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For many beginners, to choose a suitable but also cheap web hosting provider is the first task, but it is not so easy. There are at least hundreds of thousands of web hosting companies around the world. To make it easy, we have done the most jobs and find out Top 10 Web Hosting based on price value, performance and support.

Among them, eHost and IXWebHosting are very cheap and ideal for personal websites and blogs. Comparing their similarities and differences can help customers easier and quicker to make their decision, especially for those beginners. So, in eHost vs. IXWebHosting, we will compare them from side by side to help customers find the right one.

About eHost and IXWebHosting

ehost logoeHost ( is a long-standing web hosting brand that was founded in 1996. Although it has been evolved in the industry for near 20 years, eHost still focuses on shared hosting and always tries to make its shared hosting better for more customers to host with.

ixwebhostingIXWebHosting ( is a reliable web hosting company that was established in 1999. Unlike eHost focusing on shared hosting only, IXWebHosting can not only offer cheap web hosting, but also has VPS, cloud servers and SSL certificates available.

eHost vs. IXWebHosting on Pricing

eHost and IXWebHosting are both popular for its cheap web hosting, so customers can certainly find budget prices at the two companies.

At eHost, only Premium shared hosting package is available. Regularly, it starts at $5.50/mo. Now eHost offers about 50% off discounts, so customers can pay $2.75/mo only getting started with this plan. Even better, if customers follow the guide in eHost Coupon, they can get more discounts from eHost.

eHost Exclusive Deal eHost Exclusive Deal
50% Off

At IXWebHosting, it prepares 3 shared hosting packages available with both Linux OS and Windows OS. Normally, the Linux shared hosting at IXWebHosting charges from $6.95/mo, but if customers go to IXWebHosting through our promo link below, up to 71% off discounts are available, namely IXWebHosting is from $1.95/mo.

IXWebHosting Exclusive Deal IXWebHosting Exclusive Deal
71% Off

IXWebHosting is also good at VPS and cloud servers. Its VPS coming with full root access, 50 GB storage, 1,500 GB bandwidth, and 768 MB RAM, only charges at $54.95/mo. Well, for VPS customers, the best one is InMotion Hosting VPS, charging from $14.99 first month, and then renew at $29.99/mo.

If customers are interested in IXWebHosting deals, please read IXWebHosting Coupon.

Additionally, eHost and IXWebHosting both offer money back guarantee. eHost customers has 45 Days of full money back guarantee, and IXWebHosting 30 Days of full money back guarantee.

Comparing their pricing of shared hosting, we find that both of them has very cheap shared hosting package, but IXWebHosting is a little cheaper than eHost. However, if customers can obtain eHost other special offers by doing with our guide, customers can get the same cheap shared hosting.

eHost vs. IXWebHosting on Features

eHost and IXWebHosting are experience providers, so they have made their own hosting package better than before. To understand their pros and cons, we plan to make a feature table between the two hosts.

Features eHost Premium IXWebHosting Expert
Disk Space Unmetered Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unlimited
Email Addresses Unlimited (POP3/IMAP) unlimited
Domain Allowed Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain 1 1
Free dedicated IP No 1
Database MySQL databases MySQL/MsSQL databases
Control Panel cPanel IXWebHosting control panel
Price $2.75/mo $1.95/mo

Besides, eHost Premium shared hosting package also comes with free design suite, free marketing suite, and free support suite. Customers can use easy to use builder and thousands of website templates to build the best website, meeting their needs. Blog tools, photo galleries, online store and webmaster tools can make their site better and full. Marketing credits, SEO tips & tools and some others all good to SEO.

IXWebHosting Linux shared hosting also supports popular hosting application like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Its own designed control portal is simple for individuals managing their email, databases, and their sites.

According to the table above and other additional features, we know that eHost and IXWebHosting both have resource rich shared hosting. eHost free tools can assist customer build their own site very well, and IXWebHosting tries best to help customers manage their resources and sites. So, both are ideal for beginners or individual websites.

eHost vs. IXWebHosting on Performance

In terms of performance, eHost makes good use of data centers and technologies to maintain a stable and long uptime, while IXWebHosting also guarantee to be up 99.9% of the time. They are similar in this aspect.

eHost shared hosting comes with free cloud storage from Justcloud, visitor statistics & site traffic reporting and network monitoring for better stability and security, web hosting control panel for server management, as well as premium load balanced servers as the base of hosting packages. Besides, eHost as part of EIG can utilizes the data centers around the world.

For IXWebHosting, it has private owned data center to host customers’ servers, which is good to hosting stability and data security. Other more, IXWebHosting really does a lot on security. spam filtering, dedicated malware team doing malware monitoring, daily security test, McAfee secure, ecommerce Hackershield, PIC compliance, and 24 hour admin coverage are all good to enhance data security.

Speaking of performance, IXWebHosting does better than eHost, because it makes sure that customers’ server and data safe, which is also better for reliability. Well, eHost guarantees the standard performance with the best efforts.

eHost vs. IXWebHosting on Customer Support

About support, 24 hour phone call, live chat, and email, these convenient methods are all available at eHost and IXWebHosting both. The two companies have help center and tutorials to help customers go further. Moreover, eHost has professional phone agents and rigorous QA testing for customers, IXWebHosting has dedicated malware team covering malware related issues.

Therefore, both of them provide the best customer support for everyone.


According to their pros and cons, we understand eHost and IXWebHosting better. At both companies, cheap share hosting packages and excellent customer support are available. Besides, eHost offers more free but useful tools for customers, while IXWebHosting has better reliability and security. Therefore, eHost is better for those personal blogs or individual websites, which just start. IXWebHosting is ideal for individuals and small businesses.

For more about eHost and IXWebHosting, please go to and

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