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DreamHost vs GoDaddy

Many people would like to go with web hosting providers, who have been in the industry for over 10 years. To some extent, these web hosts have rich experience to offer web hosting solutions. Here we find out that DreamHost and GoDaddy both meet the requirement. And below Dreamhost vs Godaddy is to figure out who offer better web hosting between these two.

We will compare them from hosting prices, features, stability, speed, and customer support. Before stepping into this Dreamhost vs Godaddy, let’s come to know they are firstly.

About DreamHost and GoDaddy


dreamhostAs a web hosting provider, DreamHost ( is successful. It can date back to 1997. Its products are diverse and popular. The entry-level shared hosting and advanced dedicated servers are both included. So far more than 1.5 million websites and applications are under its management. Its customers are from over 100 countries as well.


godaddyAlso, established in 1997, GoDaddy ( is a globally well-known IT solution company. It offers massive products, ranging over domain name registration services, web hosting services, web security services, web design services, online marketing services, etc. Moreover, this company is famous as the number 1 domain name registrar, who has managed over 60 million domains currently.

DreamHost vs GoDaddy on Hosting Prices

By comparing their hosting prices, we find out that GoDaddy web hosting has lower starting prices than DreamHost web hosting. But DreamHost offers more than what it charges. Moreover, DreamHost customers will receive a longer money back guarantee.

GoDaddy web hosting starts at $6.99/mo regularly. According to GoDaddy Coupon, people could purchase GoDaddy web hosting services at $1/mo, 85% off $6.99/mo. Note that this promotional price only applies to 1-year Economy package, which includes 100 GB storage, 100 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and 1 website hosted. For more information about GoDaddy Coupon, please click here.

GoDaddy Hosting Promotion GoDaddy Hosting Promotion
85% Off

In terms of DreamHost, this company fixes $8.95/mo as its shared hosting starting price. By following DreamHost 50% off discounts in below, people will pay at a promotional price $59.4/year, namely $4.95/mo. But they will get all-in-one package along with unlimited storage, email accounts and bandwidth.

DreamHost 50% off Discounts DreamHost 50% off Discounts
50% Off

More than that, DreamHost offers 97 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is the longest money back guarantee in the industry. However, GoDaddy web hosting has 45 Day Money Back Guarantee only.

DreamHost vs GoDaddy on Hosting Features

The 2 web hosts have shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and cloud services for customers. One of the biggest differences is OS. GoDaddy web hosting is based on both Linux and Windows operating systems while DreamHost has Linux web hosting only.

On shared hosting, DreamHost chooses to offer an all-inclusive package while GoDaddy designs multiple packages. Check more feature comparison on their shared hosting in below.

GoDaddy has Linux shared hosting 3 packages: Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate. Only Ultimate package gives databases, storage, bandwidth, FTP accounts, and websites hosted, which are all unlimited. But GoDaddy Ultimate package is $7.99/mo after discounted. Besides, GoDaddy supports customers to create 100 to 1,000 Email accounts only.

Though DreamHost shared hosting only has 1 package, it offers unlimited databases, storage, bandwidth, websites hosted, and email accounts at $4.95/mo. What’s more, DreamHost offers disk space based on SSD for 200% fast page loading.

dreamhost vs godaddy on featuresIn addition to that, both web hosts supports PHP, Perl and Python while DreamHost share hosting includes Ruby on Rails support as well.

However, GoDaddy is more powerful on control panel offerings. It provides its Linux shared hosting customers with cPanel, which is easier to use than web-based control panel supported by DreamHost.

DreamHost vs GoDaddy on Stability and Speed

DreamHost web hosting has 100% uptime guarantee while GoDaddy guarantees 99.9% uptime. But honestly speaking, GoDaddy hosting performance is much better than before. But compared with DreamHost, it still need improved.

GoDaddy operates at a wide range of data centers in the world for domains, websites, and applications under its management. The primary data center is in Phoenix, which features redundant capacity and power to house servers. More than that, 24/7/365 monitoring on data centers, network, and servers makes GoDaddy web hosting secure and stable to trust.

For another web host DreamHost, its servers are in multiple data centers for high levels of reliability and speed. Furthermore, each data center is standard to offer premium environment for servers. Professional staffs are responsible for managing data centers, network, servers, and other hardware all the time. Moreover, this company utilizes advanced hardware, such as SSD, for better performance.

DreamHost vs GoDaddy on Customer Support

DreamHost and GoDaddy have technical support for their customers after sale. However, there are some differences between their support methods.

dreamhost vs godaddy on supportGoDaddy supports its customers via phone, email, and live chat, in which phone and email are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to that, GoDaddy also supports customers via online tutorials, guide, system status, etc. To save customers’ time, this company supports them to search what they want to know.

DreamHost support is quite different from that of GoDaddy. DreamHost technicians support customers via live chat and tickets around the clock as well. But customers have to enter their control panels to access live chat or tickets. What’s more, DreamHost offers Wiki, which contains self-help resources. Additionally, it has a forum for people to communicate and help with each other.

Which Web Hosting Provider is Better?

To sum up, GoDaddy and DreamHost are 2 quite different web hosting providers. DreamHost shared hosting has high value and low cost after 50% off discounted. It has VPS and dedicated servers for bigger sites or for shared hosting customers to upgrade in the future. Plus high levels of stability, speed, security, and support, DreamHost is strongly recommended to every customer.

Besides, GoDaddy $1/mo Economy hosting package is also recommended to individuals to have a try on GoDaddy services. They will just spend $12 to maintain a website or a blog for a whole year. Even domain registration services are at no cost. And if people want to choose a Windows hosting providers between the 2 companies, GoDaddy is their only choices too.

To know more details about DreamHost and GoDaddy, please respectively visit and

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