Define Your PHP Hosting Needs

Finding best php hosting at an affordable price for your web site is a daunting task. There are more than 5000 web hosting solution available, and each of them try to convince you that they are your best choice. But when you check their customer review, you might be lost that some might have very high appraisal to a hosting, and some give out very negative one. What causes it, and are they really good? All kinds of question marks will show up in you mind. In this article, we will clear all those question for and guide you to find an appropriate web hosting.

Monthly Transfer

Monthly transfer refer to how many data need to be transferred between your web sites and your visitors. If you have a busy site with video and images, then you should consider a web hosting with big monthly transfer.

In the current hosting industry, most of shared hosting allows for unlimited monthly transfer, this looks good however the secret behind is that they will limit the usage of CPU and memory resource, which somehow limit the monthly transfer you can consume. If you receive a notice from your web hosts then you have exceed the bandwidth usage, then you should consider to increase monthly transfer.

Disk Space

You need to ensure the disk space of your PHP hosting is good enough to store all your files. Just like monthly transfer, if you have large file or video, then you need to ask for a large disk space. If you only have few images and mainly update articles to your web sites, and what you require is really few. 200MB or 500MB might be good enough in most case. Considering hard disk is really cheap now, most of web hosts would give your enough space to store the files.

Reliability and Speed of Access

Speed and reliability are determined by many factors, however what we know that web hosts have to invest a lot on its infrastructure, web servers, and people to gain a good record on this. You can visit the site hosted in the same web hosts to get a sense of speed, but you have to refer to some uptime tracking web site or customer reviews web site to know how reliable a web host is. I recommend you to go to, a site I use most when writing a hosting review.

Technical Support

It’s common that you need a support on your site. Make sure the technical support of your PHP hosting service provider is 24*7 a week, and they are engineers are also experience enough to resolve your questions effectively.

Most of web hosts don’t help on your app (such as WordPress) issues, but if you really know nothing about it, you can go with a so-called managed hosting package, such as Managed WordPress hosting, with which your web hosts are responsible for the security update, performance tuning and all other server maintenance tasks of your site.

Email Accounts

Most of web hosts offer free email accounts service, with which you can have email addresses with your own domain identity, such as [email protected]

There normally a limitation of the total number of emailbox you can create, check the detail spec of your hosting package. By the way, you can leverage Gmail or outlook as your email service provider, they support the features to allow you to use your own domain in the Emailbox.


As a PHP hosting, it has to support PHP program language. Considering there are multiple popular version of PHP in the market, it would be good to find a web hosts which support both PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4. As its customers, you can switch to the one which could support your site best.

SSL, MySQL, and Shopping Cart (eCommerce Cart)

MySQL is a basic features in PHP hosting now. Check the largest size you can have for your database.

And if you need to process credit payment or host some critical information in your site and what to encrypt the message in the connection, then SSL is required, you can find a good SSL certificate here, most of them will charge you less than $100/year.

Server Type

You can use either Windows and Linux as your server operation, however they come with different features and reliability at different price. For PHP application, we recommend to go with Linux considering its opensource nature, pricing, speed, and reliability. To know more, check out this article.

Subdomains, or Multiple Domain Support

If you have more than one domain or want to create subdomain for your site, then you need to pay attention to the spec of web hosts as not all web hosts allow for this. Features allowing to host multiple domain in one account is really an awesome features which could save your quite some money.


Price is always matter.Don’t just look at the service at too cheap price, everything come at a cost. Unreasonable low price also means low quality.

However, don’t forget to subscribe to the service by using promotion code, or coupons, this will help you to use some top quality hosting service at a really affordable price. Recommend to check out web sites like, a site dedicated to help webmasters find the best deal available.

Free Domain Name

If you are new to web site and without a domain now, then a free domain will save you some bucks. Most of web hosts only give you free domain first year, you might be charged a renewal fee in the second year.


It’s not hard to find a good PHP hosting in the industry considering there are so many choice. The price of PHP hosting is also very low between $2 to $4 for a shared hosting. So, before buying, pay attention to the detail of the features to ensure your site could run smoothly in it.

If you don’t know which one to choose from, then check out our list of Best PHP Hosting, which could meet your need in most cases.

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