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Looking at the whole industry, the majority of web hosts offer PHP hosting services, and there quality is very different. Nevertheless, for those businesses with a website of their products, the performance, speed and security of the website is vital factor for them.

In order to reveal a high-quality PHP hosting for customers, we have reviewed hundreds of web hosts, and finally go InMotion Hosting as a fast and reliable PHP hosting company. In the following post, we will reveal why we recommend InMotion Hosting as the fastest PHP hosting provider, from its performance, price, features and customer support.

Fast PHP Hosting 2018

Fast Joomla Hosting - InmotionHosting
Server Speed
InMotion Hosting
Our 2018 Fast PHP Hosting Award goes to InMotion Hosting, a reputable leader in web hosting industry for cheap and reliable Linux hosting and is well-known for offering business-level fast hosting services. InMotion Hosting guarantees 90 days full money back.
* 90-Day Money Back

Why InMotionHosting

InMotion Hosting PHP Hosting is the Fast

Being a business-class web hosting provider, InMotion Hosting can deliver customers the faster PHP hosting services along with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In order to offer customers with premium user experience, InMotion Hosting has invested a lot in its infrastructure as well as technical team:

  • InMotion Hosting now operates two PCI compliant data centers, located in Los Angeles and Virginia. The two privately owned data centers both are full of multiple layers of redundancy, such as BGP multiple homes, 2 and 3-layer redundancy protocols and dedicated management network for quickly responding to network incidents, peering bandwidth partners like Level 3 and Corporate Colocation, tier-1 ISP, UPS, diesel power systems, BGP4 network, etc. So, customers can enjoy redundant data center environment for their servers.
  • InMotion Hosting only uses powerful latest DELL servers which are configured with 24 cores, 24GB memory as well as RAID-10 SSDs to support heavy data on customers’ websites.
  • To boost the PHP and MySQL-based websites’ loading speed, the company utilizes PHP caching to maximize  RAM and lower the I/O request. So, customers will not have the issue about the lack of resources.
  • InMotion Hosting makes Max Speed Zones based on its two world-class data centers. Customers located within the Max Speed Zones can get 6X faster web sites, email and downloads.
  • InMotion Hosting is employee-owned and operated, thus the company have dedicated expert team. The team can maintain the best security as well as high server uptime, and implement data backups for best data security.

Looking at these data centers’ features and technologies, we really believe that InMotion Hosting can keep high performance and fastest possible speed for its PHP hosting.

InMotion Hosting PHP Hosting is Cheap

One of the important reasons that InMotion Hosting is so popular and famous is that InMotion Hosting always offers affordable prices. As for its fast PHP hosting, InMotion Hosting provides special promotion as well. Regularly, InMotion Hosting fast PHP hosting service starts from $6.99/mo, but now it offers up to 57% discount through the special promotional link. Through that link, customers can get InMotion Hosting fast and reliable PHP hosting at $2.95/mo only that is a really cheap pricing for a business-class web hosting solution.

InMotion Hosting PHP Hosting InMotion Hosting PHP Hosting
57% Off

In addition to that, to maintain 100% customer satisfaction, the company provides each customer with a very long money back policy, which is 90 day money back guarantee. During the first 90 days, customers can cancel their services to ask a full refund. It is amazing! Customers can has no risk at all when using InMotion Hosting services.

InMotion Hosting PHP Hosting is Feature-Rich

Starting from $2.95/mo only, InMotion Hosting enables its PHP hosting  comes with everything that cusgtomers want to get to setup as well as run a PHP-based website smoothly free of risk. InMotion Hosting PHP hosting three packages come with rich useful features and a comfortable hosting environment for any PHP applications. In Below, we are to list some highlights in its fast PHP hosting packages:

  • Dual popular versions of PHP 5.x are included to meet customers’ PHP requirements. Even better, InMotion Hosting includes PHP 7 in each PHP hosting package, and the latest PHP verion can not only boost customers’ website speed up to 3 times, but also improve customers’ websites better than others.
  • suPHP is available to make InMotion Hosting PHP hosting comes with better security, so that customers have a better secure environment for coding and developing.
  • InMotion Hosting enables PHP caching to speed up PHP scripts, which makes customers have increased efficiency with InMotion Hosting.
  • InMotion Hosting makes PHP.ini configurable, and each customer can set up the PHP_limit value up to 512MB, so customers can have ample memory_limit.

Besides, there are some powerful and secure features. Each PHP hosting plan comes with secure server with free SSL to make all data remain private; secure IMAP email is available without limitation; multiple developer languages are available such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Python and more.

nMotion Hosting also provides popular applications like WordPress are per-installed; 400+ free application, safe application roll-back, easy Google Apps integration, $150 free ad credits, free website builder, free no-downtime site transfers and more to make customers start easily with the PHP hosting. To make the PHP hosting  easy to use, InMotion Hosting offers cPanel WP-CLI and SSH access, so that customers can manage their PHP-based website,file, applications, databases and emails effortlessly.

For server size, the company has three different PHP hosting plans, and Launch, the entry-level one comes with unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, unlimited email accounts with unlimited storage. If customers want more, they can upgrade to VPS hosting or even dedicated servers plans.

InMotion Hosting Award-Winning Customer Support for PHP Hosting

InMotion Hosting always receives good customer comments because of not only its feature-rich and cheap hosting plans, but also its award-winning customer support.

Currently, customers can easily get phone, Skype call, ticket, live chat and email support. All these methods are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and customers can choose the one they like to talk to InMotion Hosting experts about their issues. They will be get solved as soon as possible.

Besides, InMotion Hosting has different online learning resources available, including educational channels for different aspects like Joomla and PHP, comprehensive support center with latest guides, and so on. Customers going with InMotion Hosting PHP hosting can have no worry to focus on their business.


InMotion Hosting has rich experience in business-class web hosting services, and its PHP hosting comes with fastest, reliable and secure possible performance, extremely affordable pricing and rich useful features. Plus world-class technologies and cutting-edge technical support, we certainly recommend InMotion Hosting the fast PHP hosting company, and customers can feel free to try it.

To learn more about InMotion Hosting, please view Don’t forget to take advantage of its massive discount and get started at $2.95/mo.