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The role of email landing page in conversion rate is never negligible and this is the reason  we all try to optimize the landing page the best way that can lure people towards it. Landing page is a very helpful tool that makes the email marketing process highly effective. While as a novice you might not be aware of the best landing page design, several ideas can help you to do that effectively. All about the email landing page is described here.

Why using landing page?


Email landing page is a page being developed to showcase the product, promotion, service or whatever you want to present to your customers through building a link in the email and this link will redirect the visitors directly in the landing page. The main purpose of using email landing page are:

  • To showcase your product, service or other things.
  • To draw visitors towards your website
  • To provide customers with tips lists
  • To lessen the burden of customer service team
  • And to track the email campaign traffic

However, just building the landing page is not enough rather it should be the best landing page design in order to compel as many visitors as possible for landing on the page. Some good practices to build successful email landing page are described here.

Ways of building best landing page design:

Make it brief, informative but compelling

Visitors are not ready to wait for more than 5 seconds to scan a page they are landing. So, ensure the page loads quickly to boost the conversion rate as the more time it will take, it will lose visitor’s interest. Also ensure, visitors get quick information on what you actually want to convey them to keep their interest level and finally it should also be visually attractive. In this fast moving world no one wants to wait for anything, so you need to do things accordingly to hold their interest level.

Include just one action

The email landing page should include or advertise only one action at a time. For example, if  it is regarding showcasing your product or service then highlight just that, or else if it is regarding form fill up or sign up, the landing page should focus on that only. In case you try to include so many things at a time, the ultimate goal will not be fulfilled as visitors will be distracted from the main thing.

Attractive call to action


If you have planned to include call-to-action in the email landing page, ensure that is attractive and compelling. But at the same time it should be soft as well. There are enough freedom when it comes to include the stronger call-to-action in the email landing page than that of in the email. So try using short and attractive button such as Buy now, sign up etc. also, ‘learn more’ is a very helpful form to use as a call to action button that maintain a very soft tone.

Forms should be short

If your email landing page contains a form to be filled up by the users, it should be as short as possible otherwise visitors will simply leave the page. Just include the needed information field and do not make it long unnecessarily. If the number of question is more, it will have bad impact on the conversion rate. So, this is a strong point to keep in mind.

Make the page clean and neat

The more cleanly the landing page, it is likely to hold customer’s attention for long. So, do not include unnecessary information in the page just keep it simple, include lots of white space and the needed images.

Attract customers visually


It is important to attract visitors visually through the use of images, flash, videos etc. But at the same time there are some considerations to keep in mind so that the ultimate goal is not ruined.

  • Do not include too many images in the page as it will distract the visitor’s attention from ultimate goal. Also more numbers of images will have bad impact on the speed.
  • If you have included a flash content that is affecting the page speed, it’s better to remove that as visitors will no way wait for more than 2-3 seconds.
  • Research your target audience and what kind of images will go best with them to come up with the perfect landing page.

Finally build trust

With all these, the most important thing is building trust. Building trust among visitors is highly needed. While many of the visitors are aware of your brand and they will simply get interested there are many new visitors for the first time. So, make all the users aware of your security and privacy policy beforehand which will automatically add credibility.

Various best landing page design are available that you can have a look at which sets some best examples. Some best examples are listed here for your better understanding.


Wistia’s landing page is a great example for sign up free Wistia account. It contains a short form with the only needed information field. The design is very minimal with simple looking blue patterned background. It contains two sections which are separated with stark color contrast.  For more information users can scroll down to read the FAQs and their answers.



This is another good example of landing page which contains a simple form with an orange color submit button. There is a little icon in front of every field in the form that indicates clearly what is to be filled in the field. The submit button is indicated with an orange color arrow sign that says you will be directed to the downloadable guide after submission.

So, the most needed points to build a successful email landing page is described here following which you can definitely boost the conversion rate to reach the goal.

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