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DreamHost vs Justhost

People often have to invest too much time and energy in the attempt to pick out the most suitable hosting solution among thousands of hosting providers and products. Thus using comparative method becomes necessary in this situation, with which way people can save a lot of time and money at the same time.

In below, we are just going to compare 2 top cheap web hosts for our readers: DreamHost and Justhost. We will compare them with the same criteria– background, prices, features, reliability and speed, and customer support, and highlight their remarkable features. And we hope this can be helpful to our readers to purchase the best hosting solution as required.

Introduction of DreamHost and Justhost


dreamhostDreamHost ( ) was founded in 1997 and has grown into a top hosting provider. And through these years, it has created some handsome figures in the marketplace: it has over 400,000 customers worldwide; it has hosted over 1.5 million websites, blogs and applications.

So far, it has rolled out multiple products, including domains registration, shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated servers, managed WordPress hosting, cloud services and CDN service.


Compared to DreamHost, Justhost ( can be seen as a new comer in the hosting business. It was formally established in 2008, and is dedicated in providing affordable and good quality hosting services for small businesses and bloggers. There are three main products in this web host: shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

DreamHost vs. Justhost on Hosting Prices

In terms of prices, Justhost generally has good price advantage than DreamHost, which is particularly evident on their shared web hosting.

The entry-level hosting service of DreamHost charges at $9.95/mo for a 1-year package. Through our promo link, people can save up to 50% off its regular price. That is, under this special Dreamhost coupon, the price would be $4.95/mo for the first year.

DreamHost Exclusive Deal DreamHost Exclusive Deal
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The latest Justhost coupon would save its customers big as well. The discounted price of Justhost basic plan only needs $2.50/mo for a 3-year plan, after 58% off regular price $5.99/mo. And its 1 and 2-year plan are respectively charged for $3.95/mo and $2.95/mo, which are still affordable.

Justhost Exclusive Deal Justhost Exclusive Deal
58% Off

In addition to that, DreamHost provides a 97-day money back guarantee, but there is one restriction to that: this guarantee is only available for credit card payment customers. And at Justhost, customers can request a full refund within 30 days and they can also receive a prorate refund for the remainder of their hosting terms after 30 days.

DreamHost vs. Justhost on Hosting Features

Shared hosting is the most popular hosting service in the industry, and also a key product of both DreamHost and Justhost. Here in below we will make a feature contrast between DreamHost shared hosting and Justhost shared hosting.

In general, both DreamHost and Justhost support almost all scripts in Linux server, such as PHP, CGI, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python and etc. The other similarities are that they both support unlimited bandwidth, MySQL database and SSL secure server.

Besides the above, DreamHost provides a web-based control panel, unlimited storage, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited e-mail accounts. Other more, the web host also is equipped with SSD to speed up its servers, and holds other features including 1-click WordPress installer, full Unix shell, iPv6 support, crontab access, and SVN.

Different from DreamHost all-in-one shared hosting, Justhost offers three shared hosting plans, so that people can purchase any one of them in accordance with their demands for websites, storage, domains and etc. Its starter shared hosting provides with cPanel, 100GB website space, 1 free domain hosting and 100 e-mail accounts.

justhost plans

As DreamHost has been engaged in hosting industry for over ten years, and has set its goal to provide the best solutions for individuals, bloggers, and small to large-enterprises, all of its products are with the best features. But for Justhost, the most of its products are designed to meet personal and small business needs, so it may not use some top-of-the line features as DreamHost.

DreamHost vs. Justhost on Reliability and Speed

DreamHost doesn’t own any data center, but it has utilized more than one advanced data centers in the world. These data centers are equipped with high performance servers, uninterrupted power supply, backup generator, and 24/7 technology support. To improve its reliability and speed, DreamHost utilizes Arbor network gear to deflect DDoS attacks and works with Nicira to improve the flexibility and capacity of the network.

The data center that Justhost uses is located in Illinois, America, with UPS power back-up generator to assure its reliability. In addition, the host has successfully hosted over 2,000 cheap dedicated servers for both dedicated and shared clients. And the data center has a powerful team of engineers and technicians to provide 24/7 network monitoring and protect the servers from being attacked.

In a word, both these two hosting providers utilize high class hosting infrastructure to give their customers the best experience. And, so far as we know from their official figures, DreamHost can offer 100% uptime guarantee and Justhost has 99.9% uptime guarantee.

DreamHost vs. Justhost on Customer Support

Both DreamHost and Justhost place high priority on customer satisfaction and they both have done a lot of work to improve their service quality in the past years.

DreamHost provides several support channels for its customers to get assistance, such as its discussion forums, and DreamHost Wiki. They also suggest their customers send questions via their own control panels. Phone call is still not supported at DreamHost.

Whereas in Justhost, not only phone calls, but also live chat and e-mail are available at any time. And the support staffs at Justhost are all skilled, knowledgeable and experienced to be helpful and ready to response to their customers as quickly as possible.

By comparison, we think the customer support of Justhost is better, while DreamHost still need to go further to develop their support channels.

Which One is Better?

If only taking the features and reliability into consideration, we believe that DreamHost will be the first option for the most of people. But when we take other factors such as price and customers’ demands into accounts, Justhost also has its own superiority.

So, for those people who are searching for an accessible, easy-to-navigate hosting service with affordable prices, Justhost is suitable for them. On the other hand, for people who are coming from medium to large-sized enterprises or for individuals who are looking forward to building websites with good features and best performance, we would like to recommend DreamHost to them.

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