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DreamHost VPS Hosting Review

VPS hosting combines the price advantage of shared hosting and the performance advantage of dedicated server hosting. In other words, with VPS, people can gain high hosting performance similar to what a dedicated server can bring, but spend money a little more than what shared hosting charges. In the marketplace, VPS products are many, making it hard for people to choose a right one.

The following review is just about a VPS from DreamHost company. This review will help readers learn whether DreamHost VPS is a good or not from reviewing DreamHost VPS features, performance, prices, and technical support.

About DreamHost

dreamhost-250In 1997, 4 undergraduates created New Dream Network in the United States. Later, they changed the name to DreamHost (www.dreamhost.com), which is a well-known web hosting brand for us today.

At present, DreamHost has a wide range of web hosting solutions for its customers to choose, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and cloud services. This company has domain name registration services as well.

For achievements, DreamHost claims that it has currently hosted more than 1.5 million websites (blogs, business sites, applications, etc.). Its customers come from over 100 countries too.

Besides, DreamHost knows how harmful web hosting business cause to environment. So, it tries its best to be eco-friendly and take many measures!

DreamHost VPS Hosting Feature Review

On the whole, DreamHost VPS is full of useful features, some of which are even leading in the industry. Moreover, DreamHost VPS is the fully managed VPS. In below, we will introduce some features of DreamHost VPS in detail.

DreamHost VPS hosting is based on Linux operating system. Moreover, this VPS has Ubuntu 12.04 Long Term Support, with which Ubuntu will be responsible for security updates for 5 years. So, DreamHost VPS is more reliable and secure.

Besides, DreamHost gives its VPS more power by solid state drives. Compared to traditional HDDs, SSDs do not have mechanical components and shine at shortening latency. According to DreamHost test, its VPS with SSDs are 20 times faster than servers with SATA drives.

dreamhost vps review on features

DreamHost VPS has other outstanding features, such as Node.js, Ruby Version Manager, PHP 5, Python, Perl, SSH, SVN, .htaccess, XCache, and much more.

In terms of specific plans, DreamHost tailors 4 VPS plans, all of which include above features. But they are different on amounts of RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc. We list out these features in DreamHost entry-level VPS plan as following:

  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Unlimited email accounts;
  • Unlimited FTP users;
  • Unlimited domains;
  • 1 GB RAM;
  • 30 GB SSD disk space;
  • 1 dedicated IP address.

If people need more resources, they can scale up via their web-based control panels.

DreamHost VPS Hosting Performance Review

In the case of performance, DreamHost VPS is outstanding in the industry. In below, we will explain why DreamHost VPS is reliable, speedy and secure from 2 aspects: data centers and hardware.

Firstly, DreamHost VPS hosting depends on multiple data centers. One of data centers is located in Virginia, featuring:

  • Redundant power from 2 substations and backup generators;
  • Redundant cooling via dual water lines;
  • 1 Gbps Internet connection;
  • Management 24 hours a day.

On top of that, DreamHost VPS takes advantage Linux-VServer. Moreover, DreamHost is one of a few companies to install SSDs on its servers since SSDs are much more expensive than HDDs or other hard disk drives. But SSDs has much better performance on speeding up server processing and ensuring reliability.

DreamHost is a green VPS hosting provider in the industry. It purchases Renewable Energy Credits, decreasing using paper as much as possible, etc.

At the last of the performance review, we would like to state that DreamHost VPS has 100% network uptime guarantee.

DreamHost VPS Hosting Price Review

Four VPS plans of DreamHost respectively charge at $15/mo, $30/mo, $60/mo, and $120/mo. Honestly speaking, these prices are attractive considering what DreamHost VPS offers, like SSD storage and fully managed services. Furthermore, by following the promotional link in below, customers will save 50% off for the first 3 months, so that the starting price is $7.5/mo only.

DreamHost VPS Promotion DreamHost VPS Promotion
50% off

In addition to attractive prices, DreamHost allows its customers to pay for the VPS by months. This is a piece of good news for people who do not have a large amount of money currently.

In terms of payment methods, this company also gives customers many options. They can use credit cards including VISA, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and Diners Club. Besides, PayPal, Checking Account, Check, Money Order as well as Gift Certificate all welcome. However, if customers are to open a new DreamHost account and buy DreamHost VPS, they have to use credit card payment method only to finish the first invoice. Then they can choose any payment method.

DreamHost VPS Hosting Technical Support Review

DreamHost technical support team is based in USA and provides customers with help as long as they require. What’s more, DreamHost gives multiple ways to make support accessible and convenient to each customer.

To be specific, if customers need DreamHost support, they need to enter their control panels firstly. Then they can use live chat or email to get contact with DreamHost technical supporting staffs. In addition to that, DreamHost has the call back support service. But its VPS customers have to pay extra fees to use call back. Twitter support is another VPS support method DreamHost gives too.

More than that, DreamHost has self-help resources for customers to check anytime. Wiki is one of DreamHost self-help place, giving a lot of information and articles. DreamHost also has a forum, in which its users could discuss with each other and gain useful information as well. This company also opens a system status page for people to check what happens to DreamHost.

Do We Recommend DreamHost VPS?

After reviewing features, performance, prices, and technical support of DreamHost VPS, we have a full understanding about this product. It is a full managed SSD VPS. 4 plans are beneficial to people to choose a right level of server resources. Plus multiple data centers and its eco-friendly strategy, DreamHost VPS is reliable and green.

Overall, DreamHost VPS is such an excellent VPS but is affordable from $7.5/mo. Even if people would meet problems, they will get DreamHost professional and friendly support. Therefore, we highly recommend DreamHost VPS to our readers who need high quality cheap VPS solutions.

To know more information about DreamHost, please visit www.dreamhost.com or read DreamHost Review.

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