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Do Keywords Still Matter for Your Website?

If we talk about the old 2000s, the microsite owners were becoming millionaires as their business was sky-rocketing with the use of the Google SEO technique. The formula followed by the websites then as quite simple:

  • To identify a keyword in a particular niche that has been neglected with the use of the keyword research tool.
  • Creation of the microsite based on the high-density keyword in that particular niche.
  • Using the site to drive the relevant traffic.
  • Repeat the same for different niches and sets of high-density

The microsites back then were quite easy to set up with the use of the WordPress web hosting platform. However, when Google updated its algorithm in Google Panda update of 2011, this scenario changed completely. With this update put forth by Google, it has been observed that SEO might not be as important as it used to be.

What is the Appearance of SEO Today?

If you would put up the question like does Google use keywords, it might have different perceptions and answers based on the technique used by different websites and online platforms. In today’s era, the main role of the SEO and the keywords has diminished greatly. Google always keeps updating its algorithms to enhance the search method for websites. The recent update made by the Google was the Google Hummingbird update in 2013. With the frequent updates, the trend of the keyword usage and the functioning of the search engine tend to change at a rapid rate. This makes the game of the SEO less significant and relevant as Google has itself optimized its platform to do the SEO for your website.

The search optimization of Google has become so advanced that it is capable of deciphering the meaning of the words and behind the questions or queries put up by the customers who might be sitting on their browser looking for a particular set of products or services. The Google has perfected its search engine in such a way that it can use its intel to show up your website for the queries that might not even involve the keywords in your site at all.

But it is imperative for the users to understand how the usage of the SEO has changed and how does Google use the keyword. By this, you can foresee the upcoming changes in the keyword scenario and the effective steps they must undertake to get ultimate success and optimized performance of the online website. Here are some ways in which the game of the SEO has changed considerably in the past few years:

Authority Imposed on SEO:

If you have been thinking that the PageRank technique is dead, then you might have the wrong information. Not totally dead, but PageRank went down from being the topmost determinant of the ranking of your website to be now determined in an effective manner by the Google Hummingbird update. There are tons of metric available which can help Google in determining the page authority of your website. Special weight is given to the parameters like outbound links, inbound links, quality of the content, overall designing of the website, ease of use, social media presence and shares and much more. All of these parameters can determine the effectiveness of your website.

Placement of Keywords Over Frequency of Keywords:

If you been in the confusion that does Google use the keyword, then it is important to realize that SEO does still matter to a certain degree. For instance, it is vital that the longtail keywords still show up on your website including the title of the page, subheaders, URL, meta descriptions, image descriptions and much more. Therefore, more than the keyword density, the placement of the keywords plays a significant role in driving the necessary traffic and in optimizing the overall performance of your website. The time has gone when you needed to place the high-density keywords for at least seven times in your webpage or content. It often tends to make the content or the web page less readable and more complex, thereby driving away the traffic from the website.

Semantic Search Over Short and Long-Tail Keywords:

We have been hearing the terms like “short-tail” and “long-tail” keywords since a long time. The question is does Google use the keyword? It is believed that the long-tail keywords which are longer than three to four words are better and optimized than the short-tail keywords as they tend to target more particular and specific queries put up by the users on their search engines. This will help in better targeting of the niche in which you are providing the online services.

Google makes use of the semantic search to put less pressure on the usage of these long-tail and short-tail keywords in the website content. Using the semantic method of driving traffic to your website, Google analyzes and predicts for the input data in the search engine on behalf of the SEO duties it has to perform. It then displays your website in front of the users automatically even without the targeted keywords. This technique helps in driving more traffic to your website such that the overall performance of your website gets enhanced.

How will SEO Appear in Future?

It could be safe to predict that the use of keywords to achieve better SEO would not die soon. But it is also imperative to realize the fact that if you have been using and relying much on the traditional SEO marketing skills, it is high time to observe a change in the marketing skills and employ the Google’s new semantic methods to achieve the desired results.


Have you been wondering that does Google use the keyword? It is true that keywords do play an important role in driving the desired traffic to your traffic, but with the changing trends, it is important for the website owners and the online business organizations to mark up with the trends and to include the effective new methods to bring relevant success to the business.

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