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Fatcow vs. HostGator

Fatcow ( is an Albuquerque-based company that has been engaged in web hosting business for nearly 20 years, while HostGator ( is also a reputable experienced web host that was founded in 2002. Both web hosting providers are sub-brands of Endurance International Group (EIG). The web host is also recommended as one of the Top 10 Web Hosting at Many customers, especially small to medium-sized business owners, would face up with a question when choosing between Fatcow and HostGator: who has higher price value?

Here we are pleased to put Fatcow and HostGator into one box and compare them in aspects of pricing, features, performance, and support. We believe that the final answer would show up after the comparison. Now, let’s start the comparing tour.

Fatcow vs. HostGator on Pricing

The original price of Fatcow web hosting is set at $5.00/mo. For customers who sign up with a yearly plan, they can get 18% off to make the price at $49/yr, namely $4.08/mo.

Fatcow Promotion Fatcow Promotion
18% Off

Besides, Fatcow web hosting is upgradeable, meaning that customers can choose to upgrade to a more reliable hosting plan as the website grows. The detailed pricing is listed as follows:

  • Fatcow VPS hosting—starting at 19.99/mo, 20% off regular price $24.99/mo;
  • Fatcow dedicated hosting—starting at $119.99/mo, 20% off regular price $149.99/mo.

HostGator sets the starter price of its web hosting at $10.95/mo normally. The discounted price of the service is set at minimum $3.95/mo on a 3-year basis. For helping monthly customers save as much money as possible, we exclusively offer a special coupon “houstucan”, which can be applied to all billing cycles and the discount could be as high as 35% off.

HostGator Great Deal HostGator Great Deal
63% Off

If the shared web hosting can’t meet customers’ needs, HostGator has many other hosting options to choose from. The best part is, our “hostucan” coupon is still valid for these solutions, check out:

  • HostGator cloud hosting—45% off to charge from $4.95/mo;
  • HostGator VPS hosting—75% off to charge from $19.95/mo;
  • HostGator dedicated hosting—55% off to charge from $79.00/mo.

The same as above, if customers don’t plan to purchase its yearly cloud hosting, VPS or dedicated server, but still want to benefit from discounts, they can make use of our “hostucan” coupon at checkout.

Both web hosting companies have money-back guarantee to protect customers’ financial security. Fatcow promises to refund full money as long as the cancellation happens within the first 30 days, while is shorter than HostGator’s 45 days.

Fatcow vs. HostGator on Features

Every customer expects a feature-rich web hosting plan to build online presence seamlessly and simply. The truth is, only a small group of web hosting providers are able to offer everything needed freely as promise. Now, let’s check out whether Fatcow and HostGator web hosting services are rich-featured and who does better.

Hosting Plans

In terms of hosting solutions and plans, HostGator slightly wins out over Fatcow though the latter has a relatively complete product structure. Apart from Linux-based shared web hosting, VPS, and dedicated server, HostGator has premium cloud hosting, reseller hosting, and Windows hosting as well.

Shared Web Hosting

There is only one all-inclusive shared web hosting at Fatcow, but HostGator has multiple sizes to meet different needs.

Highlighted features included in Fatcow all-in-one shared web hosting plan are unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited POP mailboxes, one free domain name, free website builder, $100 Google ads bonus, $100 Bing search marketing credit, application installation wizards and etc. HostGator also offers an unlimited shared web hosting plan, in addition to two smaller ones. On top of that, the web host provides customers with the latest cPanel for Linux users and the latest Plesk for Windows users.

VPS Hosting

Fatcow VPS hosting features with instant deployment, customizable configurations and increased control. Customers are allowed to add hosting resources as required to the basic plan of 1 core, 1GB RAM, 40GB mirrored SAN storage, and 1TB bandwidth. Different from that, HostGator VPS hosting offers minimum 2 CPU cores, 2GB RAM, 120GB disk space, 1.5TB bandwidth, and 2 IP addresses.

Apparently, HostGator VPS hosting again beats Fatcow VPS hosting no matter in terms of features or pricing.

Dedicated Hosting

When it comes to dedicated hosting, HostGator has long been recommended as one of the best dedicated hosting providers. It supports both Linux and Windows operating system. And the below table list some basic but important server configurations of Fatcow dedicated hosting and HostGator dedicated hosting to show why HostGator is a better option.

Features Fatcow HostGator
CPU Cores 2 Intel Xeon cores 2 Intel Xeon cores
Storage 500GB 500GB RAID-1
Bandwidth 5TB 10TB
IP address 3 2
Control panel cPanel cPanel/WHM
Price $119.99/mo $79.00/mo

Clearly, HostGator is superior to Fatcow in hosting features, no matter when it comes to shared web hosting or VPS and dedicated server hosting.

Fatcow vs. HostGator on Performance

It is understood that HostGator delivers higher level of performance and reliability than Fatcow. We will prove that in different aspects, including data center options, network infrastructure and security system.

Fatcow utilizes a data center to host all websites. The data center combines round-the-clock systems management with on-site personnel trained in the areas of networking and systems managements. Additionally, there is dual routers, NetApp, and Cisco PIX firewall to optimize performance. However, the company fails to give any uptime guarantee for power and network.

When it comes to HostGator, it is famous for leasing two state-of-the-art data center facilities in Texas and Utah. Both data centers are equipped with full power redundancy and up-to-date cooling & temperature systems. Besides, a high performance fully redundant network architecture manages to accelerate connection while remaining good reliability. Customers are able to receive a 99.9% uptime guarantee upon sign up with HostGator.

Fatcow vs. HostGator on Support

Both Fatcow and HostGator support LiveChat and email system, enabling customers to contact with their support representatives to get assistance. What makes HostGator superior to Fatcow is, the former also has toll-free telephone support.

Beyond that, HostGator has an especially extensive knowledgebase which involves almost all common issues that customers would come across. It is a place to solve problems independently when HostGator technical support is unavailable.

Verdict—Fatcow or HostGator?

Apparently, HostGator is the winner in the comparison. It is an industry-leading web hosting provider no matter when it comes to price value or performance. It also has premium customer service to ensure effective and user-friendly support when needed.

If you are interested in HostGator hosting solutions, don’t forget to use our exclusive “hostucan” coupon when visiting

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