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Drive Traffic From Quora? Here Are Some Practical Tips For You

Are you having a hard time agonizing over how to get people to read your content? And most importantly, how to get as much high-quality traffic as possible?

You feel very confident about your content and have promoted the heck out of your latest post for quite a while, but which appears to have little effect.

Don’t get down.

There is still a strategy available that can drive high-quality traffic to not only your latest post, but also future ones as well—Quora.

As part of SMO (social media optimization), Quora can be as effective as guest blogging for getting new visitors, while is easier and quicker to implement, without requiring you to pitch your ideas to anyone.

Have You Heard Of Quora?

Founded in 2009, Quora initially was being used by a small group of people familiar with the Silicon Valley scene. The use of the site grew exponentially after some high profile figures, such as Foursquare director of business development Tristan Walker, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, were found providing questions and answers on Quora.

More and more people tend to think Quora of an amazing hangout because they can ask a question and get quality answer quickly. Meanwhile, it is undeniably a mega website with around 100 million monthly visitors and 4.6 million registered users. As per Alexa, the world traffic rank of Quora has climbed to 121 (it ranks 71th in the USA).

Seeing this, an increasing number of marketers are relying on Quora to build authority and expertise on many subjects, with the ultimate goal of turning some of the 100 million users into new visitors or even customers.

More than that, Quora comes with incredibly competitive SEO benefits. As a result of its good reputation for authoritative answers, Google and Bing researches sometimes showcase Quora’s answers in the first search position. That is to say, if you write a great answer and get the most upvotes, you’re very likely to get traffic to that post. If, luckier, you add a link to the post, you’re gaining extra exposure!

How to Drive Traffic From Quora to Your Website?

Here is a list of tips that you can follow to dominate Quora in your topic and drive traffic to your website.

#1: Create a stunning profile

Some new writers may misunderstand that it is unnecessary to fill out their profile in its entirety. They’re missing a chance to stand out from hundreds of other profiles on Quora, too.

A perfect Quora profile contains at least two parts:

  • A killer headline
  • Detailed profile summary

Your profile bio appears next to your name in your Quora profile and anybody can immediately see it once you create an answer to a question. It makes sense to include some brief and defined information to show you’re totally qualified to give answers to the questions under certain topics. Look at the most viewed writer in the topic of “Search Engine Optimization” on Quora:

Then you need to provide more information about yourself beneath your profile bio. No space and format restriction here so you can add formatting as italic, bold or underline to make an attractive introduction to yourself. Importantly, web addresses will also be clickable, giving you an ideal place to link to your website.

#2: Find the right questions to answer

First and foremost, use the Quora search bar to find the best questions on Quora to answer.

If you aren’t interested in any of the offered topics, you can click on “Search” to see all questions containing the keywords. Take a further step to click on one topic, you can see all of the latest questions and answers in that topic and have them appear on your main page.

In the case of Web Hosting topic, which is quite popular with 14.3k questions and 192.9k followers, click on the Topic FAQ and you’ll see the top questions being asked at the moment.

See? The currently most answered question is “What is web hosting?” So, if you’re involved in the web hosting business, this would be a good topic for you to target. Considering you’re researching questions at this stage instead of answering them, I would recommend you to “Answer Later” by clicking the “three dots” icon on the question’s answer page.

In this way, you can build a database of questions you’re about to answer. You don’t have to waste time going looking for new questions to answer every time you dive into the writing process.

#3: Craft your answers carefully

There is no unified answer model exists for creating the perfect Quora answer, you can make use of some practical tactics to increase your chances of success.

Firstly, you should learn to tell good stories. It has been scientifically proven that a good story can active certain areas of your brain and you feel as if you were experiencing the same events yourself. Even if your topic is nothing related to big emotion, you can still package up a few points in your story.

Secondly, find ways to go visual. Taking advantage of images or videos is always the best way to stand out from competition even on Quora.

Also, refine your answer rather than sell the farm. An answer that offers enough value can get upvotes and views. It is unwise to give away all the details, but you can choose to selectively add some useful information to your answer while keeping a portion of the content to lure visitors to your website by inserting a link in your answer.

Lastly, go deeper as you can. It is easy to find that no answer with a short length, specifically, less than 300 words, can be upvoted to the top question. If you want your answer to withstand the test of time, you’d better spend time writing a long, thoughtful answer. Even better if it incorporates a story from your life experience.


Quora is a long-term strategy. Only those who are willing to spend time producing memorable answers on Quora can finally reap the benefits. Make your team to create consistent presence on Quora and you can drive high-quality traffic to your website, along with a few SEO benefits.

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