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When customers decided to create a Joomla website for business purpose, the top concern is that whether or not the web hosting provider could offer a fast speed and reliable solution to ensure their site would never face downtime and avoid losing visitors and money.

After reviewing many web hosting providers, we finally named InMotion Hosting as the Fast Joomla Hosting 2018. In below, we will analyze InMotion Hosting Joomla Hosting from performance, price value and customer support  illustrate why we recommend InMotion Hosting as the Fast Joomla Hosting in this  year.

Fast Joomla Hosting 2018

Fast Joomla Hosting - InmotionHosting
Server Speed
Our 2018 Fastest Joomla Hosting Award goes to InMotion Hosting, an industry-leading business hosting company with more than a decade of web hosting serving experience in business and now is hosting millions of websites. The company is best known for its super faster hosting solutions.
* 90-Day Money Back

Why InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is Fast for Joomla

As a Business Hosting service provider, InMotion Hosting only offers its customers the most reliable fastest hosting solution possible. The company deploys state-of-the-art technology, high-grade hardware and Max speed zones, which could build a super-fast and stable hosting platform for Joomla. InMotion Hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime for that, and it never breaks its words that mostly because:

  • FREE SSD Drives are included in all Joomla hosting plans, and these SSD drives can bring faster read and write speeds as well as improved uptime over other traditional hard disk drives.
  • Two data centers are located in west coast and east coast, and InMotion Hosting takes advantage of latest technologies to create large Max Speed Zones for customers. For the two data centers themselves, they are equipped with two tier-1 ISP’s via BGP, route optimization and a carrier-grade network core, redundant power and backup power systems, cooling systems, and many other optimized features to prevent from downtime.
  • InMotion Hosting invests millions on purchasing top of the line servers from Dell to meet and beat customers expectations. And these high-quality servers never fail it, also running smoothly and stably to support customers’ Joomla website.
  • Name-brand, carrier grade hardware that complements these servers such as routers from Brocade and Cisco Systems.
  • With the exclusive Max Speed Zones, Joomla websites can be ensured to run up to 6x faster than others.
  • PHP 7 is supported for Joomla websites, boasting 2 to 3 times speed improvement for customers’ websites compared to other versions. Using PHP 7 can help customers to make their code execute faster and require fewer resources than others.
  • Using suPHP, up-to-date system and application software distributions, the most secure firewall and network monitoring systems to ensure a high security environment.
  • FREE data backups are included in all plans for Joomla hosting customers. Unlike others, InMotion Hosting will enable automatic site data backups to help customers get rid of data losing anxiety.
  • FREE SSL certificate is a standard feature available in all packages. With that on site, customers can be encrypted to develop their eCommerce on Joomla websites.
  • Malware protection is offered, meaning customers’ web files will be scanned and patched for malware and vulnerabilities so that InMotion Hosting can effectively protect customers’ Joomla sites from any potential exploits.

As we can see, InMotion Hosting Joomla Hosting is ultra-fast and extremely secure.

InMotion Hosting is Feature-Rich and Affordable

Customers can always be satisfied with InMotion Hosting Joomla hosting service, because the company not only offers rich features, making its Joomla hosting easy-to-use, but also sets affordable pricing to allow more customers can use InMotion Hosting Joomla hosting service.

First, let’s have a look at its package and features. Besides what we mentioned above, InMotion Hosting also includes 2 to unlimited MySQL & PostgreSQL DBs, unlimited disk space, unlimited email account, unlimited email storage, 1 to unlimited websites supported, one free domain or transfer, $150 free ad credits and so on.

To help customers start their Joomla websites more easily with InMotion Hosting Joomla Hosting, the company provides them with free no-downtime website transfer, free website builder, pre-installed Joomla, unlimited SPAM Safe email with IMAP, easy Google Apps integration, multiple scripts supported such as PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby, and SSH access. If customers want to develop eCommerce on Joomla websites, they can also make full use InMotion Hosting offers eCommerce ready environment with 1-click shopping cart installs.

Second, we will lead customers to see InMotion Hosting Joomla Hosting pricing. The company now offers exclusive promotion link to make customers save up to 57% off. Normally, InMotion Hosting Joomla Hosting charges from $9.99/mo, and after lowering 57% off, it is as low as $2.95/mo only. Customers can just pay extremely low costs to get InMotion Hosting fast and secure Joomla hosting with high quality features.

InMotion Hosting Joomla Hosting InMotion Hosting Joomla Hosting
57% Off

Apart from that, InMotion Hosting guarantees 90 days FULL money back. Within the first 90 days, customers can request full money back once they cancel the service. Therefore, it is evident that InMotion Hosting really offers user-friendly Joomla Hosting for customers and put your money in safe hands.

InMotion Hosting Offers Joomla Friendly Customer Support

As one of the Best Joomla hosting service providers, InMotion Hosting has a professional support team which is always available to customers when they need assistance. With help with installation and configuration, InMotion Hosting provides support 24/7 from the US base, via phone call, Skype call, live chat and email. Customers can choose one they feel most comfortable to contact InMotion Hosting staff to make problems solved.

To further help customers, InMotion Hosting creates an Online Support Center which contains education channels, advanced tutorials, and in-depth articles with wealth information about Joomla. Its Joomla Hosting Educational Channel, covering from changing SEO settings to modifying site settings, is the top resource to learn how to use Joomla easily and effectively.


InMotion Hosting is really the best faster Joomla hosting in the industry, which provides business level Joomla hosting solution with faster and reliable performance and highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry. What’s more, it’s affordable and feature-rich. So, we are confident to name InMotion Hosting as Fast Joomla Hosting.

To know more about InMotion Hosting, please visit or further read our InMotion Hosting Review.

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  1. WOW! I can’t help saying that InMotion Hosting is really an all-round player. It business hosting and VPS hosting come with so many features and resources that most people cannot say no to this web host. Even more the company provides each products with superior support and extremely low pricing. That’s impressive and attractive!

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