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Different Types Of Web Hosting And Their Benefits And Drawbacks

Description: Web hosting servers and plans are very essential to be analyzed to bring a well functioned website. Choose the best web hosting from different types of web hosting servers and their websites to get the right website.

With internet taking over the world, more and more people are bringing in their business and interests on the internet! Creating new websites and connecting with people has become a trend. And with progress like this, there is no turning away from opportunities. There are different types of web hosting companies offering web hosting plans for the perfect web building and space on the internet. If you have been lately planning to get your very own website and consolidating the different types of web hosting plans available to you, then might want to consider the following options!

  1. InMotion Hosting


It is very important to check the reliability of the host server to choose the best web hosting partner for your website. InMotion Hosting being a gold awardee has earned worldwide recognition. It offers 20 times faster hosting, unlimited disk space, unlimited emails, with free setup and domain registration. Its package includes 3 shared hosting plans and almost 25 sub-domains which make it one of the most preferable web hosting servers. It has 2 SQL databases and makes the website functioning and coding very easy. Thus the topmost web hosting server!

  1. GreenGreeks


GreenGreeks is the first traditional choice of people. If someone starts with their web building and designing programs, Green Greeks is what they choose. With unlimited disk space and bandwidth, they offer almost 5 web hosting plans which are super beneficial for all kinds of customers and their varied needs. There is although a restriction on the number of email accounts and does not allow sharing domains, but nevertheless this is the right choice to go for.

  1. Justhostjusthost-%e5%ba%95%e5%9b%be

Justhost is another popular web hosting seller which offers its clients three web hosting plans. With each plan having different disk space and bandwidth, the purchaser is free to choose their end use and pick up the plans accordingly. Offering a wide range of services like free setup, automated billing systems, etc. just host falls on its amount of space it gives. It has limits to the disk space where the others are offering unlimited hosting and emails. Thus falling from the client’s requirement of unlimited hosting space and emails, just host might not just suit everyone.

  1. Bluehostbluehost cover

We all need an interactive and user friendly interface to design our website. While some web hosting partners and companies are keen on providing the best of web hosting services, they usually are not able to provide the right tool for a lay man to start web building. Bluehost allows a very user friendly web hosting plan with unlimited disk space which is an instant setup tool. Free site builders, live chat and phone support from customer service, easy to use panel, 20 SQL databases, and over 100 email accounts are some of the offerings which Bluehost provides and helps new people to start experiencing the website builder joy.

  1. eHostehost web hosting

One of the prominent names in different types of web hosting plans is that of eHost. It has come to known as one of the powerful and the most designer-friendly web hosting plans available to the user. Offering expert level guidance to the web hosting field and guidance to even lay man for building up a website, it has become one of the most loved web hosting servers. Providing a range of services like free domain registration, site builder panel which is user friendly, tool oriented site building, thousands of free templates and layouts, advertising offers and credits, a fully dedicated customer service center, and offers running every now and then, it has come to be one of the most preferred web hosting plans.

  1. HostGatorhostgator review 底图

Being counted in the top three in the different types of web hosting plans all over, HostGator has some features which are mostly wanted by professionals. The site builder is equipped with modern tools which is fascinating and very user friendly. Makes the building up of a website pretty easy and fun process! The easy to use control panel is a delight to work on and the free website builder is just the right tool one needs to make the hoisting easier. It offers unlimited space to its users regarding the disk space, mails, and bandwidth on all the plans hosted on their website. But there is no customer service center as good as to resolve the problems mid-way, however they provide a 45 day money back guarantee.

  1. Arvixearvixe

One of the most blooming and growing companies in web hosting server and partners giving their clients the best of services of the sector and a tough competition to other companies! Arvixe offers a paid domain registration and free setup of the website on their server, and the user friendly interface along with the control panel is so well designed and perfect to use that it totally earns the worth spend on registering the site. Although it has some serious drawbacks like offering only limited disk space and email accounts to its users limiting the scope of expanding. It hosts only 1 domain and can be tricky is the user’s website is witnessing a huge traffic.

  1. WebHostingPad webhostingpad-%e5%ba%95%e5%9b%be

Quite ideal for everyone who is going for a small website build up and not wanting to go overboard with it! Some of the best boutique designing and shops website are taken through the help of this web server only.  The domain name registration of WebHostingPad is not free but the setting up of the website is very smooth and easy. The user friendly interface and interactive panel makes it easy to build up a website. The unlimited disk space, unlimited hosting of domains, unlimited sub domains, unlimited email accounts and for the first time a web hosting server and partner providing an unlimited SQL database is the proof that they have the most widely used and futuristic web hosting domain which understands the need of the companies to expand and cater the huge traffic which can any day bloom.

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