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Do You Know What Is Reseller Hosting?

Description: Utilizing the resources to give profit with lowest possible cost incurred is reseller hosting. A profitable business to undertake with the right guidance reselling hosting could be a profitable venture. reseller-hosting-1

When a firm or company decides to exploit the resources of a primary web hosting company and build some profit by selling the web space as their own then the situation can be said to be a reselling hosting. Recently to increase business the parent hosting companies have started free reseller hosting where they don’t charge for the packages. A free reseller hosting plan offers all the services except for a free domain name. Read on to know all about reselling hosting as we unveil all about this business model.

You are already aware of what reseller hosting is which means we move on to how it works. Here are a few steps which will help you in setting up a reseller hosting business:1-steps-to-set-up-your-own-reseller-hosting-business

  • Filter your search for a good hosting company
  • Buy the package which is most suited for your business. In case they are offering free reseller hosting you don’t have to pay.
  • Create different plans according to your business.
  • Fix prices for them
  • Market them
  • Finally sell the packages and make money

The next step up is how you could become an impresario and make profits for the business.

With a single control panel you can create, manage and control all the accounts of your consumers and manage the administration part of their websites, manage their domains and emails. A reseller hosting business is cheap, easy to operate and make good profits.

Most customers are not aware of technical knowledge and depend on you completely to create an account and manage their domain.  You have an opportunity to make some extra income for yourself here.

Thorough research and a proper plan which is in place is required because all depends on your marketing skills and the number of customers you can attract.

The only investment which goes in is the money that you invest for marketing and buying the package. The cost of the package is removed if you are lucky enough to get a free reseller hosting.

Another thing which is important is the type of packages you are going to get from the primary web hosting service provider. Here is a list of common features which are usually included in a reseller hosting package.

  • Domain hosting
  • Disc space
  • Bandwidth
  • Control panel
  • ‘White Label’ which means you get to brand your web hosting company with the main hosting service provider which your customer is unaware about.
  • Permission to give features to your customers like monitoring tools, additional scripts, emails etc.
  • Administer your plans and configure various accounts as per your requirements.
  • Customer service support.

With the services that you offer does a user know that it is you providing the service or the hosting company from who you have purchased the package.

Whether you are paying for the packages from the primary service provider or you are getting free reseller hosting, you are free to run this business on your name without having to reveal anything about the main hosting service provider. While promoting your business you can have only your firm’s name in the advertisements or banners. You have complete control over your company and how you wish to run it.

What is the expertise required to run the business of reselling hosting?

Although having technical knowledge helps if you are in this field but the only thing which you need to run reselling hosting is good marketing skills to get business for your company and administration skills to run the daily activities of your business. The maintenance, hardware setups, security, server hardware etc. are all taken care by the primary web hosting service provider. So it is best that you check all these things prior setting up an account with them.

Prospects of growth


You never know when luck could favour you and your marketing skills might work out for you. You could soon have a circle of trusted customers and you would have to upgrade from being a reseller to a primary web hosting service provider. All you need to do is ensure that you don’t enter into long contracts with your service providers. There are many web hosting service providers that provide free seller hosting packages and don’t enter into contracts, in fact even if they allow money back guarantee for a limited period of time.

Selecting the best web hosting service provider

While you are browsing the internet for a good web hosting service provider you should also take personal feedback from some established companies that have been in the business for some time. Some qualities in it would be:

  • Private name servers
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • One sitebuilder atleast
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Completely managed services
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Round the clock customer support

There are many benefits if you opt for reseller hosting business. Besides making money you also become independent and establish a brand name for yourself if your business does well and you take real good care of your customers. There is hardly any area of cost in this business and is perfect if you lack funds but are still looking to do something for yourself.

An appropriate business plan and a good marketing strategy will help you flourish in the reseller hosting business. If you can manage to locate a good web service hosting provider who is offering free seller hosting packs then you have an opportunity to start business with zero investments. Reseller hosting is a great business to undertake and the above guide will help you understand it and go ahead with your plan.

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