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VPS hosting is usually the common choice for businesses to build e-commerce websites since it performs fast and reliable but charges at an affordable price. However, almost every Internet hosting company provides VPS hosting package that is various in speed.

inmotionhostingWe review and test more than 100 VPS hosting solutions. And finally we find out that InmotionHosting VPS is the fastest among all VPS hosting packages. Founded in 2001, InmotionHosting ( is awesome in offering a full set of website building solution, including domain, hosting, web design and a variety of tools.

In below, we will explain why InmotionHosting VPS is the fastest from speed, uptime, price, features and support.

InmotionHosting VPS Hosting on Speed and Uptime

InmotionHosting only selects good-quality hardware to support the fastest websites. One of cases is free SSD in its VPS package, which will largely increase the speed to load pages and deal with web requests. Besides, RAID-6 Dell servers are fully used by InmotionHosting and always seen as a guarantee of fast website speed. Other strong hardware like Brocade routers is available too.

What’s more, InmotionHosting puts the on-top hardware in rock-solid datacenters located in US. N+1 power system, green cooling system and fastest networks create the reliable and fast environment to set up VPS websites and reach 99.9% uptime. Besides, Max Speed Zones are exclusive at InmotionHosting, in which websites will speed up amazingly.

InmotionHosting VPS Hosting on Price

InmotionHosting has the fastest VPS but does not ask for high prices. Especially with our promotional link, customers will enjoy the first-month 50% discount, paying $14.99/mo at last for InmotionHosting entry-class plan VPS-1000S instead of $29.99/mo.

InmotionHosting VPS Promotion InmotionHosting VPS Promotion
50% Off

In addition to that, another benefit that customers will get from InmotionHosting is 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. 90 Days are a very long period and leading in the industry. Within the guaranteed days, customers can require for a full refund.

InmotionHosting VPS Hosting on Features

Rich features in InmotionHosting VPS solution also back the fastest speed of websites. For example, people will receive the privilege to build unlimited websites and email accounts in one VPS hosting plan. More than that, InmotionHosting offers cPanel to control their websites, email, bandwidth, etc.

Furthermore, there are at least 4 GB memory, 2 dedicated IP, 2 TB bandwidth and 60 GB RAID-6 disk storage. Other advanced features like unlimited MySQL database, SSH access, optional root access, enterprise-class Linux, automatic backups and a series of programming languages are for people to build and manage the fastest websites.

InmotionHosting VPS Hosting on Customer Support

InmotionHosting wins 100% satisfaction from customers through its award-winning direct support: phone, live chat as well as email. All three are open for people around the clock and over 10-year VPS engineers are here to help people out with any queries.

On top of that, support center at InmotionHosting website is an indirect method to search technical solutions to the problems. It gathers a lot of helpful resources and information that offers convenience for people.


Now, readers can know why InmotionHosting offers the fastest VPS hosting package to people and wins their trust. Datacenters, servers, hardware, software, technical support and others that InmotionHosting VPS utilizes are all the best. So it surely can deliver the fastest speed to people. Moreover, highly 50% discounts and $14.99/mo starting price are also an attractive point for businesses who are looking for a fast VPS.

More information is in or people can check out Inmotion Hosting Review.


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