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Core Functions Of SEO That You Might Be Missing

Have you tried all possible efforts to bring the desired traffic to your website, yet to no avail? The SEO might be the faulty star for your website. While you might assume the Google’s algorithm to change daily, the SEO basics remain pretty much the same. To generate the desired traffic and the subsequent conversions for your online website, you need to understand the implement the core functions of SEO properly. So, for your ease of use and understanding, we have made a list of some of the unmissable core functions SEO that cannot be simply ignored:

Research of the Keyword:


The keyword research plays the significant role in promoting a successful SEO campaign. The keyword research is aimed at identifying the main topics and the themes for your online website which the targeted customers might be searching for in their respective browser. This will help the business owners to make an effective analysis of the competitive words or phrases such that these keywords would generate the required ranking. As per the experts, an ideal keyword or phrase should have these basic criteria:

  • It generates the good amount of searches. This ensures that all the efforts put in by the online business owners get the desired amount of traffic. This forms the core functions of SEO with respect to bringing the desired conversion rate of their products and services.
  • The chosen keywords must not be too competitive. The high competition offered by the keywords or keyword phrases might make it too difficult for the smaller sites to rank on the online platform.
  • The keywords selections form the core functions of SEO and must be done with much care and attention. The selected keyword by your site must have the capability to promote the products and services offered by your online company. The keyword phrases which do not define the purpose of your website are marked meaningless as they would not generate any ranking or the conversion rate.

Optimization of On Page:


The fundamental core functions of SEO refer to the on-page optimization of the online website. The Google should be able to understand the content offered by your website. Hence, the respective keywords must be placed at strategic locations on the web page. This placement should be such that it makes ample sense to the readers as well as to the Google analytics. The on-page optimization of the of the website can be achieved by placing the keywords or the keyword phrases in the following locations or spots:

  1. Title Tag
  2. Header tags like H1, H2 and many more
  3. URL of the website like
  4. Image tags and captions
  5. Well distributed throughout the main body of website content

With the rise of the semantic search, it has been, however, observed that the overuse of the chosen keywords or the keyword phrases does not yield the optimum results. With the semantic search, Google can evaluate the topic of the content effectively by just glancing through the entire content page. Hence, the online experts suggest that the website owners or the content writers must dissuade themselves from the over-stuffing or the overuse of the respective keywords. Rather than employing this technique, they should focus on the related words (popularly known as LSI in the context of content writing) by scattering it throughout the content, keeping it native to the sub-headings. Additionally, it must also be ensured that the content body is long enough to cover the essential keywords and is able to explain the topic of your content in a descriptive manner.

Technical SEO Optimization:

Everything might look perfect on the front end of the website. What really matters is the back-end operations and in attaining perfection at it. One of the core functions of SEO marks that the technical SEO optimization is achieved to the maximum. The main aim of the technical optimization is that the overall structure of the website is able to generate the required indexing of each part of the site by the Google. One of the major components of the technical optimization is the speed with which your website operates. The leading ranking factor as determined by the Google analytics convey that the shortest time it takes to a particular website or its landing page to load on to the user’s system; signifies its performance and optimization. Hence, the website owners must pay great attention to the loading speed of their website by the use of an effective online tool known as the Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Another major technical optimization factor which determines the success of any online website is the presence of the HTML and XML sitemap. Additionally, specialized features like flat site architecture and the use of schema markup should also be enhanced. Moreover, the website should also be compatible enough to run well on the user’s mobile phones. Hence, these features must be improvised to increase the technical optimization.

Building of Proper Links:


The core functions of SEO techniques involve the generation of proper inbound links to bring out the desired website ranking on the Google Analytics. Though building of the desired links can be difficult and time consuming to a greater extent, it is highly indispensable for the progressive growth of any online business. This involves the following effective methods:

  • Submission of the site to the local directories like Google My Business, if yours is a local business.
  • Putting up the content as guest posts on the high ranking sites of your niche.
  • Generation of the creative content which keeps the user engaged and also to which the famous bloggers can relate to.

Include High-Quality Content:


Development of the high-quality content which generates the desired ranking and conversion rates can be considered another major core functions of SEO. There stands a bleak chance of your website ranking on its own without an effective content planning and implementation. After all, Content is the King!

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