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How to Fix Problems with Google AdWords Campaigns

Google AdWords is an amazing tool when it comes to promoting your products and building a new list of customers. This tool has brought in a new revolution to the world of PPC campaigns. While it is rather easy to use Google AdWords, the problems that people face while using it is what poses a major problem. There are a lot of problems people face when they start new campaigns on Google AdWords. So, if you have been facing a lot of issues with your AdWords campaign and you want to know about your Google AdWords Status, you need to keep scrolling.

What parts of Google Ads can be controlled?

There are a lot of policies penned down by Google that can determine whether your ad is running normally or whether it has been stopped. Mentioned below are the various ad statuses that can be controlled by the user-

  • Running- Whenever your ad fulfills all requirements and policies of Google, the status of your ad will be shown as running. You can choose to keep it running the way it is going on or you can choose to change the details.
  • Paused- This happens when you have actually paused a running ad. The best thing about this status is that you can always choose to resume the ad whenever you want.
  • Removed- When your ad is not able to fulfill all the policies written down by Google, this what your ad’s status will look like. Also, when you personally choose to stop a running ad, it is shown as removed. This also happens when an ad group or a campaign chooses to stop your ad.
  • Pending- When you have filled in all the details of the ad you are going to run and you haven’t started it yet, this will be the status you will see. Also, this can happen when you have scheduled an ad for future.
  • Ended- This status comes up when a particular ad has stopped running. This can happen mainly when your campaign has passed the end date.

Remember that whenever you create a new ad, it takes a bit of time to get the ad approved. It goes through a number of steps and the stages are- Under Review, Eligible and not yet serving. When the ad gets approved, you can run it as approved, approved (non-family), approved (adult), approved (limited) and serving (video ads). If your ad does is not able to fulfill the requirements of Google, you will most likely see one of the following statuses- Disapproved, suspended, not serving or with issues.

Why is your Google AdWords status running into a problem?

  • Bad Keyword Research- When you haven’t done enough research about your keywords, you are most likely to end up badly with your advertisements. Keywords are meant to target your ads and show your ads when a particular keyword is searched. So, if you haven’t done a lot of research about your keywords, your ads may turn out to be futile. Make sure that you have done proper research before focusing on some particular keywords.
  • Low budget- No matter what kind of business your own, most of the business owners tend to spend way less when it comes to marketing your products. But what you may not notice is that there are some limits to marketing your products on the Internet. If you do not have the required budget, you are likely to miss out on many opportunities that the Internet may offer you. So, it is better to start off with a big budget if you want to be successful in terms of a PPC campaign.
  • The wording of your ad- It is a known fact that you get a limited space on any website for your advertisement. But you have to be concerned when your ad is not able to convey the message you want to put out. So, pay close attention to the ad you are putting out in an ad. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a customer and include the words that are absolutely necessary.

How to fix these problems?

If you have been facing the above-mentioned problems while running an advertisement campaign, then you need to keep an eye of your Google AdWords Status. Here are some steps that will help you solve all the problems related to AdWords-
Make your account properly

In order to make the best of Google AdWords, you need to structure your AdWords account in the best way possible. You need to take care of the 20 percent issues that are likely to create problems with your ad campaign. Even if you are making 20 percent of the most common mistakes, there is still room to make it up to 80 percent of improvements. The PPC (page per click) must be able to match the number of ads you put out. The number of keywords in terms of the group you are campaigning with has to be ideal.
Choose the perfect devices to show your ads
Google is not compatible to showing the various devices that can show a website. You no longer have the freedom to create a group that has the ability to target the users using a mobile phone or a tablet. There are more chances that a mobile user won’t be able to use your website in terms of a desktop user. So, make sure that your website is mobile compatible.
Keep your keywords in mind

When you want to target the maximum audience, you have to take care of all the requirements of Google Search as well as Display Networks. Choose keywords that are not too broad or those that do not have an exact match.

If you make sure that you follow all the above-mentioned tips and suggestions, you may just be able to crack the code to a successful Google AdWords Campaign.


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