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Dot5Hosting Review

The below Dot5Hosting Review focuses on price value, reliability, speed, ease-of-use and customer support offered by this company. Before stepping into the body, we would like to briefly introduce who Dot5Hosting is and the special coupon it offers.

Dot5Hosting (www.dot5hosting.com) is committed to helping website masters succeed online at budget rates. Besides all-inclusive web hosting package, the host provides marketing service, email solutions, and other add-ons. Actually, like Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, etc. Dot5Hosting is a brand of Endurance International Group.

Dot5Hosting Special Coupon

Dot5Hosting provides a special coupon to customers who sign up with it for the first time. With the help of that coupon, its web hosting is dramatically marked down.

The regular starting pricing $11.95/mo renews at $5.95/mo working with Dot5Hosting 50% off special coupon. However, to get $5.95/mo pricing, customers have to pay 2-year web hosting fees to Dot5Hosting.

Dot5Hosting Deal for the New Dot5Hosting Deal for the New
50% Off

Dot5Hosting Price Value Review

As a budget web host, Dot5Hosting expects that its web hosting can give everything for customers to build websites at low rates. So, it designs an all-in-one web hosting package with:

  • 1 free domain name;
  • Unlimited domains hosted in single account;
  • Unlimited disk storage;
  • Unlimited POP3 Secure email accounts, forwarding email accounts and Autoresponders;
  • Scalable bandwidth

Besides, unlimited MySQL databases along with PHP, Perl, Python, DHTML, and etc. support customers to construct a Linux-based website they like. Dot5Hosting also helps their websites get found. It offers $100 Google Adwords bonus, $100 Yahoo! Search credits, Constant Contact email marketing and so on.

Dot5Hosting all-inclusive web hosting package also supports business owners to create online shops. Based on SSL secure server, businesses can install osCommerce shopping cart or Agora shopping cart to sell up to 15 products.

dot5hosting pricingBased on above feature review, we could see that Dot5Hosting offers feature-rich web hosting to create blogs or online shops. Its pricing is affordable but not competitive.

For initial purchasing terms, the company offers the lowest pricing at $5.95/mo. However, we could find out similar packages in the marketplace at much lower rates. For example, iPage offers $1.99/mo all-inclusive web hosting package.

Dot5Hosting Reliability and Speed Review

As a budget web host, Dot5Hosting enables its customers to enjoy as fast and reliable performance as they can.

This company takes advantages of 2 data centers based in Boston, MA. The facilities are good for web hosting. For one thing, it has redundant power composed of A/C and D/C power. For another thing, a full set of cooling systems is responsible for controlling environment inside the facilities for web hosting. Additionally, the centers are secured 24 hours a day.

Dot5Hosting has 800 servers in all and they are from Dell. It also utilizes load balancers along with Dell servers to construct server architecture. So, site data will go through 3 steps: parsed by load balancers, managed by Dell servers and then separated into various applications pools.

Different with other web hosts, Dot5Hosting built its network infrastructure into a pooled server environment. Simply put, when a request comes, any server available on Dot5Hosting network can access website files and response. It means faster page loading speed.

Dot5Hosting Review on Usability

Dot5Hosting provides a number of features or tools to make site construction and management get easy.

Website Builder Tools

The all-inclusive web hosting package also consists of site builder by CM4all as well as webpage and document editor. These tools are helpful to someone with little technical knowledge to setup powerful websites.

vDeck Control Panel

Customers purchasing Dot5Hosting will get vDeck as their control panel to manage all issues related to web hosting. vDeck provides management for almost 200 functions, like configuring databases, creating email accounts, installing scripts, and much more.


Dot5Hosting provides common payment methods and enable everyone to pay bills. PayPal, VISA, Discover, American Express and MasterCard are all included.


As we know, backups are one essential way to protect data from losing. Dot5Hosting has backups service, which are at extra charges. If customers need, they have to pay $1.08 per month.


The company also offers FTP access, spam protection, web file manager, and so on to improve usability level of its web hosting.

Dot5Hosting Customer Support Review

Dot5Hosting supports its customers around the clock. It knows that customers could encounter problems and need its help anytime. So, Dot5Hosting knowledgeable technical staffs are standby there to help customers out whenever they want.

Phone, email, and online form are main ways Dot5Hosting offers to support its customers. In addition, it collects frequent asked questions and gives solutions on its knowledgebase and user guides. Therefore, via the resources, customers could resolve problems themselves.

More than that, Dot5Hosting has 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Within the first months after purchasing, customers can still cancel their accounts and ask for a refund if they are not satisfied with Dot5Hosting services.

Do We Recommend Dot5Hosting?

No. We see that Dot5Hosting provides a web hosting package including all features to build websites; it offers great data centers, server architecture and network infrastructure; it has user-friendly support. But its pricing is not competitive. Even for initial terms, it charges $5.95/mo. As it targets at small website owners, this pricing is a little high for them to afford.

On the other hand, there are many other Dot5Hosting alternatives, like iPage, providing similar web hosting at lower rates.

iPage, also a member of EIG, has shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. Its shared hosting is designed with one package, which is similar to Dot5Hosting web hosting. But iPage shared hosting is only $1.99/mo for sales, over 80% off the regular pricing. iPage offers 30 day money back guarantee and 24/7/365 customer support as well.

An interesting thing is that iPage shares same data centers with Dot5Hosting. Technologies applied on server architecture and network infrastructure are same. So, in respect of hosting performance, the 2 companies are similar.

In a nutshell, iPage provides customers with similar products, hosting performance and customer support. But it charges much lower. So, for individuals and small businesses, iPage is a better option. For more information about iPage, please visit www.ipage.com or just read our full iPage Review.

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