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Dreamhost dedicated Server Review

There are many dedicated server options for webmasters to choose from throughout the industry. However, it is not an easy work for them to find the most suitable one to host their websites.

After reviewing more than 20 dedicated server providers, we find that Dreamhost is a popular web host who offers quality hosting products and services. And in below article, we will make a comprehensive review about this company to tell why it can be trusted by webmasters.

Dreamhost Dedicated Server Review on Features

Unquestionably, feature-rich is one of the determined factors to help webmasters host a successful website. At Dreamhost, we are delighted to tell webmasters that they can get all of the essential features to run their websites.

Three hosting solutions are available for webmasters to select at Dreamhost, which are Blue Moon 4, Blue Moon 8 and Blue Moon 16. So dedicated server hosting customers can make a choice based on their requirements.

Each plan contains almost everything that needed for webmasters to build a website. Let’s take Blue Moon 4 as an example. Besides 4 GB of RAM, up to 1 TB of storage, full root access, RAID 1 storage, full Unix Shell, SSL secure server, subversion repository (SVN) and more, Dreamhost can also offers powerful server grade CPU, several CPUs on one chip and dedicated IP to its customers.

Moreover, if webmasters choose Dreamhost dedicated server hosting, it makes it easy for them to install WordPress sites or blogs, host multiple client websites, host big e-commerce sites, run custom applications and develop and test their applications.

Dreamhost Dedicated Server Review on Prices

Although the price offered to Dreamhost hosting customers is not expensive, there are several web hosts that enjoy a price advantage when compared with that of Dreamhost, such as Bluehost and Singlehop.

As we presented in the above, there are three dedicated server hosting plans and each of the price is set at $169/mo, $209/mo and $249/mo respectively. So webmasters can choose their preferred one at their willing at Dreamhost to operate their websites.


Although the company does not guarantee money back for its dedicated server hosting customers, it is safe to host their websites at this company. The reason is that webmasters can sign up the hosting service for one month, two months or other term without any restrictions.

Dreamhost Dedicated Server Review on Performance

In terms of the overall performance for Dreamhost dedicated server hosting customers, the company claims that it has the ability to make sure that almost 99% of its customers can get blazingly fast speed and 100% uptime.

On the one hand, all of the Dreamhost dedicated servers use RAID 1 storage and Intel XEON server-grade processor and more to enhance the performance of customers’ websites. On the other hand, the multi-core processors also come to webmasters to help them get the fast speed.

In addition to that, the company also guarantees automated managed backups. With it, there is no need for webmasters that they will lose any data in the case of hard drive failing.

Dreamhost Dedicated Server Review on Technical Support

Generally speaking, the technical support offered by Dreamhost to its dedicated server hosting customers is great.

If webmasters have some problems that need to be resolved soon, they can freely contact the Dreamhost dedicated server hosting staffs via some useful methods, such as live chat, Twitter and email. No matter what kind of way webmasters choose, the support center can always help them find the right solution as soon as they can.

By the way, there are some other ways for Dreamhost dedicated server hosting customers to deal with their issues. Dreamhost Wiki, Discussion Forums, System Status are available for them to handle the problems by themselves.


According to the above points we listed out, we can safely say that webmasters must have a clear understanding of Dreamhost dedicated server hosting. In summary, it contains enough core features. At the same time, the company can guarantee high performance environment and best possible technical support for webmasters to manage their websites successfully.

If webmasters intend to get to know some additional information about Dreamhost dedicated server hosting, please visit Dreamhost now.


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