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If you wish to build an online network, you need to begin with building an architecture, drawing the overall design of the network, analyzing the overall structure, and choosing the overall hardware and software requirements of the website and the desired network. As there is a huge competition as several organizations need the best network monitoring tools to generate the required revenue; you need to have a strong set of the right tools to manage and monitor the overall functioning of the website.

Every online business administrator loves to have free tools which would make the functioning of their website easier. There are several free best network monitoring tools which are available to analyze the devices, tools, services, protocols, and the relevant traffic to your website’s network. Here are some of them:

GFI LanGuard:

An efficient and best network monitoring tool for free, GFI LanGuard can be used on both small and large scale networks. The main role of this effective tool is to search for any vulnerability in the software and for unlicensed or unpatched applications. With this tool, the users will get a centralized web console which will display the information like the data coming from thousands of devices which are running on Mac OS, Linux, or Windows. With this virtual display, the users or the webmasters are able to visualize the status of the overall network and from any desired location as per their choice.

As the GFI LanGuard offers centralized patch management and auditing of the network, this functionality can prevent potential issues with compliance. Especially if the user is the super admin, the fact that all the devices are secured and patched will serve as a significant advantage. The users can download the free network monitoring tool for a free trial to check the authenticity and integrity of the same.

Microsoft Network Monitor :

The Microsoft Network Monitor is another effective and the best network monitoring tools which act as a packet analyzer. With this functionality, the users are made capable to capture, view and monitor or analyze the traffic of the network. The Microsoft’s analytical tool is effective for troubleshooting the network issues and several applications within a network. The main traits of the Microsoft Network Monitor include capture sessions in a simultaneous manner, supporting as many as 300 Microsoft proprietary and public protocols, a Wireless Monitor Mode, enabling the promiscuous traffic mode and several others.

When the users would launch the Microsoft Network Monitor, they need to choose an adapter which would bind or connect the main window. Using the “New Capture”, they can create a new capture tab. Under the capture tab, the users can click on the “Capture Settings”. Using the settings option, the users can change or alter the adapter options, filter options, or the global settings as per the user’s requirements. Then, they can hit on “start” to start the capture process of the packet. This tool is highly effective. However, Microsoft recommends using the “Message Analyzer” in place of this tool as it has been archived.


Nagios is another significant free network monitoring tool which can help the users to ensure that their applications, critical systems, and several services are always intact and in the running state. The additional features offered by this effective tool include event handling, creating alerts, and sending adequate reports. The main role is played by the Nagios Core which is an integral part of the application as it contains the significant engine for monitoring and even a basic web UI. With the use of the Nagios Core, the users are enabled to download and implement plugins which will help in the monitoring process of the applications, services, metrics, MySQL database support, data visualization front-end as well as the back-end add-ons, load distribution, and several others.

If the users wish to use the Nagios without the headache of installing and configuring it from the start, they can download the Nagios XI version and enable the free version of this tool.


Another effective free network monitoring tool, OpenNMS is an open source network management tool which offers special features like measurement of the performance, automated discovery, notification and event management, and assurance of service features. The best feature of the OpenNMS is the provision of a client app for several devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch to enable on-the-go access which will give the users immense ability to visualize the nodes, outages, alarms and can even add an interface for the monitoring.

After the users have logged in to the OpenNMS web UI, they can use the dashboard which will enable them to get a ‘snapshot view’ of any such notification, alarms or outages. The report section of the OpenNMS free network monitoring tool enables the webmasters to generate the proper reports which can be sent as an e-mail or saved as a PDF file.

Advanced IP Scanner :

This is another efficient free network monitoring tool which offers fast and reliable scanning of the particular network. The special feature of this tool is that it can detect any network device, even the wireless devices like the Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, printers; which might be available on the network of the users. With the use of this effective monitoring tool, the users can connect to common devices like FTP, HTTP and shared folders. This can be achieved in the case when these devices might be enabled on the remote machine. The users can even shut down or wake up the remote computers.

The installer application of the Advanced IP Scanner allows the full installation of the effective application on the user’s machine or even run the portable version of the application. When the user would launch the Advanced IP Scanner network monitoring tool, they should initiate the functioning of the application by going to Settings and then Options to enable the scanning process. Once the scanning process is complete, the users can expand the relevant results to analyze the available resources.

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