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DigitalOcean Review

digitalocean logo2Founded in 2011, DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure provider, provisioning virtual servers for developers to help them deploy and scale apps which run on multiple computers at the same time. Nearly 5 years of rapid development, DigitalOcean has grown fast into the second largest hosting provider in cloud hosting industry in the field of web-facing computers.

In this article, we are about to analyze DigitalOcean from special deals, price value, uptime & speed, ease of use, and customer support. After reading this review, our readers can have a better understanding why DigitalOcean develops so fast and is recognized by the public.

Special Deals at DigitalOcean

Right now, DigitalOcean is running campaign to give its all new clients a $50 off which is validate for 30 days. With this latest DigitalOcean Coupon, if you go with yearly payment, you could get DigitalOcean entry level Cloud service 10 months for free.

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting
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DigitalOcean Review on Price Value

DigitalOcean designs extremely scalable cloud hosting packages, including 4 types cloud services, such as Standard, General Purpose, CPU-Optimized, and Memory-Optimized. Each plan will be provisioned less than 55 seconds, which can save a lot of time for developers to focus on their code.

As for scalability, people at DigitalOcean can expand their RAM by rebooting. If not, DigitalOcean will notice their limitation and tunes greater disk space for people in an hour. More than that, to make it scalable, DigitalOcean provides high quality hardware and technology to support it. For example, each server comes with 1 Gb/sec network interface, and each plan starts with 1TB monthly transfer and increase incrementally.

In addition to that, DigitalOcean offers 5 popular Linux distributions including Ubuntu, CoreOS, CentOS, Fedora, and Debian, which are automatically pre-installed on people’s servers. It also supports FreeBSD.

What’s more, DigitalOcean also provides people with 1-click install applications. Up to 24 1-click apps are available, which are LEMP, LAMP, Docker, and MEAN; development frameworks Node.js and Ruby on Rails; as well as popular eCommerce software CMS solutions, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Ghost, and MediaWiki.

Besides, people at DigitalOcean can share their account’s resources. Via team accounts, they can make multiple users access and manage their infrastructure resources while protecting their sensitive information from losing.

All these wonderful features are contained in each package. Just pay $5/mo or $0.007/hr, people can get these features and more. DigitalOcean offers a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as PayPal.

DigitalOcean Review on Network & Uptime

DigitalOcean are able to deliver outstanding speed, reliability, and security to people. Up to 99.99% uptime SLA is guaranteed, which is very brilliant. To support this high uptime and keep the record, DigitalOcean makes the best efforts.

The company operates 10 first-class data centers totally, which are located in 3 continents: America, Asia and Europe, offering the choices for people. Fully redundant power, standby generators, back-up batteries, network transit paths as well as physical security all ensures the best optimal state of the 10 data centers.

Furthermore, to build resilient networks, DigitalOcean uses floating IPs. Via it, people can create high availability server structures without single point of failure. IPv6 now can be enabled when Droplet creation or directly added to current Droplets without having to reboot. The company also utilizes private networking to send traffic, without counting the bandwidth costs. So, people can enjoy better security and fast speed.

Another factor for high performance DigitalOcean is servers and technology. DigitalOcean applies the popular virtualization technology KVM on its servers, so that a high level of security and performance are ensured. Additionally, its servers are equipped with Hex Cores processor, and dedicated ECC RAM. RAID SSD hard drives can improve the performance of people’s site from faster disk I/O performance.

DigitalOcean is Easy-to-Use

DigitalOcean creates a simple API v2, giving people the full control of their virtual private servers. It allows people to manage their Droplets and resources with DigitalOcean cloud by using conventional HTTP requests. All the functionality in web control panel is available via the API v2. The company will support the major virtual server actions, allowing people to create their own control interface.

More than that, DigitalOcean provides clean and easy-to-use control panel. It is a user-friendly interface, enabling people to create, rebuild and resize with few clicks. DNS management in this interface helps people manage their domains easily. They can use it to set automatic backups and take snapshots via the control panel. These tools save a lot of time for developers on the cloud server management.

DigitalOcean Review on Customer Support

DigitalOcean only provides one direct contact way for people. If they have some troubles, they can submit a ticket to talk with DigitalOcean support staffs.

Apart from it, DigitalOcean provides two wonderful online resources for people to promote themselves. One is Help & Knowledgebase, which contains a wide range of FAQ from pricing, technical to privacy FAQ, referral programs, and customer feedback.

The other is Community. DigitalOcean builds an active developer community, which is updated and moderated regularly and constantly. People can find a number of tutorials, questions section, as well as a variety of projects.

Do We Recommend DigitalOcean?

After analyzing DigitalOcean from features, prices, performance and support, we can ensure that DigitalOcean is one of the best cloud hosting providers. Its cloud hosting is configured with SSD hard drives and scalability, but charges only at $5/mo, which is seldom to see in the industry. Reliable and stable network is guaranteed with 99.99% uptime. Plus advanced technologies and diverse online resources, we think DigitalOcean is the web host developers should not miss.

To get more information about DigitalOcean or its cloud hosting, please visit and don’t forget to claim your $50 off in the first 30 days.

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  1. I love Digital ocean because it offers a flexible system of payments. Even though the basic plan costs $5 per month, my experience had remained amazing. The digital ocean is very easy to use. After using it for a decent period of time, I analyzed that it is one of the best hosting providers.

  2. I have been using digital ocean, and it saves money because of its cheaper pricing policy. It is simple and very easy to browse. The control is also good, and as a person, I love its service and pricing policy.

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