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DreamHost vs BlueHost

We know that it is hard for customers to make a choice among many web hosting providers in the industry. And both DreamHost and Bluehost are the leader in the hosting industry with millions of customers. In below Dreamhost vs Bluehost, we will focus on two famous web hosts, to help customers know which one is a better hosting choice for their websites.

Who is DreamHost and Bluehost

dreamhost vs bluehostDreamHost ( is a web hosting provider that  was established in 1997. Through around 20 years of development, DreamHost has managed over 1.5 million websites for 400,000 customers from all over the world. Its products are diverse with high price value.

Bluehost ( is also a web hosting company with a long history. It is well-known for its reliable and low-cost web hosting solutions. Much different from other web hosts, Bluehost built its own data center and operates the center for its web hosting.

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DreamHost vs Bluehost on Web Hosting Features

DreamHost and Bluehost both have shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, WordPress  hosting, etc. Moreover, both companies offers web hosting solutions only based on Linux operating system.

Let’s firstly compare shared hosting features of DreamHost and Bluehost. Bluehost shared hosting has 3 packages while DreamHost provides an all-inclusive share hosting solution.

dreamhost vs bluehost on featuresIn terms of basic features, DreamHost shared hosting contains unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, and domain hosting. Most importantly, DreamHost unlimited disk space based SSDs! Bluehost shared hosting entry package just provides customers 100 GB space, unlimited bandwidth, 100 email account, and 1 website hosting. But other 2 higher-level packages gives these features that are unlimited.

What’s more, each shared hosting account of both DreamHost and Bluehost will receive one free domain name registration. The 2 web hosts are same to offer MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails. But Bluehost gives enhanced cPanel while DreamHost provides web-based control panel.

Next we comes to compare their VPS hosting solutions in a nutshell. Both companies are in our Best VPS Hosting list. DreamHost VPS RAM ranges from 1GB to 8 GB while that of Bluehost is from 2 GB to 8GB. Bluehost VSP is powered by OpenStack and KVM with a minimum of 2 cores. However, DreamHost VPS is based on SSDs.

By comparing their shared hosting and VPS, we can see that both companies can offer enough features to help customers to build their websites.

DreamHost vs Bluehost on Price

In terms of prices, there is no doubt that Bluehost is more cost-effective than DreamHost, even though DreamHost prices are affordable via our promotional link.

images (1)

Now, Bluehost Discount comes to customers. Instead of the regular starting price $5.99/mo, the customers can get the service lowest at $3.49/mo. Furthermore, the second-package of Bluehost shared hosting is more cost-effective at $3.95/mo now instead of regularly $9.99/mo. To spend $0.5  more each month, people will gain unlimited resources.

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Bluehost Web Hosting Bluehost Web Hosting
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On the other hand, DreamHost web hosting price starts at $8.95/mo, which is a little higher in shared hosting solutions. Due to that, many customers cannot afford DreamHost shared hosting and have to purchase others.

However, customers do not need to worry about DreamHost high prices. Our website gets exclusive shared hosting coupons from DreamHost, via which DreamHost shared hosting is lowest at $4.95/mo. Via our link below, customers will save 50% off. Likewise, please click DreamHost Coupon to know more about DreamHost promotional prices.

DreamHost $4.95 Promotion DreamHost $4.95 Promotion
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In addition to that, Bluehost offers Anytime Money Back Guarantee, so if customers are not satisfied with the service, they can get full refund in the first 30 days and prorated money back after that time. By comparison, DreamHost guarantee 97 day full money back. However, Bluehost Anytime Money Back Guarantee applies to all web hosting solutions while DreamHost shared hosting has 97 Day Full Money Back Guarantee. VPS and dedicated servers of DreamHost are non-refundable.

DreamHost vs Bluehost on Reliability and Speed

Compared with many web hosts that rent data centers, Bluehost has its own data centers that are equipped with UPS power, diesel generators, and multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to locations around the world. Furthermore, CloudFlare, an advanced content delivery network, is built directly into customers’ accounts to automatically increase the performance of their websites.

Now, let’s come to DreamHost. The company hosts their web servers in multiple data centers with multiple gigabits connections, redundant power system and advanced cooling systems. Plus the utilization of rock-solid hardware, such as SSDs, DreamHost web hosting performs quite well. Moreover, DreamHost shared hosting, VPS hosting, and even dedicated servers come with 100% uptime guarantee.

Frankly speaking, the data centers of both companies could ensure customers a reliable environment to run their websites reliably and securely. DreamHost and Bluehost takes measures to deliver fast speed as well. And they do it well.

DreamHost vs Bluehost on Customer Support

Regarding technical support, though both web hosts provide 24/7/365 support, DreamHost cannot compete with Bluehost. The latter is famous for providing customers with top of the line customer service in the industry.

Tickets, toll-free phone call, live chat, Knowledge Base as well as Forums are all available for Bluehost customers to handle their issues as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if customers intend to get direct assistances at DreamHost, they can only contact the support staffs via email and live chat in their web-based control panels. DreamHost has call back services but charges. Additionally, DreamHost also has Wiki, Forums, and Blog for people.

But people have to know that the most of DreamHost web hosting solutions are managed except its shared hosting. In other words, DreamHost web hosting experts will administrate servers for customers.

DreamHost or Bluehost

dreamhost vs bluehostDreamHost or Bluehost? We have to say both web hosts are so great that people can feel free to trust them. But from above comparison, we still get their differences and exclusive advantages.

Bluehost operates its own data center for hosting reliability and security. Its hosting is feature-rich and low cost at the same time. Especially $3.95/mo shared hosting is a good package to start online presence. Each web hosting has Anytime Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, we recommend Bluehost to each customer, including individuals, developers, businesses and international companies.

DreamHost sets higher prices for its web hosting solutions. Even if using our exlcusive coupon, its shared hosting is still more expensive. But considering what DreamHost offers, like SSDs, 97 day money back guarantee, and 100% uptime guarantee, its prices are reasonable. Due to that, we highly recommend DreamHost to website owners who have more traffic.

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