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We find many webmasters search the Internet for free PHP hosting. However, we have to tell webmasters that it is a bad option for them to run their websites in such a way after checking the feedbacks among those webmasters and the tests conducted by our experts. In this article, we will list out some of the disadvantages of the free PHP hosting in the following.

  • Limitation of disk space, bandwidth, CPU, PHP, email accounts, FTP accounts and more
  • No MySQL or PostgreSQL databases
  •  No free domain name
  • Considerable advertisements- Web hosts will put their advertisements on webmasters’ websites without their permission. What’s worse, webmasters cannot remove those advertisements by themselves.
  • No industry-leading control panel, such as cPanel- It is not flexible for webmasters to manage their websites without it, especially for newbie.
  • The overall performance is bad-Free PHP hosting customers cannot be guaranteed with fast speed and at least 99.9% uptime as well as a secure online environment, so they often encounter some problems.
  • No technical support- We have to tell free PHP hosting customers that they cannot receive technical support. There is no doubt it will influence their business.

From the above points we presented, webmasters can see that it is impossible for them to get a reliable, secure and stable environment to host their websites if they choose free PHP hosting. Today, we are delighted to tell webmasters that there are several web hosts that can provide rich-feature hosting solutions at a cheap price, such as Ipage.

Ipage ( is a renowned web host that is ipagefamous for offering cost-effective
hosting plan to its customers. In order to help webmasters clearly know this company, we will make a review from its price & features, reliability as well as technical support.

Ipage Review on Price & Features

In fact, it is hard to find a web host that can beat Ipage in the respect of price.

With the latest promotion, Ipage hosting customers can receive the service only at $1.99/mo Sale tag #7instead of the regular price $8.95/mo.  Moreover, the company also offers 30 day full money back guarantee and prorated money back after that time, which means it is safe for customers to host their websites at Ipage.

In terms of features offered by Ipage, it is delighted to tell webmasters that they can get possible all essential features to backup their websites, including unlimited disk space, transfer, domains allowed, and MySQL databases, free website builder, one free domain name for one year, web hosting control panel, as well as $200 Adwords and more.

Ipage $1.99 Promotion Ipage $1.99 Promotion
78% Off

Ipage Review on Reliability

Generally speaking, Ipage hosting customers can host their websites in a relatively reliable relaibility4environment.

Ipage is a green web host that aims at reducing the carbon footprint. Powered by wind energy, the company takes advantage of the green servers and data centers as well as top of the line facilities to try to ensure that its customers can host a fast and secure web host. In addition, the system administration team of Ipage will monitor the network day and night to guarantee customers’ websites up and running all the time.

Ipage Review on Technical Support

One of the unbeatable advantages of Ipage is that the company can always offer patient, courtesy supportand professional technical assistance to its customers.

At Ipage, customers can contact the supporting staffs via several main supporting methods, including phone, email and live chat. The company claims that it has a team of North American technicians who has the ability to deal with customers’ issues as soon as possible. After checking the comments of existing customers, we find over 90% of its customers are satisfied with Ipage support center.

Why Ipage

From the aspects we reviews, it is clear to figure out that there are many disadvantages if webmasters are eager to host their websites for free. Instead, Ipage is a great alternative. On the one hand, the price of Ipage hosting is very cheap, starting at $1.99/mo, 78% off the regular price. On the other hand, it can also ensure many features, reliable online environment and customer-first technical support.

If customers want to find more information about Ipage, they can visit


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