Fatcow vs. eHost

In current web hosting industry, eHost has become a well-known cheap web hosting, popular among individual websites and small business websites owners. Well, Fatcow is also a famous web host because of cheap web hosting plans. It must be a little difficult to select the best hosting solution from good web hosts. Don’t worry! We are here to help you out!

The post below is a comprehensive comparison between Fatcow and eHost. From hosting pricing, features, performance, and customer support, we can make it easy for readers to figure out which one offers the best features they need.

About Fatcow and eHost

fatcow logoFatcow (www.fatcow.com) has been in the industry for more than 10 years. Since its inception in 1998, Fatcow has been providing cheap and reliable hosting solutions. Due the timely support and quality hosting plans with low pricing, Fatcow attracts more and more people to rely on it. Now, shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers are available at Fatcow.

ehost logoeHost (www.ehost.com) is a long-standing, reliable web host, who as established in 1996. Different from Fatcow, eHost only focuses on shared hosting solution, and there is one Essential plan including everything customers will ever need to host and manage their website. Ease-of-use and budget pricing are the core competition in the market!

Fatcow vs. eHost on Pricing

Pricing is always the first thing customers want to know when choosing the web hosts. So, we are willing to place it here for customers.

Fatcow shared hosting normally charges at $8.95/month, which is affordable! In order to attract more customers, Fatcow offers a special deal. Recently, customers can receive up to 60% off discount. With that, Fatcow shared hosting will start at $3.15/month.

Fatcow Shared Hosting Deal Fatcow Shared Hosting Deal
60% Off

If customers need, Fatcow also has VPS and dedicated hosting. 20% off discount on VPS and dedicated hosting help customers save a lot! For instance, Fatcow VPS regularly starts at $24.99/mo; cutting 20% off, customers will get it at $11.99/month. If customers are interested in Fatcow hosting deals, then Fatcow Coupon could help them find more.

eHost exclusive shared hosting normally starts at $5.50/month. However, if customers visit eHost through our promotional link below, they can receive about 50% off discount. Such a massive discount will make customers spend less. They can pay only $2.75/month for eHost shared hosting.

eHost Essential Hosting Deal eHost Essential Hosting Deal
50% Off

Additionally, sometimes eHost will offer customers special discounts that are higher than 50%. To know more the detailed information, customers need to check out eHost Coupon.

Comparing their hosting pricing, we know that eHost is cheaper than Fatcow, even though it only has shared hosting plan. As for purchasing risks, Fatcow offers 30 days of money back guarantee that is valid for credit card payments only. eHost is better that Fatcow, because it’s kind to offer 45 days of full money back guarantee.

Fatcow vs. eHost on Features

Fatcow has more hosting plans than eHost, but sometimes more does not mean better and focusing means more professional! Actually, in terms of shared hosting, Fatcow and eHost both only launch one shared hosting package! In below, we are to take their all-in-one shared hosting solution as the object to compare their hosting features.

For core features, Both Fatcow and eHost provide customers with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains, and MySQL DBs. Fatcow offers a free domain name valid for the first year, while eHost offer professional free domain name to each customer for lifetime.

About Website designing and building tools, both of them provide easy website builder for customers. Fatcow also includes web analytics tools and FTP access. Comparing with it, eHost offers more, which are thousands of website templates, photo galleries, Google Webmaster Tools, blog tools (like WordPress), as well as online stores.

For email, free unlimited POP email accounts are available at both Fatcow and eHost. Differently, Fatcow only includes POP boxes, spam filtering, web mail, and newsletter manager tools. At eHost, customers can receive POP 3 & IMAP email accounts, autoresponders, email forwarding, webmail, virus checking, custom spam filters and free email address at their domains.

As to marketing and ecommerce, Fatcow offers $200 free credits from Google and Bing, free YP.com listing, US toll-free phone number, ShopSite online stores, shared SSL, and some other payment support. Well, eHost also gives powerful support. $100 credit from Yahoo and Bing, SEO tips and tools, site analytics tools, site authentication seal, free online store, mobile optimization, and social media integration are good to ecommerce and marketing.

Moreover, Fatcow provides its own customizable control panel for customers; eHost provides free cPanel to help customers host and manage their site.

Compering these features from Fatcow and eHost, we can quickly find that they are similar to offer rich features, but eHost has more tools make it simple and easily get customers’ business online.

Fatcow vs. eHost on Reliability and Speed

Reliability and speed can directly impact on customers’ websites and business. So, they must take the two into consideration. When we check out their platform features, we learn that Fatcow and eHost both build a very similar hosting environment.

At Fatcow and eHost, we can find that they both utilize the excellent load-balanced servers to host customers’ websites. Load-balanced servers are the standard equipment for premium data centers, which can improve the request response times and data transfer efficiency. Both include 1 GB of free cloud storage from well-managed Justcloud.

There are differences as well. Fatcow’s platform uses multi-GB connections to guarantee the network demands. For better reliability, Fatcow has backup generator system to high power supply uptime; daily server backups and 24 hour facility monitoring will ensure the security of data and server.

At eHost, there is also 24×7 network monitoring system to maintain the optimal network state. Besides, eHost also has visitor statistics and website traffic reporting, which will protect customers’ website from unauthorized access and quickly response to any emergency. Customers can adjust their strategy according to the real-time tracking & reporting.

Only looking at performance, we think they both do the standard job to offer reliable and fast possible performance.

Fatcow vs. eHost on Customer Support

Fatcow and eHost provide their best to offer the prompt customer support. Via 24×7 live chat and phone call, customers can contact Fatcow or eHost any time. Detailed tutorials are included as both companies.

eHost also offers email support round the clock. Even better, eHost guarantees that the phone calls will be answered in less than 2 minutes. eHost only offers professional phone agents for each customer, ensure the quality of support.

For standard customers support, Fatcow and eHost both make it, but according to the comparison above, eHost obviously does better job than Fatcow!

Which one is Better?

Based on the in-depth comparison between Fatcow and eHost, we conclude that eHost and Fatcow both make the best possible performance and offer rich features in shared hosting plans. However, eHost beats Fatcow in pricing and customer support. So, we recommend eHost to individuals and small business owners.

However, if customers are running fast growing websites, then Fatcow is better than eHost, because Fatcow has larger reliable VPS and dedicated hosting plans, offered with 20% discounts.

To learn more details about Fatcow and eHost, please go to www.fatcow.com and www.ehost.com.

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