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DreamHost vs. InMotion Hosting

In the article of DreamHost vs. InMotion Hosting, we will compare the two hosts in terms of background, hosting prices, hosting features, reliability and speed, as well as customer support.

About DreamHost and InMotion Hosting

Both DreamHost and InMotion Hosting are reputable web hosting providers. They both have offered a range of hosting solutions from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated hosting.

dreamhostDating back to 1997, DreamHost ( was founded by only four college students. Built on open-source technology, the company makes a commitment to provide the best services for all of its customers. Currently, it has grown up into a leading web host with more than 400,000 customers.

inmotionLater in 2001, InMotion Hosting ( came into being and is dedicated to providing fast and eco-friendly hosting solutions for its customers. By utilizing latest technology and working with a non-profit organization, InMotion Hosting has made a difference in improving its carbon footprint.

DreamHost vs. InMotion Hosting on Hosting Prices

Both DreamHost and InMotion Hosting are best known for their high quality web hosting products with affordable prices.

DreamHost all-inclusive shared hosting charges for $9.95/mo. With our special 50% off coupon in below, the price would be only $4.95 for a 1-year term. And by following the promo link, its managed VPS with SSD will start at $7.5/mo for the first three months, after cutting 50% off regular price $15 per month.

DreamHost Exclusive Deal DreamHost Exclusive Deal
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In comparison, InMotion Hosting shared hosting has 3 packages, starting from $7.99/mo. If people purchase the product via the coupon in below, they just need to spend from $3.49/mo, saving over 50% off. Its VPS services with SSD and cPanel charges from $14.99/mo for the first month, after 50% off regular price $29.99/mo by clicking here.

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As to money back guarantee, DreamHost has a 97-day guarantee for its shared hosting clients who have paid with credit cards. Meanwhile, InMotion Hosting provides a 90-day money back guarantee for all of its business, VPS, and reseller hosting customers with over 6 months plans. For all dedicated hosting, monthly billed VPS and monthly reseller hosting, they are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

DreamHost vs. InMotion Hosting on Hosting Features

DreamHost and InMotion Hosting provide many similar features in their shared hosting packages, such as unlimited storage, unlimited monthly transfer and free 1-clikc installer. Both of them are also pre-installed with SSD to speed up their services. What’s more, they both support multiple scripts including PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby and etc.

Besides what’ve been mentioned, DreamHost all-inclusive shared hosting also offers other features, like unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited domain hosting, and unlimited email accounts. In addition, it offers full CGI access, a free domain for life, a web-based control panel, and $100 Google AdWords credit.

Unlike DreamHost, InMotion Hosting shared hosting has three packages, including LAUNCH, POWER, and PRO, to meet different requirement. All the packages come with 2 to unlimited MySQL & PostgreSQL databases, 6 to unlimited parked domains, and 2 to unlimited websites. And the host offers SSH access, a free domain name, cPanel control panel, $250 advertising credits, and over 310 free applications.

With reference to VPS hosting, the differences between DreamHost VPS and InMotion Hosting VPS can be listed as follows.

The prime plan of DreamHost VPS includes 1GB RAM, 30GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, 1 dedicated IP address. More importantly, DreamHost VPS has Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to promise five years of security updates, and it supports Node.js, Ruby Version Manager, .htaccess, XCache, and so on.

Different from that, the entry-level of InMotion Hosting VPS contains 4GB RAM, 60GB RAID 6 storage, 2TB bandwidth, and 2 dedicated IPs. In addition, it also offers managed services such as LAMP stack updates, OS patches, cPanel and WHM patches.

DreamHost vs. InMotion Hosting on Reliability and Speed

Both DreamHost and InMotion Hosting provide best hosting solutions with high reliability and speed. In below, we are going to explain why they are able to give very high uptime mainly from their data centers, servers, and network.

DreamHost has utilized multiple world-class data centers around the world, which featured in redundant power supply, backup generators, cooling systems, and armed security to ensure maximum reliability. To get faster speed on websites building, the host takes advantage of Linux-V Server installed with SSDs. And these can be the critical reasons why it is able to promise 100% uptime guarantee to its customers.

Likewise, InMotion Hosting also makes use of two top-level data centers respectively located in the two coasts of America. Both the two data centers have tier-1 ISPs via BGP, route optimization and carrier-grade network cores.

More than that, InMotion Hosting purchases the top of the line Dell servers and uses carrier grade hardware like Brocade routers and Cisco Systems to complement these servers. Other more, the host offers Max Speed Zone for its business class and VPS hosting customers to enable their emails and websites run up to 6 times faster.

Additionally, both DreamHost and InMotion Hosting provide customers with green hosting solutions.

DreamHost chooses to purchase Renewable Energy Credits to decrease paper consumption. On the other side, InMotion Hosting works with the first-ever green data center in the West coast of America. By using the advanced Outside Air Cooling technology in the data center, InMotion Hosting has managed to decrease carbon output as well as cooling costs.

DreamHost vs. InMotion Hosting on Customer Support

DreamHost has a technical support team based in the USA to respond to any problem from its customers. It offers multiple ways for customers to get assistance. People can use live chat or email via their control panel to get contact with DreamHost staffs. People are also allowed to use call back service, which is charged for extra money.

InMotion Hosting also plays a high priority on customers’ satisfaction. It has 24/7 premier support, including phone calls, email and live chat, online tutorials and community based Q&A, to help its customers.

Which One is Better?

In the comparison between DreamHost and InMotion Hosting, we find that both the hosts provide multiple hosting solutions with high price value, good performance, and outstanding customer support.

Considering that DreamHost provides an all-inclusive shared hosting with a little high price, we think DreamHost is better for individuals with high requirements on websites as well as all-sized businesses due to its VPS and dedicated servers.

On the other hand, InMotion Hosting has 3 shared hosting packages with a lower starting price, so that any individual could afford it and create a powerful website. And since InMotion Hosting has industry-leading VPS and dedicated server, it is also the best home to all businesses.

Please visit respectively and to know more information about DreamHost and InMotion Hosting.

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