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Flywheel Review

In the following review, we are going to talk about Flywheel from current promotions, price value, technology and reliability, easy to use, as well as customer support. From this post, we hope to help our readers figure out whether Flywheel is a premium web hosting company or not.

flywheel logoActually, Flywheel ( is a young web hosting provider, which was born in 2012 with one goal: to provide better online experience for webmasters building sites on WordPress platform. By far, the company has served over thousands of clients worldwide and received very high rate from its customers’ feedback.

Flywheel Current Promotions

At present, Flywheel does not offer any promotions in the market, but the company still gives a discount for yearly payment! As long as customers sign up for yearly payments at Flywheel, they will receive 1 month of service without any charges. That is to say, Flywheel managed WordPress hosting annual accounts start from $13.75/mo, rather than $15/mo for monthly terms.

Flywheel Exclusive Deal Flywheel Exclusive Deal
1 Free Month

Flywheel Review on Price Value

Flywheel was born to building best WordPress hosting platform, so its web hosting solutions are all for WordPress. The company has launched seven WordPress hosting packages and special Custom Plans to satisfy as many customers as possible.

Among 7 packages, 4 are individual installs, namely 1 WordPress install. The 4 packages are Tiny, Personal, Professional, and Custom, which basically contain 5,000 to millions monthly visits, 5 GB to custom disk space, 250 GB to custom bandwidth, SSL support, CDN and Multisite. Note Tiny does not support Multisite; Tiny and Personal do not include free CDN as well as SSL which charge extra $10 per month respectively.

Additionally, Flywheel also provides powerful tools for customers. First is the collaboration tools that make customers’ collaboration process streamline. To be detailed, customers do not need to share passwords with their own clients, and they can monitor and manage all websites in just one place. Once customers add collaborators, they will receive full access to manage the website, files and the database. When the project is over, it’s easy for customers to revoke access.

Moreover, staging sites can go up via one click. With that, customers can push or pull any changes from their live sites, intelligently merge preferable themes, plugins or even database, safely update the latest version of WordPress, test out the latest plugins, and then push to their production.

Flywheel also provides totally free demo sites for customers. It means than customers can design production-ready sites for development without any costs, and then transfer to their own clients to pay for it, or pay it themselves.

Comparing the pricing of managed WordPress hosting with some other hosts, like Pagely, we can find Flywheel is cheaper a lot. Please check in below:

At Flywheel, although Tiny is fully managed WordPress hosting, customers can pay $15/month only to get it. Even better, we mentioned in Promotions that Flywheel gives 1 month free service for annual accounts.

flywheel plans

Besides, Flywheel has money back guarantee. There are 2 refund policies: if customers purchase monthly term, they could ask a refund after canceling accounts within initially 72 hours; if customers buy yearly term, they could require a refund for the first 30 days.

Lower price and customer friendly money back guarantee with rich, powerful features, Flywheel managed WordPress hosting has high price value attracting customers to try it.

Fast and Reliable Flywheel

Flywheel uses the New York data centers to host its major servers, and makes good use of the cutting-edge technologies to promise above 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Recently Flywheel introduces new globalization feature. With that, customers can freely choose server locations to host their sites, making sure that their web sites are hosted closer to their clients. Moreover, the company has reimagined SFTP access, through which Flywheel enables the connection to SFTP server to be smarter.

By default, Flywheel also equips redundant power systems like UPS, adequate cooling systems, CCTV surveillance, emergency alarms, dedicated access to data centers, and so on, to maintain stable and secure hosting environments.

At Flywheel, customers’ web sites can load fast. Besides the factors above, first reason is that Flywheel is cooperating with MaxCDN that is a very popular Content Delivery Network provider, making the sites fly!

Second is that Flywheel server-side caching does not rely on caching plugins to speed up customers’ sites. With this advanced caching technology, monthly visitors can be scaled to millions no matter which plan they sign up, Tiny plan or Enterprise plan.

Ease-of- use of Flywheel

At Flywheel, all plans, from Tiny to Enterprise are fully managed. Flywheel is experienced to customize server configurations and caching configuration for WordPress. Meanwhile, the company will constantly monitor customers’ sites for malware and alerts customers once there are problems. Besides, Flywheel will cover automatically WordPress updates, automated nightly backups, free migrations, and more.

Moreover, apart from powerful billing transfer and collaboration tools, Flywheel also gives one simple dashboard for each of customers’ web sites. Leaving the headache of logging in hundreds of hosting accounts to access clients’ sites behind, customers have full access to their own sites and collaborators’ sites from this easy-to-use dashboard.

Flywheel Review on Support

Due to fully managed WordPress hosting, Flywheel is responsible for everything a site needs, except the contents. When customers are trapped in troubles related to WordPress sites, Flywheel real experts are ready to help them. The company supports various contact channels including live chat, phone call, and email. Its standard support is available for M-F 9a.m. To 7p.m. CDT, and emergency support is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Other more, customers could also look up some useful information at Flywheel help center where Flywheel WordPress experts post many articles related to setup, billing, plugins, domain names, database and so on.


After going through this review, we could figure out that Flywheel is a professional managed WordPress platform, on which customers have many packages to meet their demands. With so many powerful tools and features, Flywheel also guarantees premium performance and knowledgeable experts. And its price is absolutely lower than some other managed WordPress companies like Pagely.

So we are happy to say that Flywheel is a trustable managed WordPress hosting provider for a wide range of customers from individuals to enterprises. If readers intend to know Flywheel deeper, please visit


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