Fatcow VPS Review

Fatcow is a well-known and cheap web hosting provider. In the following review, we plan to focus on its VPS hosting and analyze it from five aspects which are current promotion, price value, performance, Ease of use, and customer support. After we reveal the detailed information about those aspects, customers can understand if Fatcow VPS is also a premium and cheap hosting solution.

fatcow logo 1Fatcow (www.fatcow.com) is a shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting solution provider, who was born in 1998. The company aims at delivering the best value and customer service experience in web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and individuals who are looking for affordable web hosting options.

In addition to that, Fatcow is a green web hosting provider as well. All its data centers are using 100% wind energy, which attracts more customers to trust Fatcow.

Current Promotion on Fatcow VPS Hosting

Now Fatcow gives up to 20% off discounts on its VPS hosting solutions. Besides, normally Fatcow VPS charges at $24.99 for monthly term, while for 24-month term, Fatcow VPS hosting charges at $21.24 per month. It means customers can save 15% per month. Plus additional 20% discount, Fatcow VPS hosting should start at $19.99 per month.

Fatcow VPS Hosting Fatcow VPS Hosting
20% Off

This special discount is only valid to the first term. for more special deals, customers can click here.

What’s more, Fatcow offers 30 days of money back guarantee. If customers purchase and cancel Fatcow hosting account within 30 days of signup, they will receive a full refund of all hosting fees. More importantly, this money back guarantee is only valid for credit card payment, so if customers use other payments, they cannot receive their refund.

Fatcow VPS Review on Price Value

Fatcow VPS hosting has 3 packages which include different amounts of resources. Fatcow VPS hosting with customizable configurations can meet different demands. Additionally, all VPS hosting plans are Linux friendly, supporting CentOS 6.4.

Fatcow VPS hosting is cloud-based, allowing redundant room to grow when customers’ demands increase. Due to cloud platform, all server resources can be provisioned instantly.

As for the basic plan, it includes 1-core CPU, 40 GB web space, 1 GB RAM, 1 TB bandwidth, as well as 1 IP address. This basic VPS hosting plan is fit for individuals; as for the business plan, it comes with 2-core CPU, 90 GB web space, 4 GB RAM, 3 TB bandwidth, and 2 IP addresses. It is more suitable for small business users. Optimum plan includes more CPU cores, RAM, web space, and bandwidth, which is better for small to middle businesses.

fatcow vps

Apart from these, all Fatcow VPS hosting plans include 1 free domain and Fatcow offers customers the ability to create unlimited domains, unlimited sub domains, unlimited POPS accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited FTP accounts.

At Fatcow, customers will receive customizable email address. They can customize it by themselves so that they can enhance their professional images. Besides, Fatcow will provide advanced tools for customers. By using them, customers can check their email anywhere and anytime.

More than that, all Fatcow VPS hosting plans will pre-install diverse scripts languages for customers. CGI, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, SSI, Python, Cron, Curl, JSP, FrontPage, Image Magick, and other more are included. As for other features, Urchin5, Analog AWstats, Webalizer, Raw Log Access, referrer logs, and error logs are all available.

As for the pricing, Fatcow offers 15% discount for 2-year term, making it charge at $21.24 per month; plus additional 20% discount for the first term, customer can purchase Fatcow VPS hosting by paying only $19.99 per month.

Considering diverse discounts, 30 days of money back guarantee, and flexible features, we think Fatcow VPS hosting comes with relatively high price value.

Fatcow VPS Review on Performance

Fatcow VPS is reliable, supporting by two green data centers and flexible cloud platform. First, let’s focus on cloud features. Fatcow builds its VPS based on cloud platform, so that customers can receive guaranteed RAM and instantly provisioned resources, which give redundant room for customers’ website growing. Besides, each VPS hosting is using high-speed mirrored SAN storage, which utilizes SSD technology, ensuring fast speed.

Second, Fatcow uses 2 US-based data centers, which are equipped with high quality security, Cisco PIX firewall round the clock, redundant A/C and D/C running on N + 1 power, and carrier-class shared –hosting infrastructure, offering secure and reliable hosting environment.

Let’s detail its network features. Fatcow’s web hosting is supported by dual routers for greater redundancy, uses NetAPP storage clusters for better reliability, and utilizes new gigabit network connection for improved performance. The data of the websites hosted by Fatcow will be parched by load balancer and managed by Fatcow high quality servers, providing fasters and more reliable hosting services.

Fatcow VPS Review on Usability

As for ease of use, Fatcow VPS hosting includes free domain name registration. Plus the ability of creating unlimited FTP accounts, Fatcow makes it easy to transfer customers’ existing domain names.

To reach new customers and help customer grow their business, Fatcow provides marketing tools as well as search engine advertising, which are Yahoo!, Facebook, and Google. Note that the company will offer customer free marketing credits.

Fatcow VPS hosting has increased control, because it includes easy-to-use cPanel control panel, optional root access and fully managed support. cPanel control panel and optional root access can help customer manage their files, emails, databases and more easily. Fully managed support includes Google apps, package, and SimpleScripts installations, website errors, email, DNS, MySQL, Apache custom configurations, network and hardware issues, and site load problems.

Fatcow VPS Review on Customer Support

Fatcow provides VPS hosting customers with world class customer support. Customers have the access to Fatcow expert support that is available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. Customers can stay in touch with Fatcow by phone, online chat and email. All methods are very convenient for customers.

In addition to that, Fatcow provides help center, where customers can access to knowledge base and user guides. If customers log in, they can receive the access to history tickets or directly create a ticket for further help.


In this post, we learn that Fatcow is not only an excellent shared hosting provider, but also a pretty VPS solution provider. Its VPS hosting comes with customized features and big discounts, making it have higher price value. Offering managed services, root access and cPanel makes Fatcow VPS easy to use. Fast speed and reliable hosting environment are included. Considering its features, pricing and support, we recommend Fatcow VPS for small to middle businesses.

For more information, please check out www.fatcow.com.

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