DiscountASP.NET vs Host4ASP.NET

Due to multiple factors, like high costs, Windows-based web hosting providers are a few in the industry. Premium ones are fewer. There are 2 companies both focusing on web hosting for only, namely DiscountASP.NET and Host4ASP.NET.

In below, we will compare the two Windows-based web hosting providers from features, stability & speed, prices, and customer support. We hope our article is helpful for .NET developers to choose between DiscountASP.NET and Host4ASP.NET.

About DiscountASP.NET and Host4ASP.NET

DiscountASP.NET review 220DiscountASP.NET ( has been engaging in offering Windows-based web hosting solutions for over 10 years. This company only offers 2 solutions for customers: one is Base Hosting and the other is Team Foundation Server Hosting.


host4asp.netHost4ASP.NET ( is a newer Windows-based web hosting provider, but it grows fast. Moreover, Host4ASP.NET is good at passing the latest technologies to its customers, like the latest MVC 6. Currently, the host has shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting based on Windows OS.

In addition, both DiscountASP.NET and Host4ASP.NET are acknowledged as Microsoft golden web hosting providers.

DiscountASP.NET vs Host4ASP.NET on Prices

Finally we come to the last but not the least factor – price comparison. Just in terms of prices, Host4ASP.NET offers much lower prices. But considering features, stability & speed, and customer support, DiscountASP.NET hosting is not so expensive either.

DiscountASP.NET Base Hosting requires $10 per month. Besides above features, this plan includes 1,000 MB disk space, 80 GB data transfer, and 500 email boxes. Now, by following our link, people could save 50% off and pay $5 per month only. More details about our exclusive discounts from DiscountASP.NET is at DiscountASP.NET Coupon.

DiscountASP.NET Promotion DiscountASP.NET Promotion
50% Off

Host4ASP.NET 3 shared hosting packages start respectively at $2.95/mo, $3.95/mo, and $9.95/mo after discounted. $3.95/mo package contains unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, and 30 email accounts. Its VPS and reseller hosting both charge from $19.95 per month. To know more information about Host4ASP.NET hosting promotions, please read Host4ASP.NET Coupon.

Host4ASP.NET Windows Hosting Host4ASP.NET Windows Hosting
43% Off

Additionally, both companies give 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If customers are not satisfied, they can cancel accounts and require their money back within the first 30 days.

DiscountASP.NET vs Host4ASP.NET on Hosting Features

By comparing hosting types, Host4ASP.NET wins since it offers more hosting solutions. Just in terms of shared hosting, Host4ASP.NET designs 3 packages while DiscountASP.NET gives one package only. Though DiscountASP.NET gives all-inclusive features, diverse hosting solutions are beneficial to different customers to find out one that is just fit for their needs, and save costs.

Next, let’s compare what they offer in their shared Windows-based hosting solutions.

DiscountASP.NET uses Windows 2012 or 2008 platform while Host4ASP.NET shared hosting is just based on Windows Server 2012 R2. However, Host4ASP.NET supports MS SQL 2012/2014, Access databases, and MySQL 5.5. For DiscountASP.NET customers, they have to pay extra money to use MS SQL 2014/2012/2008 R2/2008, or MySQL 5. But DiscountASP.NET hosts databases on servers separated from website servers, which improves reliability and security.

In the case of ASP.NET, Host4ASP.NET provides the latest ASP.NET 5 as well as other versions including ASP.NET 4.5/3.5SP1/2/1.1. DiscountASP.NET support ASP.NET 4.5.2, 3.5, and 2.0 only.

The 2 companies are different on control panel offerings as well. DiscountASP.NET gives ASP.NET based control panel while Host4ASP.NET provides enhanced WebSitePanel. After experiencing their demos, we find out that Host4ASP.NET WebSitePanel is easier to use. Host4ASP.NET WebSitePanel has an user-friendly interface with icons, which is simpler and efficient for us to get control of these tools and achieve hosting management. vs on features

DiscountASP.NET and Host4ASP.NET have similarities too. They give isolated application pools, full trust support, MVC, Classic ASP, Silverlight, node.js, PHP, MS Web Deploy, etc. In addition, DiscountASP.NET offers ASP.NET ReportViewer Control, ASP.NET Charting Control, WebSockets, and AJAX.

DiscountASP.NET vs Host4ASP.NET on Stability and Speed

Both companies are exceptional on maintaining servers and network running stably, fast, and securely. They both have 99.9% uptime guarantee for their customers as well. In below, we will analyze why they can deliver such good performance.

DiscountASP.NET utilizes data centers located in America and Europe. The America-based data center is Tier 1 level along with redundant power from plants, UPS backup and standby diesel generators. This data center is secure as well due to 24/7 guards, 24/7 video surveillance, and handprint entry system.

What’s more, DiscountASP.NET takes advantage of enterprise-level hardware. One is switches from Cisco, making its network infrastructure more stable. Another is Dell servers. Servers in America-based data center are loaded with RAM from 16 GB to 32 GB and RAID 10 disk arrays.

The other web host Host4ASP.NET uses more than one data center as its servers’ home. Instead of Europe, Host4ASP.NET chose one data center in Asia besides America. Take a look at the data center in Chicago, USA:

  • UPS, gel battery power banks, backup generators;
  • Room Air Conditioning Systems;
  • 24/7 monitoring, safety locks.

What’s more, this company also utilizes 100% Dell servers for higher performance. Its network connectivity is 300 Gbit per second.

DiscountASP.NET vs Host4ASP.NET on Customer Support

DiscountASP.NET and Host4ASP.NET support their customers both 24 hours a day. But their supports have some differences. Please check below.

DiscountASP.NET recommends its customers to firstly check knowledge base if it is possible. Its web hosting and TFS hosting have different knowledge bases. If people want DiscountASP.NET technician help, they have to login in the support portal via their control panel login credentials. Email is the last suggestion. Check out this to know more about

Host4ASP.NET has knowledge base and blog for people to solve problems by themselves as well. In addition to that, Host4ASP.NET technicians support people via live chat and email, which everyone can access easily. Even if someone is not a customer of Host4ASP.NET yet, he can start live chat with Host4ASP.NET technicians to get help. Read this to get to know more about service.

DiscountASP.NET or Host4ASP.NET?

From above comparison, we see that both web hosts are great enough. They perform well on stability and speed. But Host4ASP.NET gives different customers different packages at affordable rates while DiscountASP.NET has one all-inclusive plan at promotional price $5/mo though. For customer support, Host4ASP.NET technical support is easier to access.

Therefore, we would like to recommend Host4ASP.NET to every user, from individuals to businesses and .NET developers as long as they want Windows hosting. DiscountASP.NET is good, but it is more suitable for some professional .NET developers.

For more details about DiscountASP.NET and Host4ASP.NET, please respectively visit and

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