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In below Fatcow review, we will analyze Fatcow from features, easy to use, price, reliability, and customer support to tell customers why this company is a cost-effective web host.

Born in 1998, Fatcow (www.fatcow.com) is a well-known, reliable and affordable web hosting provider, focusing on delivering the best value and customer service for customers in the industry, especially for individuals and small-medium-sized businesses. Additionally, its data centers are 100% powered by wind energy, customers will be happy to host their websites and emails eco-friendly at this company.

Fatcow Special Coupons

It is a piece of good news for customers that Fatcow web hosting comes with big discounts these days. And Through our efforts, we have got bigger discounts for our readers from Fatcow. To learn details, please read our Fatcow Coupon.

First of all, Fatcow shared web hosting has more than 60% discounts, with which the price lowers at $49/year, namely around $4.08/mo. Via our exclusive promotional link in below, customers will purchase the hosting at $3.15/mo, which is over 75% off. And the promotion time is limited so that customers should take action as soon as possible.

Fatcow Exclusive Deal Fatcow Exclusive Deal
75% Off

In addition, Fatcow VPS and dedicated hosting both offer 20% off coupons. After discounted, its VPS starts at $19.99/mo and its dedicated hosting is billed from $119.99/mo.

Fatcow Review on Price Value

Fatcow knows how to help customer build a powerful website, therefore, the company provides customers with everything that they may need to keep their personal or business websites up and running. The web hosting solutions mainly contain shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server hosting.

Fatcow shared hosting only has one package with everything included, such as one free domain name, unlimited disk space, oodles data transfer, and unlimited POP email accounts; it also allows for hosting unlimited domain in one account and creating unlimited sub domains.

Furthermore, this hosting package also supports the most stable and the latest PHP versions, PHP 4 and PHP 5. CGI directory, script library, Perl, and MySQL are also core programming features for customers.

In short, all above are good enough for customers to create a powerful website while they need to regularly pay $12.95/mo. Now, via our exclusive Fatcow coupon, they need to speed as less as $3.15/mo only. More than that, they will get $100 Google AdWords bonus, $100 Yahoo!/Bing search engine credit, free Yellowpages.com list, free setup, etc.

Next, we take a brief review at Fatcow VPS and dedicated hosting. The VPS at a promotional starting price of $19.99/mo offers 1 core, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth, 1 IP, and cPanel based on CentOS 6.4. Fatcow dedicates hosting is charging from $119.99/mo, with features like 2 cores, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB storage and 5 TB bandwidth.

fatcow vps plan

The company also offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If customers are not 100% satisfied with the service, they just cancel their hosting plans within the first 30 days and Fatcow will refund their hosting fees with no questions asked.

By the way, the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is only valid for credit-card payment.

Fatcow Review on Reliability

Fatcow understands that high performance and reliability are very important for customers. So, Fatcow offers a stable, fast and secure hosting environment to customers, built on state of the art technologies, data centers, network, and hardware.

There are 2 data centers in America. Besides redundancy on geography, the 2 data centers have other traits to support Fatcow hosting reliable, such as N+1 power system composed of utility power and backup power. In addition, to offset power it uses and make its hosting green, Fatcow purchases wind energy credits.

As to speed, front-end network also has redundant cores to connect Fatcow serves to the world. The network connection is triply redundant with multiple GB. In this way, customers’ sites will be fast accessed.

Furthermore, the company never oversells accounts in any server. It maintains load-balanced servers so that customers will get enough resources anytime to keep their sites running well. Fatcow also takes advantage of advanced technologies like NetApp storage, Apache and Cisco PIX firewall. The last tech is beneficial to maintain a high level of security.

As a responsible web hosting company, Fatcow also arranges a team of professional engineers to look after servers and network, in case that any problem occurs, they could deal with it responsively.

Fatcow is Easy to Use

In addition, Fatcow hosting is very easy-to-use. It offers the popular control panel to customers, aiming to help them to manage their files, emails, databases and websites in a convenient way. Besides, customers can get site building tools at Fatcow, with which they can create a professional-like website with just a few clicks. With site building tools, they even do not need to know codes and design.

Fatcow also accepts multiple payment options, making it an easy-to-use web hosting provider for customers all over the world. Specifically, PayPal and major credit cards like VISA are all acceptable.

Other features for Fatcow ease-of-use are daily server backups, FTP access, shared SSL, web analytics tools, free cloud storage, free domain transfer and much more.

Fatcow Review on Customer Support

Fatcow support center is famous for providing customers with high standard of technical support. No matter when its customers need its support, Fatcow is standby to help its customers out of trouble.

Owning more than 200 supporting staffs, its support center Moo Crew is available for customers via email, phone and live chat. All Fatcow support representatives are dedicated, well trained and friendly so that they can always deal with customers’ issues effectively.

In addition to these direct ways, customers can also get their common problems resolved via Fatcow Knowledgebase, User Guide, and Tutorials by themselves and meanwhile it may save their time.

Fatcow Provides Good PHP Hosting

Fatcow knows what a successful PHP website need and offers features for PHP websites as following:

  • PHP5 and PHP4, CGI Directory, Python, Script Library and  MySQL 5, making Fatcow 100% compatible with PHP-based applications like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal: supporting;
  • PHP memory_limit is up to be 64 MB;
  • free website builder, shared SSL, web analytics tools;
  • Easy to use control panel: with it, customers can easily operate their PHP websites, even for a beginner.
  • WordPress Hosting Review
  • Drupal Hosting Review
  • Joomla Hosting Review

Fatcow provides with various hosting solutions, and WordPress hosting is one of the most reputable services.

Fatcow WordPress Uptime and Speed

Fatcow guarantees 99.9% uptime to its WordPress hosting, and it exactly does a great job to ensure customers almost full uptime and fast speed performance for WordPress websites. For an example:

  • two datacenters that are equipped with N+1 power and 24×7 security
  • high-quality servers are split into application pool
  • front-end network consist of redundant routers connecting to the world over multiple hosts using BPG
  • other leading infrastructures and technologies help build fast and secure environment for its WordPress hosting

Fatcow WordPress Review on Supports

The support employees of Fatcow are WordPress experts, who know WordPress very well, and they are also willing to offer 24×7 assistance. If customers have questions about WordPress, they can contact supports via phone, email and live chat directly.

Moreover, Fatcow also develops online knowledgebase and FAQ library for customers, and that helps them check out tons of articles and step-by-step tutorials for WordPress issues.

Fatcow is highly Recommended to Host WordPress

With great and rich features, reliable uptime & performance, friendly but effective supports and affordable discounted price, Fatcow WordPress hosting is the perfect solution for individuals and small business to take advantage to create WordPress-based websites.

In below Fatcow Drupal hosting review, we will make a comprehensive analysis about its Drupal hosting to help customers know why Fatcow can be regarded as a great Drupal hosting provider.

Fatcow Drupal Hosting Review on Speed and Uptime

Having been in existence for more than 15 years, the company has been devoted itself to researching and developing high-tech technologies and facilities, so it has the strengths to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime and fast speed for customers’ Drupal websites.

Fatcow Drupal Hosting Review on Customer Service

We all know that the patient, professional and dedicated customer support will attract more customers, so Fatcow claims that the company can offer an award-winning customer service to all of its customers including Drupal customers. Having bountiful web hosting experience, Fatcow experts can always help Drupal hosting customers handle their problems as soon as possible.


To bring what we reviewed above into a conclusion, customers may easily find that Fatcow is reliable web hosting company that can make sure that Drupal hosting customers can get access to rich features, top of the line technical support and high performance online environment for their websites. In addition, its price is very competitive. Hence, it is clear that the company can be recommended to Drupal hosting customers.

In this article, we will review Fatcow Joomla hosting to help customers know whether the company is an optimal choice for Joomla hosting.

Fatcow Joomla Hosting Review on Reliability

Fatcow promises that every Joomla customer can get access to at least 99.9% uptime and fast speed.

The company operates two data centers and build best hosting environment, which allow Fatcow to deliver the best performance for Joomla websites. In addition to that, the company also guarantees 24/7 facility monitoring to make sure Joomla hosting customers have a reliable and secure environment to run their websites all the time.

Technical Support for Joomla at Fatcow

It is safe to say that Fatcow attaches great importance to the satisfaction of its customers.

Fatcow employs a team of technicians who are all professional in Joomla web hosting. If Fatcow Joomla hosting customers encounter some problems, they can freely contact the experts via phone (only US is free), email and live chat. It is proved that the Fatcow supporting staffs can help customers handle their issues quickly, patiently and courteously.

Do We Recommend Fatcow for Joomla

Do we recommend Fatcow for Joomla? There is no doubt that the answer is yes. Based on what we reviewed above, it is not hard to make a conclusion that Fatcow is not only 100% compatible with Joomla, but also can offer rich features and industry-leading customer service as well as a high performance environment at an affordable price for Joomla hosting customers to manage their websites.

Is Fatcow Recommended?

Based on what we discussed above, it is clear to see that Fatcow can provide customers with multiple web hosting solutions rich features, easy to use control panel, and affordable price, top of the line customer support as well as high performance reliability, so the company can be highly recommend for customers.

Looking for more information about Fatcow hosting solutions, please visit http://www.fatcow.com/.

fatcow review

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