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Do You Really need SSD Hosting?

With the development of technology and economy, e-commerce gets into a booming phase. Along with the trend, web hosting industry makes great progress. Solid-State Drive is a big step of it.

Different from traditional drives, SSD can deliver faster page loading, more reliable performance. It is the upgrade of quality of resources, not the size of resources. Thereby, SSD can solve the problems of speed and stability, which even dedicated servers cannot.

However, SSD hosting normally charges higher than traditional hosting with less space. Then, does everyone need SSD hosting? In below post, we’d like to introduce why webmasters need SSD hosting from SSDs definition, SSD hosting advantages and disadvantages. After that, we will introduce 3 best SSD hosting providers for webmasters, including A2Hosting, WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting.

What are SSDs?

SSD 1Simply put, Solid-State Drives (known as SSDs) are the next generation equivalent of Hard Disk Drives, which are solid-state storage devices that use integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently.

Solid-State Drives do not contain the moving (mechanical) parts. It distinguishes SSDs from other traditional mechanical disks, like Hard Disk Drives (namely HDDs) containing movable read & write heads as well as spinning disks.

Since 2014, the most of SSDs has used flash memory based on NAND that is non-volatile memory reserving data once power is lost. Unlike regular volatile memory (RAM), flash memory in SSDs can protect data from loss while the power is disconnected.

SSD Hosting is the abbreviation of Solid State Drive Hosting. It is a web hosting employs Solid-State Drives to store data persistently.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD Hosting

Solid-State Drives not only possess advantages but also have its own shortcomings. As for SSD hosting, the advantages and disadvantages of SSDs come to it as well.

Advantages of Solid State Drive Hosting

SSD utilizes the integrated circuit assemblies to store data. Compared with traditional spinning disks, SSDs have better physical shock resistance, and faster access time. Let’s see the detailed advantages of SSD hosting!

  • Up to 20x Faster Hosting Speed

Before the inception of SSDs, web hosting mainly uses HHD to store data, which has mechanical moving parts. Every time when visitors accessing webmasters’ sites or opening a page, their server disk needs spend time on spin to locate the data, leading to some delay. Visitors may not aware of the delay since it only takes a few milliseconds, but it can be very clear when the delay comes with a heavy load of activities on websites with a great number of visitors.

However, SSD hosting, equipped with SSDs, has a significant advantage in speed. SSD, as a flash storage device, has no electromechanical moving components.  It means that there is no mechanical movement when data needs to be accessed in SSD hosting, which can bring SSD hosting up to 20X faster than traditional spinning drive web hosting.

  • Increased Reliability and Security

As for sensitive HDDs, it’s easy to lose website data, because any slight mishandling can give rise to irreversible damage to webmasters’ data.

Unlike HDD hosting, SSD utilizes the integrated circuit assembles as memory. So, it has mechanical moving parts and comes with low wear and tear. And as a type of flesh memory, SSDs can store data after the power is lost. In addition, SSDs are outstanding for less power usage, high durability, and no heat generation. With all these brilliant features, SSD hosting can hardly damage the drives and lose data.

  • High Stability

As the above mentioned, SSDs have no unstable rotating discs. It also means less possibility to skip during the process of data encryption and decryption. By this way, SSDs ensure that every single piece of information on websites is properly stored on SSD hosting. And websites can run smoothly and online all the time.

Disadvantages of SSD Hosting

Every coin has two sides, and SSD hosting is no exception. Besides advantages, SSD hosting also comes along with some shortcomings.

  • Expensive Price

Webmasters should know that there is no free lunch in the world. With rich features and premium performance, SSD hosting of course comes with expensive price. Even though the price of SSDs has continued to decline, it is still more expensive than HDDs. For this reason, SSD hosting is more expensive than other web hosting.

Does Everyone Need SSD Hosting?

The answer is absolutely YES! In order to provide good user experience and improve the ability to support a large number of visitors, it is worth to spend a little more money to purchase the really excellent SSD hosting. But note every webmaster needs to balance the benefits and costs before purchasing SSD hosting.

Recommended SSD Hosting Providers

After reviewing 100+ web hosting providers comprehensively, we find A2Hosting, WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting provide the best SSD hosting solutions for webmasters.

Best SSD Shared Hosting – A2Hosting

imagesA2Hosting ( is famous for its technical innovation, great performance web hosting and Guru Crew support. By using SSDs, A2Hosting can provide webmasters with up to 20X faster speed than its competing hosts. What’s more, A2Hosting builds its exclusive SwiftServer platform for SSD hosting, which brings ultra-reliable, high-performance hosting.

Its SSD shared hosting charges from $$3.92/mo after 51% discounts. It normally starts at $7.99, along with at least 1 domain, 5 databases, unlimited RAID-10 storage, and unlimited transfer.

A2hosting SSD Hosting A2hosting SSD Hosting
51% Off

To know the details about A2Hosting SSD web hosting, please check

High Price Value SSD Shared Hosting – WebHostingHub

webhostinghubWebHostingHub ( is one of the best cheap web hosting in 2016, providing free SSDs with unlimited features, such as unlimited space, bandwidth, Email accounts, and MySQL databases, as well as free domain, SSD, cPanel, Backup Wizard, and more.

WebHostingHub SSD hosting is cheap, starting from $3.99/mo after 43% off discounts from the normal price of $6.99/mo for 3-year account. Additionally, webmasters can receive 72% discounts for the first 3 months. That is, WebHostingHub SSD hosting is $3.735/mo only.

WebHostingHub SSD Hosting WebHostingHub SSD Hosting
72% Off

WebHostingHub deploys SSD hosting in two green data centers which are equipped with redundant power supply, lighting, cooling, and monitoring facility. Besides, WebHostingHub uses 100% Dell Servers with SSD technology and the BGP4 smart routing technology to ensure the fastest speed and best performance.

Considering the cheap prices with industry-leading 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and unlimited features, we highly recommend WebHostingHub SSD hosting for bloggers and business websites.

To get more WebHostingHub SSD Hosting, please visit

Best SSD VPS Hosting – InMotion Hosting

inmotionhostingKnown as a reliable and professional web hosting service provider, InMotion Hosting ( provides a complete series of products. Its VPS hosting comes with free SSDs.

InMotion Hosting VPS with SSD is fully managed, including at least 60 GB SSD RAID-10 storage, 2 TB bandwidth, 4 GB RAM, Free cPanel license, free backups, and more. Even better, if webmasters buy it through our promotion link, the price of it will renew at$14.99/mo, after 56% off the normal $29.99/mo. 90-day money back guarantee can avoid most risks for webmaster.

InmotionHosting SSD VPS InmotionHosting SSD VPS
56% Off

Apart from Solid-State Drives and 24 hour fully managed support, InMotion Hosting makes good use of two data centers and Max Speed Zone to deliver the optimal online environment for webmasters.

To seek for more information about InMotion Hosting SSD VPS hosting, please go to

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