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Best Drupal Hosting

Best Drupal Hosting 2017Drupal is the most powerful php-based CMS, however it only works well in a feature-rich hosting environment. It’s not easy And it’s not easy to find a good Drupal hosting solution at a cheap price. Here we list out  top 5 Best Drupal hosting in 2017, who outperform their competitors on price value, server performance, uptime and customer support on Drupal.

Best Drupal Hosting 2017

We recommend InmotionHosting, GreenGeeks, Bluehost, WebHostingHub, and A2hosting as The Best web hosting for Drupal in 2017, with who you can receive all the features to build a Drupal site smoothly.

Inmotion Hosting GreenGeeks Bluehost WebHostingHub A2Hosting
InmotionHosting Drupal Hosting Review GreenGeeks Drupal Hosting Review Bluehost Drupal Hosting Review WebHostinghub Drupal Hosting Review A2Hosting Drupal Hosting Review
Plan In Review EcoSite Launch Professional Hub Lite
In-depth View Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review
Pricing Inmotion Hosting GreenGeeks Bluehost WebHostingHub A2Hosting
Regular Price $7.99/mo $7.95/mo $5.95/mo $8.99/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 56% Off 50% Off 44% off 56% Off 51% Off
New Price $3.49/mo $3.79/mo $3.49/mo $1.5/mo first 3 mos, and then $3.99/mo $3.92/mo
Claim the Deal Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation
Full Refund Trial 90 Days 30 Days 30 Days 90 Days 30 Days
Pro-rated Refund Anytime Yes No Yes Yes No
Basic Features Inmotion Hosting GreenGeeks Bluehost WebHostingHub A2Hosting
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited 100GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain No Yes Yes Yes No
WebSites on Account 2 Unlimited 1 Unlimited 1
FTP Account Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimted Unlimted 100 Unlimted Unlimted
Webmail Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Forwarder Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Drupal-Friendly Inmotion Hosting GreenGeeks Bluehost WebHostingHub A2Hosting
Apache mod_rewrite Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
PHP Version 5.5.x , 5.6.x and 7.0.x 5.5.x , 5.6.x and 7.0.x 5.5.x , 5.6.x and 7.0.x 5.5.x , 5.6.x and 7.0.x 5.5.x , 5.6.x and 7.0.x
PHP Memory_Limited 512MB 512MB 128MB 512MB 128MB
php run as suPHP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MySQL Version 5.5.x 5.5.x 5.5.x 5.5.x 5.5.x
Support Drush No Yes Yes No Yes
Management Inmotion Hosting GreenGeeks Bluehost WebHostingHub A2hosting
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Auto Script Installer Softaculous Fantastico SimpleScipts Softaculous Fantastico
Custom Cron Jobs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Server Side Includes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
.htaccess Overrides Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Features Inmotion Hosting GreenGeeks Bluehost WebHostingHub A2hosting
Eco-Hosting Yes Yes No Yes No
SSL Support Shared SSL Shared SSL Shared SSL Shared SSL Shared SSL
Site Backups Daily Daily Daily [email protected]$12/year Daily
Content Delivery Network (CDN) No Yes Yes No Yes
Instant Account Activation Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Hosting Upgrade Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Customer Support Inmotion Hosting GreenGeeks Bluehost WebHostingHub A2hosting
Toll-free Phone Call 1-888-321-4678 1-877-326-7483 1-888-401-4678 1-877-595-4482 1-888-546-8946
Live Chat Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
My Review Inmotion Hosting GreenGeeks Bluehost WebHostingHub A2hosting
Uptime ★★★★★  ★★★★½  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾  ★★★★½ 
Server Speed ★★★★★  ★★★★½  ★★★★½  ★★★★¾  ★★★★½ 
Customer Support ★★★★★  ★★★★½  ★★★★★  ★★★★★  ★★★★☆ 
In-Depth View Inmotion Hosting Review GreenGeeks Review Bluehos Review WebHostingHub Review A2Hosting Review

Choose Best Web Hosting for Drupal

The site is designed to help Drupalers find the best web hosting for Drupal at an affordable price. You can start with the big comparison table above, choose the one meets your needs best, then further read my reviews.

Best Dupal Hosting – InmotionHosting

In general, Inmotionhosting is one of the best business hosting in the industry for its unbeatable server speed, customer support, reliability and 100% compatibility with Drupal. It’s price is also affordable from $3.49/mo only after discount.

Known as one of the reputable web hosting companies in the market, InmotionHosting has been specializing in offering shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server services on a business level. The company is also famous for 90 days full money back guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction.

InmotionHosting web hosting solution can help customers’ Drupal websites reach to a higher standard, since it contains rich and powerful features. For an instance, the latest MySQL 5.5 and dual PHP versions to ensure a stable platfrom; better security with suPHP, up to 512MB PHP memory_limit, an clean URL supported makes Drupal website more SEO, etc.

In addition to valuable features, InmotionHosting also assures customers 99.9% uptime and fast performance to Drupal websites. It has two datacenters in Los Angles and Washington D.C., and uses high-grade hardware such as 100% Dell servers that are never be overloaded and can keep enough CPU resources for Drupal, and Max Speed Zone technology. Inmotionhosting is the fastest Drupal hosting we would like to recommend.


Now, customers can get almost 56% off to make InmotionHosting great Drupal hosting service at only $3.49/mo, instead of its regular price $7.99/mo. It guarantees a full refund within the first 90 days.

No matter what questions customers have about its Drupal hosting service, InmotionHosting provides them with 24×7 timely and effectively phone call, live chat and email assistance to help resolving the issues effectively. To know more about InmotionHosting web hosting for Drupal, please visit Inmotionhosting.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal
56% Off

Cheap Reliable Drupal Hosting – Bluehost

As a big player in hosting industry, Bluehost is well-known for offering fast and reliable Linux-based hosting solutions from shared hosting, cloud VPS to dedciated server.

All Bluehost hosting plan come with rich features so that customers can create a powerful Drupal website, which include free domain, Unlimited hosting, cPanel, dual versions of PHP, the latest version of MySQL, 128MB PHP memory_limit, suPHP, Apache mod_rewrite and more.


In term of pricing, it is quite hard for customers to find a cheap reliable Drupal hosting in the market today, however Bluehost one of them. The list price of Bluehost shared hosting is $5.99/mo and $9.99/mo respectively. and now, by following this exclusive promotion link from Bluehost, people could get it at $3.49/mo (a 42% off) or $3.95/mo (a 60% off). Even better, Bluehost guarantees Anytime Money Back, full money back within first 30 days.

Bluehost offers high quality Drupal hosting, and it’s strongly recommended to Drupal developers and all-sizes of businesses. To know more, please visit  Bluehost now and don’t miss out its 42% of deal.

Bluehost 3.49/mo Promotion Bluehost 3.49/mo Promotion
42% Off

Cheap Drupal Hosting – WebHostingHub

It’s really hard to find a cheap high quality web hosting solution to support Drupal well, and WebHostingHub is obviously the best cheap Drupal hosting we would like to recommend.

The company utilizes industry-leading data centers with secured entrance/exit, redundant carriers, DDoS attack detection and auto response. Along with SSD RAID 10 drives, solid servers and regularly security backups to ensure reliable and fast Drupal performance.

Just like those leading Drupal hosting providers, WebHostingHub offer dual versions of PHP, unlimited PHP memory_limit, and PHP is run as suPHP for high security. WebHostingHub is also the hosting partner of Drupal community and has a clear understanding on the hosting needs of Drupal, with which they know how to optimize their servers for this CMS.

The regular price of WebHostingHub Drupal is $8.99/month, but now with the exclusive WebHostingHub Coupon, people could get it at $1.5/month in the first 3 months, and then $3.99/mo, which is a nearly 83% off.

WebHostingHub is one of the best cheap hosting in the industry, and its hosting solutions is perfect for Drupal beginner or small businesses. To know more about it, please visit WebHostingHub.

WebhostingHub Exclusive Deal WebhostingHub Exclusive Deal

More Drupal Hosting Choices

GreenGeeks provides a high performance and Drupal-friendly hosting service, which has been named as Best Drupal Hosting solutions by the community for years. Besides, it’s also the only web host in the industry who claim to be “300% Green”. A2Hosting is also great at budget consider its free domain and free SSD.

All Drupal hostings in above are shared web hosting. If you have a busy and complex Drupal site, then VPS hosting or Dedicated server might be the best option, and you can check out this Best VPS Hosting for Drupal or find more VPS hosting at here.

Best Drupal Hosting Guide

DrupalhostingIt’s not an easy task to find a good web hosting for Drupal. The key reason is that Drupal, as content management system and application framework, becomes more complex than before and has higher need on memory and CPU. There are only very few shared web hosting could support Drupal well if you don’t want to subscribe to expensive VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting or Dedicated hosting.

And in below, we will discuss on what features are required when hosting Drupal.

OS and Web Server

As an application developed using PHP and MySQL, Linux and Apache is proven to be a better choice than Windows IIS. The reason is more than opensource and free, they are faster and more reliable than Windows IIS.

Version of PHP

Both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 are popular version of Drupal now, but the recommend version of PHP for Drupal 7 is 5.3.x, and the recommended version of PHP for Drupal 8 is 5.5.x. When looking for a web hosting solution, make sure the web host could offer the right version of PHP. Ideally, they have installed dual-version of PHP (both PHP 5.3.x and PHP 5.5.x) in their web servers, by which you could choose the one fits your needs best.

PHP Configuration

Apache mod_rewrite module should be installed by default. This module is required when enabling Clean URL, which will make your site to be Search Engine Friendly. And the minimal memory requirement for Drupal is 32MB, ideally, your web host could allow 64MB or above.

Lastly, choose a web host who configure PHP to run as suPHP, which could increase Drupal security.

Drupal Friendly Customer Support

It would be great if your web host understand Drupal, and know the common issues its customers might have when hosting Drupal. We have seen many cases that the Drupalers were complaint about their web host refused to offer any support on the tickets related to Drupal. You check out this HostUCan Drupal Hosting Search tool to know the detail of their customer support.

1-Click to Install Drupal

“1-Click to Install Drupal” is a great features for newbies. With some simple clicks, even you know nothing about Drupal, you could get a Drupal site up and start playing around it.

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