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Dedicated Hosting or Shared Hosting?

If you are looking to launch a website, then you must need to have a web hosting to make it happen. But the question is what type of PHP hosting you should opt for, dedicated hosting or shared hosting? Well this is purely depend on you, what kind of website you want to launch? How much money you are willing to spend on hosting, all these factors impact on your hosting decision. So, make a proper decision by considering all important factors. Now let’s take a look at shared hosting and dedicated hosting to see which one suite you best.

Shared Hosting

In share hosting you share your hosting with many other websites. That simply means that there will the limits of servers and how much traffic it can support. Shared hosting is cost effective and a good deal for the people who is looking to have small business or small websites who have very less requirement for Disk space and Bandwidth. That simply means large amount of traffic is not expected.

In shared hosting the whole organization of servers, maintenance of servers, software installation, Security etc all managed by the shared host providers. Software’s like Plesk admin and direct admin are used to control all the servers.

The best benefit of Shared Hosting is its price. Shared Hosting is very cheap you can easily get it for around 2 to 4$ per month. Another benefit of shared hosting is, it is very easy to use and many hosting companies do lot of work for you like solving your queries.
The Drawback of shared hosting is you can face many server crashes. The other drawback is its slow server response. You share your server with other websites. If that other website is spam site then it will make your life bit difficult.

Dedicated hosting

In dedicated hosting you will get your own server and no other website will share you server. This dedicated hosting server is mostly for those users who is expecting large amount of traffic on their website. In dedicated hosting you will get large amount of Bandwidth and disk space. Dedicated hosting is best if you want to have customized options, secured information.

Dedicated hosting gives you 100% security, reliability and control. It allows you to run you website smooth and consistent. This will increase performance of your website. Dedicated hosting have Power Control Management and solve any problems caused instantly. This type of hosting is mostly chosen by the professionals or by the big giant companies.

The only Drawback of Dedicated hosting is its high price. Its price is anywhere it will cost you around 75$ per month to 100$.

So if you all want to have a small business or personal website or blog than definitely you should opt for shared hosting. Because shared hosting is much cheaper than the dedicated hosting. If you are expecting large amount of space and traffic then you should go for dedicated hosting. It’s all depends on your website and its requirements.

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