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DiscountASP.NET vs. Winhost

As we know that Windows web hosting is usually more expensive than Linux hosting. So, for Windows hosting customers, to find a cheap and reliable Windows hosting provider is a time-consuming task. Well, we learn that DiscountASP.NET and Winhost are both famous cheap Windows hosting providers, but to figure out the best one, we plan to compare the two companies from their Windows hosting pricing, features, performance, and customer support.

About DiscountASP.NET vs. Winhost

DiscountASP.NET (, as a Microsoft partner, started to provide Windows hosting from 2003. Aiming at deliver .NET developers the best hosting service, DiscountASP.NET provides its ASP.NET hosting built on the latest Windows Web Stack as well as Team Foundation Server. Recently, the company launched new Windows solution, which is Windows cloud hosting.

Winhost (, only focusing on Windows hosting, now can deliver perfect ASP.NET hosting based on its new Windows 2012 hosting platform. Paying attention to hosting reliability and reliability, Winhost ASP.NET Hosting built in shared hosting comes with its well-designed control pane, premium data center support, and the latest MS technologies.

DiscountASP.NET vs. Winhost on Pricing

DiscountASP.NET ASP.NET hosting starts at $10 per month. Regularly, the company offers 3 months of FREE ASP.NET hosting. However, by click our exclusive promo link in below, the company will offer customers who go with annual plan 6 months of ASP.NET hosting for free. Namely, it is 50% discount, making it start at $5/mo only. Note, the following link will enable you to get a special coupon code “DASP4FIVEDOLLARS” to claim above promotion.

DiscountASP.NET Exclusive Deal DiscountASP.NET Exclusive Deal
6 Free Month

Other more, DiscountASP.NET provides customers 30 Day money back guarantee. So, customers can feel free to use DiscountASP.NET ASP.NET hosting services, and if they are not satisfied with DiscountASP.NET, they can cancel accounts and request web a refund.

Winhost, as a cheap web hosting provider, offers cheap ASP.NET hosting, too. The company gives multiple billing terms, and if customers go with 2-year term, the company will offer you up to 33% discount. Regularly, the company charges its ASP.NET hosting from $5.95/mo. With 33% discount, it is from $3.95/mo only which is cheaper than DiscountASP.NET.

Winhost Exclusive Deal Winhost Exclusive Deal
33% Off

Likewise, Winhost gives the same 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to DiscountASP.NET’s. So, customers can enjoy this risk-free ASP.NET hosting service with peace of mind.

DiscountASP.NET vs. Winhost on Features

DiscountASP.NET only offers one inclusive ASP.NET hosting plan, including rich features and resources. In its plan, DiscountASP.NET provides 1000MB disk space, 80GB monthly data transfer, 500MB email storage, and 500 email boxes (POP3/IMAP). Windows Server 2012 is the base of DiscountASP.NET hosting solution.

Besides, it has flexible database support, such as Microsoft SQL 2012 to 2016, MS Access, and more. Also, it is supported by many technologies, and in customers’ ASP.NET hosting plan, they can receive IIS 7.X, IIS 8.X, PHP 5, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET 4.X, 3.5 and 2.0, MVC hosting, Classic ASP.NET 3.0, Silverlight hosting, ASP.NET AJAX, and more. DiscountASP.NET also provides customers the Full Trust allowed and isolated application pool.

For control panel, the company includes custom control panel which is built with many features. SQL backup API, open control panel initiative, DNS management API, DNS manager, SSL manager, advanced IIS web server management, schedule task tool, and more. So, customers are offered powerful custom control panel to manger every aspect of their site and hosting.

Differently, Winhost has 3 different plans including different features and resources to cope with customers’ different needs. In its Basic plan, the company gives 3GB disk space, 100NB site memory allocation, 50GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, 250 email boxes (POP3/IMAP/SMTP), 500MB email storage, webmail access, SmarterMail email system, and etc. All plans are built on Windows Server 2008 or 2012 OS.

As one of the best ASP.NET hosting provider, it includes IIS 8/ 7 with IIS manager, web deploy, classic mode, Full Trust & Medium Trust, isolated application pool, and URL Rewrite module 2. Besides, there are ASP.NET 5/ASP.NET Core 1.1, ASP.NET 4.6/ 4.5.2, WebSockets, ASP.NET MVC 6 to 1, ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, PHP 7/ 5.X, FastCGI, and more.

Additionally, there are rich DB features. Multiple MSSQL hosting 2016 to 2008, 500MB SQL hosting space, 1 MSSQL, SQL backup & SQL restore, unlimited SQL DNS, MS Access, free 1 MySQL, and 500MB MySQL space are all included.

As for control panel and management, Winhost offers web-based control panel with live control panel demo. It allows customers monitor their resources, manage their applications, DNS, or upgrade their plans. 1-click application installer enables customers to easily install WordPress, Silverstripe CMS, Joomla, nopCommerce, DotNetNuke, and more into their servers.

Apart from this, Winhost offer managed ASP.NET hosting for WordPress, even though it offers easy-to-use management tools. Customers can enjoy its WordPress hosting with enhanced security, easy WordPress installation, database setup, monthly WordPress core updates, monthly security exam checking, automatic WordPress database and site backups, WordPress personalized assistance, and more.

Comparing features, we can certainly say that although DiscountASP.NET offers many technologies support and latest Windows support, Winhost does even better, including more ASP.NET-friendly features and WordPress support which makes Winhost ASP.NET hosting more flexible.

DiscountASP.NET vs. Winhost on Performance

DiscountASP.NET and Winhost both guarantee customers a standard 99.9% uptime.

DiscountASP.NET utilizes premium data centers located at different continents, giving customers location options to reduce response time. In its Tier-1 data centers, customers can find redundant power supplies, cooling, lighting, and fist-level security, ensuring the reliable inside environment for each of them. Besides, business-class Cisco network facilities are fully used to provide smooth network connections.

DiscountASP.NET also uses Dell servers which include up to 32GB RAM, dual core Intel Xeon processors as well as RAID-10 disk arrays. So, customers can get rock-solid hardware to deploy their servers.

Winhost uses local data center which is close to it, which means its experts can quickly respond to any accidents and conduct regular system check easily. In the datacenter, there are local plants, UPS back-up batteries and generators standing by. Fully redundant air conditioning facilities remains a stable environment for customers’ servers.

Likewise, Winhost also uses Dell servers to deploy customers’ hosting, coming with great configuration, such as 64-bit software, RAID 10 arrays, 32GB RAM, and dual quad CPU cores. Excellent server hardware creates a good based for performance.

Additionally, both DiscountASP.NET and Winhost offers customers Full Trust as well as isolated application pool, meaning customers can have minimum effect from other users.

DiscountASP.NET vs. Winhost on Customer Support

DiscountASP.NET has support portal and email support for customers to contact its experts. And, the two support channels are available around the clock. Besides, customers can check out its knowledge base or go to its customer community to find useful information and skills.

At Winhost, customers can get the same standard support. Support portal and tickets are two of channel available for customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also has knowledge based and forum to help customers.


By comparing the two Windows hosting providers, we learn that DiscountASP.NET and Winhost both provide cheap ASP.NET hosting for customers, but Winhost is cheaper. For features, we think the two have down their best to include the latest ASP.NET-friendly features, but Winhost offers more and better management. Additionally, both companies ensure standard performance and support. Therefore, we think both are worth a try, but Winhost is more cost-effective.

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