL databases, 5 email boxes, 5 FTP accounts and free setup. 1 free domain name, domain privacy, password protect directories, custom error pages, SSH / Shell access are all available.

Besides, Coolhandle shared hosting supports a Fantastico software installation package, including 52+ free scripts, multiple languages, and multimedia. Recently, the company adds new features for its shared hosting. It is SEO optimization package which will improve search engine rank.

Looking at the features listed above, Coolhandle really includes many features in shared hosting package. However, there are limitations behead some features.

As for free domain names, it is only offered free in the first purchase for the first year of registration. After that, the free will charge at regular rates. And the free domain name can be redeemed only within the first 15 days after the initial purchase.

Starter does not contain dedicated IP address, while Business includes paid dedicated IP address at $4.99. Domain privacy, site backup, and website security and some other features are all paid features, not free. It means there are some hidden fees that customers cannot clearly find out when they sign up.

Now Coolhandle Starter plan only charges at $3.95 per month with enough features to support an individual website, while it is the pricing of 36-month terms. In addition to that, the company does not offer any money back guarantee or free trial.

We have checked out many reviews on Coolhandle, we find most of them mentioned that Coolhandle has better VPS solutions and has the ability to provide dedicated servers. However, we go through Coolhandle website again and again, we cannot say any information about its VPS hosting and dedicated servers, so it is worthwhile to suspect the truth of those reviews talking about how well Coolhandle web hosting is.

In a word, indeed Coolhandle web hosting includes richer features, but its web hosting plans include hidden fees behead the low pricing, plus the fake information about its capacity, we cannot trust it very much.

Coolhandle Review on Reliability and Speed

In terms of performance, Coolhandle has an uptime guarantee, which is 99.9%. If customers’ shared hosting or reseller hosting has a physical downtime out of the 99.9% uptime, Coolhandle may offer them 1 month of credit on their account.

The company operates one data center in Los Angeles. The single data center has on-demand connectivity with major upstream providers, multiple multi-homes network backbone providers and redundant network infrastructure connected to separated circuits. Four 1,500 KW generators as backup power system, 300 KVA UPS power plant circuits, as well as utility AC circuits consist of the power supply systems.

Besides, the data center has server, off-site networking, HVAC, power building, entry building and security monitoring, ensuring the best possible performance.

From those details about the single data center, we have to say Coolhandle does a good job. However, only one data center means the limitation on location. It also means the company cannot make sure every shared hosting or reseller hosting has the equal resources to guarantee the performance.

Even though the company now launches a new feature, CloudFlare CDN, which can has a great effect on the response times, it is the paid service as well. Now the company does not offers the detailed fees about this service, so we cannot make sure whether it is worthwhile for shared hosting customers to have a try.

We admit that Coolhandle operates its single data center well and offers standard performance for customers which is true, but there are some limitations, so they company.

Coolhandle Review on Ease-of-Use

For management, Coolhandle provides cPanel control panel, DNS management and web-based file manager. These tools can make Coolhandle easy to use and manage.

To help customers work with Coolhandle successfully, it provides site transfer including free domain, file, database and script transfer. However, due to the limitation of shared hosting environment, if the file transfer influences other customers, Coolhandle will use the right to limit the processor time, memory, bandwidth, or number of files. Therefore, before deciding to move to Coolhandle or start with it, customers need think about whether it is fit for their size.

Additionally, the company has online backup service. It is not allowed for customers to use customers’ web hosting account to be the backup or restore device. Customers may only have 1 online backup only for public HTML directory. Besides, the backup is limited to 5 GB at maximum.

We can understand that Coolhandle tries best to make customers feel comfortable and easy with its web hosting solutions, while it obviously has to take more steps.

Coolhandle Review on Customer Support

Coolhandle promises to provide 24 x 7 support, and offers toll free phone call and email and contact method for customers. Besides, customers can go to its online support resources, which are knowledge base, support ticket, video tutorials and client area. These resources make the support more convenient for customers.

In a word, Coolhandle makes progress on customers support than before, so that customers can have standard technical support.

Do We Recommend Coolhandle?

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of Coolhandle, we know that the company has pretty shared hosting with standard features, performance and support, but the company has some hidden fees which makes us cannot trust it very much, while it is only shared hosting and reseller hosting friendly, also bring some limitations which cannot fit fast growing websites. Therefore, we do not recommend Coolhandle.

Here we recommend Bisend as the best alternative. Bisend has a complete product line from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. its shared hosting coming with unlimited server resources, free site builder and online store, as well as other free management tools and services. Buying through our link, customers can receive 64% off from regular $10.95/mo.

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