eHost Email Hosting Review

Email hosting solutions are specifically designed for those who need a special domain used for email, not for actual web hosting usage. However, email hosting could a cost-effective web hosting start online presence.

In below, we are going to take eHost email hosting as an example to talk about email hosting and figure out whether eHost is a reliable email hosting to work with. This review consists of 4 parts, which are hosting pricing, feature, performance, and customer support.

Who is eHost?

ehost logoEstablished in 1996, eHost ( is a long-standing web hosting provider in the industry. Developing with the goal of delivering the high quality web hosting products with the best pricing, eHost has already grown up into an experienced, professional web host. Always being special in shared hosting, eHost is very popular among individual websites or blog owners.

Other more, because of rich email hosting features, eHost web hosting is often used as email hosting. Now, let’s reveal it together!

eHost Email Hosting Review on Prices

eHost is very good at focusing. Its web hosting solution also comes with one single plan. It is quite easy to show customers the pricing clearly. Regularly, eHost only charges that single hosting plan at $5.5 per month, which is affordable!

Customers who go to eHost through our promotional link will be happier, because they can receive 50% off discount offered by eHost. With that exclusive discount, eHost one single hosting plan only needs $2.75 per month, along with many free features to help customers start easier, like free marketing suite.

eHost Exclusive Deal eHost Exclusive Deal
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Even better, eHost offers more discounts for customers when they do not satisfy the pricing. To learn how to get more discounts, customers need to check out eHost Coupon.

What’s more, eHost also offers a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee. It can help customers get their hosting fees in full, if they cancel their hosting account within the first 45 days from the date of signup.

According to the discounted pricing, we think eHost web hosting is cheap to be used as email hosting.

eHost Email Hosting Review on Features

eHost one single web hosting comes with rich email features. and we are to talk about them one by one.

  • Free domain name – eHost offers it within all hosting plans, and customers can get and create professional domain name free. For email hosting, they can specially make their domain name for email use.
  • Free email addresses – within that special email use domain name, customers can setup unlimited email accounts to support their expending business.
  • WebMail available – it allows customer to check their mail online anywhere and anytime as they like.
  • Email Forwarding – it can make email writing and sending easy by saving several steps in that process.
  • Autoresponder – it is also a customizable tool, which can not only makes customers’ email special and professional, but also close the relationship with their audience.
  • Spam Filters – it is customizable, too. With it, customers can make their email increase the deliverability and make their email boxes cleaner via filtering spams.
  • Virus Checking – eHost email addresses come with virus checking in case that the email they receive include harmful virus.

In addition to that, eHost email comes with POP3 and IMAP email accounts and all these accounts are built via free cPanel control panel. Besides these email features, eHost also offers many easy-to-use features and tools. Free marketing ads credits and online marketing guides, combining with free websites builder, blog tools and online store, are wonderful to those email marketing users.

Unmetered storage space, data transfer, and unlimited MySQL databases come to customers as well. These resources make up the resource foundation for email hosting. If customers need email hosting, we think eHost offering rich email features with low pricing is a cost effective option.

eHost Email Hosting Review on Performance

eHost is confident to guarantee customers websites and servers with 99.9% of uptime. This performance should owe to the state-of-the-art data centers and advanced technologies that eHost uses.

Currently, eHost is partnering with CyrusOne to house customers’ servers, and all their servers are now hosted in the Huston data center. It is highly armed with redundant facilities. UPS combined with diesel generators as well as back-up power systems can make sure the uninterruptable power for hosting continuously running.  Well-designed climate control system can keep the optimal hosting environment for higher efficiency and better security.

Besides, eHost has redundant network facilities to ensure the fast speed. And it also utilizes high quality load-balanced servers to improve the server efficiency, so that customers and their visitors can enjoy the smooth running and excellent online experience.

Better security is guaranteed as well. eHost provides 24 hour network monitoring for the best network and ensure the quickly response to any hacker attack or network hardware issues. It also track visitor and receive website traffic reposting to make sure the safe environment.

In a word, eHost email hosting can come with reliable performance.

eHost Email Hosting Review on Customer Support

About customer support, eHost is excellent! Whenever customers ask for help, eHost fully-trained staffs are standing by here to offers the timely and prompt assistance. Customers contact them through phone call, live chat, and email. Each method is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What’s more, in order to make customers more satisfied, the company has a 2-minute call response guarantee.

Apart from that, eHost has an extensive help center including step-by-step tutorial and other frequently asked questions. Customers can go to this place to find the useful information as well.

Is eHost Email Hosting Recommendable?

Yes! We have many reasons to say that eHost email hosting is recommendable! Firstly, eHost offers massive off discounts making its email hosting extremely cheap. Secondly, the features included make it easy to use for every beginner. Thirdly, its reliable and fast performance can promote the efficiency of customers’ work. Finally, eHost email hosting comes with good support service, saving a lot of time for users. So, we say eHost email hosting is worthy of a try.

To look for more details about eHost, please visit

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