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Easyspace Dedicated Server Review

easyspace logoEasyspace ( is one of the best UK web hosting providers on the marketplace. Initially founded in 1997, Easyspace has grown up into a global hosting company offering a wide range of products and services, including domain names, web hosting, Office 365, website builder, and cloud hosting. In the last few years, the web host has invested millions of pounds in the infrastructure and network building with a simple direction to providing customers with the best service, uptime, and reliability available.

To figure out if Easyspace has the best dedicated server hosting solution, we will bring a comprehensive analysis on Easyspace dedicated server based on its pricing, server configuration, performance & uptime, and customer support.

Easyspace Dedicated Server Review on Pricing

Easyspace dedicated server comes with two types: Pre-Built Servers, and Custom Servers. The starter price of Easyspace Pre-Built Servers is set at £55.00/mo, while that of the Custom Servers at £24.99/mo. Customers can choose to pay monthly or yearly according to their unique requirements and consideration.

Easyspace Dedicated Server Easyspace Dedicated Server
from £24.99/mo

Note that the price doesn’t count the fees for software like OS and control panel, and extras like sever management, monitoring, and server backup. When taken all these hidden fees into one account, Easyspace dedicated server will be much more expensive.

The bad news is Easyspace dedicated server is not covered by any money back guarantee regardless of how long billing term customers sign up with and which type of dedicated servers they purchase.

Easyspace Dedicated Server Review on Server Configuration

As is mentioned above that Easyspace dedicated server is divided into Custom Servers and Pre-Built Servers two types. Based on different type dedicated server customers purchase, they will get different server configuration in addition to unlimited bandwidth and 100Mbit or 1Gbit port speed in common.

Custom Dedicated Servers

Just as the name implies, Custom dedicated servers means that customers can customize their servers by choosing from Easyspace’s library of server components.

easyspace custom dedicated server plans

From the above picture we could see that there are four packages out there to select with. The entry level Custom dedicated server can be customized with dual-core 2.2GHz/quad-core 2.83GHz/quad-core 2.13GHz processor, 4GB/8GB of RAM, 4TB 7,200RPM/256GB SSD hard disk, and optional RAID 1(hardware) or software RAID 1.

Pre-Built Dedicated Servers

This type of dedicated server solution contains 21 options. Customers are not allowed to change the server hardware. The basic Pre-built dedicated server is configured with single Xeon L5520 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 300GB 10k SAS hard drive 2.5 plus 1500GB 10k RPM HDD-SAS.

Upon purchasing, all customers will be given a wide range of operating systems, including CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, VMware vSphere virtualization, FreeNAS, and customers’ own OS. To manage hosting account or edit files easily, customers can choose a user-friendly control panel between Plesk and cPanel.

Meanwhile, Easyspace gives customers the flexibility to control cover monitoring, alerts, reboots, KVMoIP session requests, DNS and network configuration and more by their own with a self-managed plan. However, apart from that, there is semi-managed option to give customers full control but with a helping hand for their sever security, such as installing and configuring Anti-Virus for the server environment, actively monitoring the dedicated server and systems with Nagios monitoring and alerting. And a fully-managed plan will take charge of all monitoring, server hardening, health checks, backup & recovery, Anti-Virus setup, and so much more.

Easyspace Dedicated Server Review on Performance and Uptime

easyspace data cemterEasyspace is a rare hosting company in the industry that owns, operates, and supports 10 state-of-the-art data centers throughout the UK. Covering 3,500m² of data center technology, Easyspace’ data centers are equipped with full power redundancy and feature with good resilience and security. The web host equips all data centers with dual independent power feeds with UPS backup, dual zone fire detection and suppression systems, 24-hour security backed by CCTV, intruder alarms, and manned security, plus multiple carriers to offer diverse fibre routing.

Along with the ten top notch data centers is Easyspace’s robust network infrastructure. Ensuring the data centers are linked through 1Gbps fibre, the network supports both fibre and copper gigabit connections by making use of dual power supplies, Cisco switching, and a range of fabric enabled line cards.

To optimize server performance at the same time, Easyspace dedicated servers deploy the latest Intel processors, SSD, SAS, SATA hard drives, and hardware RAID controllers. The web host also makes use of SAN storage to offer high-availability features when using virtualization technology, Cisco ASA appliances to secure the platform, and layer 7 load balancers to make sure the platform is built to run smoothly even when significant traffic volumes arises in short time.

With so powerful data center and network support, no wonder why Easyspace dedicated server is able to provide customers with fast page loading times while remaining 100% network and power uptime.

Easyspace Dedicated Server Review on Customer Support

As an experienced participant in hosting business, Easyspace knows very well the importance of offering quality customer service for a web host.

Easyspace is committed to providing excellent service availability since inception. Besides 100% power availability & network connectivity SLAs, the web host promises to fix the fault or provide an alternative server within 4 hours of the fault developing, when customers’ managed dedicated server’s critical hardware fails, to the extent that it is not able to perform its critical duties.

Whenever customers have problems with the dedicated server service, they can contact with Easyspace Systems Support Team using 24/7 phone or helpdesk ticket via its support site. Customers can also take advantage of Easyspace Knowledgebase or Self Help Guides to have some common and simple issues solved by their own.


Easyspace dedicated server is one of the most affordable solution with such high performance and reliability, if just in terms of unmanaged level. This is really an appealing option for people who are willing to take care of all of the server management and software installation and setup. Whereas, it is also the truth that Easyspace self-managed and fully-managed plans cost at a little higher price lavel when compared to other similar products, for instance, HostGator dedicated server, which starts at only $104.4/mo after discounting, along with fully management service, rich features, and reliable performance.

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