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It is widely acknowledged that Linux hosting enjoys huge support by many webmasters. Finding a reliable Linux web hosting provider that is featured with rapid speed is one the most determined factors to help webmasters achieve online success.

After reviewing many industry-leading web hosts in the industry, we pick up InMotion Hosting as one of the fastest Linux hosting service provider. In this article, we will review InMotion Hosting from reliability, price, features as well as technical support to help customers clearly know why we strongly recommend this company to host their websites.

Background of InMotion Hosting

Surviving in the web hosting industry for more than 15 years, InMotion Hosting (  is one the Best PHP Hosting providers and a Linux expert that takes advantage of ultra-fast SSDs (short for solid state drives) to guarantee every customer can get access to unbeatable fast speed. In order to improve web hosting product quality, InMotion Hosting has applied free SSDs in all most all web hosting solutions, ranging from shared Business hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting to dedicated server hosting.

InMotion Hosting has ever constantly received A+ rating about its customer service and products year by year. It is not only because its powerful web hosting choices, but also its self-owned and operated data centers. Moreover, the company can offer 90 day money back guarantee to customers.

InMotion Hosting Review on Speed and Uptime

To reveal why we recommend InMotion Hosting as the fast Linux web hosting provider, we will firstly review its server uptime and speed.

Just as we mentioned above, InMotion Hosting customers can get access to free SSDs to help them relaibility2accelerate the speed of their websites. Normally, working with InMotion Hosting free SSDs, customers can not only  get more than 20 times faster speed than traditional spinning drives, but also have an ideal environment for database-driven CMS (content management system), custom applications and static websites.

What’s more, faster SSDs for databases, storage and files also make customers’ web hosting better work with multiple scripts such as PHP & develop in PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Perl, Ruby and Python. Hence, there is no doubt that customers can get very fast speed with InMotion Hosting web hosting products.

Also, InMotion Hosting is friendly to utilize the latest PHP version. Customers purchasing InMotion Hosting web hosting plans can get PHP 7 support, which gives them 3 times faster page loading time at most.

In addition to that, the company also takes advantage of two top of the line fully redundant (N+1) data centers located in Washington DC and Los Angeles CA to deliver the high performance environment for its customers. Plus advanced routing technology, high quality bandwidth partners, and redundant network, InMotion Hosting is able to deliver faster performance than its competitors. Multiple locations with redundant advanced technologies create Max Speed Zones for customers to get up to 6 time faster speed than the normal.

As for server hardware specs, InMotion Hosting utilizes many other advanced technologies and facilities, including 100% Dell server, 24 CPU cores, 24 GB memory as well as RAID 10 disk space and more to enhance the performance of customers’ websites.

With faster than rivals speed, InMotion Hosting invests a lot in security and provide customers free data backups to ensure customers’ data stay in security. Therefore, InMotion Hosting web hosting is not only fast but also reliable.

InMotion Hosting Review on Price

At InMotion Hosting, there are three hosting solutions available for customers to choose, namely price4Launch, Power and Pro. With the latest InMotion Hosting promotion, the price can be easily cut down to $2.95/mo, $4.49/mo and $7.49/mo, rather than normal $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo, and $15.99/mo respectively. That is to say, customers can get high to 57% off.  When compared with many other web hosts, we can tell customers that this price is competitive.

To safeguard the benefits of customers, the company promises to guarantee 90 day money back, which means that InMotion Hosting will give their money back within the first 90 days if customers are not satisfied with the service.  Therefore, there is no risk for customers to choose InMotion Hosting to manage their websites.

InMotion Hosting $2.95 Promotion InMotion Hosting $2.95 Promotion
57% Off

InMotion Hosting Review on Features

In order to help customers clearly know what they can get at InMotion Hosting, we will list out the features of the three hosting solutions in the following table.





Free Domain
Free SSDs
Storage & Bandwidth








Email Accounts








Free SSL
Free 1-Click Installer
Free Transfer
Free Website Builders
Free Ad Credits




Free Backups
SSH Access
Malware Protection

By checking this feature table, it is very easy to find that InMotion Hosting includes a basket of powerful and useful features in its web hosting solutions. Rich features and resources are both good for Linux web hosting quality.

InMotion Hosting Review on Customer Support

In short, it is easy to find that all hosting packages provided by InMotion Hosting contain essential features for customers to build their websites.

Generally speaking, InMotion Hosting has the strength to offer first-class technical support to its support2customers.

If customers are willing to find direct supporting methods at this company, the most efficient methods, including email, phone and live chat are all available for them to contact the experts freely. It is tested that the company only hires technicians who own multiple years’ web hosting experience, so they can deal with their queries and problems as soon as possible.

On the other hand, there are some self-developed ways come to InMotion Hosting customers, such as tutorials, FAQs, InMotion Hosting community and more. Hence, customers can handle some common issues by taking advantage of these resources.


To bring what we discussed above into a conclusion, we can find that InMotion Hosting is powerful enough to deliver the very fast speed to customers by utilizing SSDs. Furthermore, the company is also a leading provider in terms of rich features, affordable price and world-class technical support in the industry. In this way, it is safe to say that InMotion Hosting is an ideal choice for webmasters who are eager to find a fastest Linux hosting to meet the needs of their web sites.

Looking for more information, customers can freely visit or check InmotionHosting Review.

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  1. InMotion Hosting is worthy of the name as Fastest Linux Hosting, I used its business hosting, and its Max Speed Zones and free SSDs really accelerate its web server speed, and make my website performance better than those server using spinning drives.
    InMotion Hosting support is also very good, and when I am a user of InMotion Hosting, i feel comfortable to using its products.

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