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MySQL database is one of the most vital components to a website. Almost all PHP driven websites mysqlcan store data with a MySQL database. And we find that many webmasters are eager to find free MySQL hosting.

However, we have to tell webmasters that it is not a wise option to choose free MySQL hosting when considering it has forced ads, no free domain name, limitation of MySQL database, web space, bandwidth, bad performance, no technical support and more.

As an alternative, we strongly recommend some reputable web hosts that can offer optimal MySQL hosting at an affordable price to customers, such as InmotionHosting. In this article, we will make a comprehensive review about this company to tell webmasters why this web host is a great option for MySQL hosting customers.


As one of the Best PHP Hosting providers, InmotionHosting ( is a inmotionhostingbudget web host that only hires professional staffs to help its customers conduct successful online business. Moreover, InmotionHosting enjoys an unbeatable advantage for its 90 day money back guarantee.

As for its MySQL hosting customers, they can get enough MySQL databases to backup their website. In addition, PostgreSQL databases also come to customers as an alternative. In order to help customers get the secure, reliable and fast environment, InmotionHosting also offers free SSD to its customers.

At InmotionHosting, MySQL hosting customers can get also some additional advanced features, including industry-leading cPanel, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and 2 websites on one account, free website transfer & data backups, as well as $275 Adwords.

What’s more, InmotionHosting supports PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP memory_limit is 512 MB, Zend Optimizer, php runs as suPHP for enhanced secure network, Perl, Python and more.

InmotionHosting MySQL Hosting Price

InmotionHosting releases three MySQL hosting solutions for its customers, including Launch, Power and Pro and the price of each plan is affordable.

Instead of the regular price, $7.99/mo, customers can cut down the price starting at $3.49/mo by following our exclusive promotion link .To safeguard the safety of customers’ money, InmotionHosting promises that its customers canget their money back within the first 90 days.

InmotionHosting $3.49 Promotion InmotionHosting $3.49 Promotion
50% Off

InmotionHosting Technical Support

InmotionHosting knows that not all webmasters can operate their websites without problems, so the supportcompany pays high attention to the technical support.

At InmotionHosting, customers can freely make a choice among the most efficient supporting methods, including ticket, phone and live chat to contact the experts to seek assistance. InmotionHosting supporting staffs will help them deal with their issues or queries as soon as possible. Moreover, customers can also check FAQs, tutorial and knowledgebase and more to drop out a solution for some common problems.


Based on the points we made in the above, it is not difficult to find that InmotionHosting is a cost-effective web hosting company that can gives customers many benefits, such as ample rich features , high performance environment, as well as professional technical support. Therefore, we strongly recommend this company for MySQL hosting customers.

Looking for more information about InmotionHosting, customers can visit or check InmotionHosting Review.


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