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As a complement to website hosting, website builder is initially designed for people to build an online web presence in an easier way. Even for those people with little knowledge of coding languages like HTML or CSS, as long as they only know how to post a picture or a video to Facebook, they can build a website by their own with a site builder.

There are thousands of website builders in the marketplace, most of which have provided free services. Here in this article, we are delighted to introduce three best free website builders to help our readers make an online presence engaging and fun, namely Wix, Weebly, and Strikingly.


wix logoWix is one of the best known site builder brands in the industry. Since its foundation in 2006, the company has improved by leaps and bounds. Up to now, Wix has helped over 73 million users worldwide build amazing websites.

At Wix, users can receive almost everything needed in website building process and none of them needs to pay any money. With Wix website builder, all people need is just an email account to log in. Then they can start their online presence creation journey.

Wix Website Builder Wix Website Builder
For Free

Wix has offered more than 500 designed templates covering all niche markets including business, musicians, photographers, designers and etc. After deciding the template and theme, users can use Wix’s user-friendly drag and drop editor to operate their web pages. Wix editor also equips a function not only allowing users to design desktop friendly websites but also enabling them to build mobile friendly websites.

To get a more professional and powerful website, Wix App Market offers hundreds of free third party applications including events calendar, online store, online booking widgets, live chat software, and etc. And all of these can be easily added to Wix websites.

Another best part of this platform is that Wix hosting comes free with every site. By having their web pages on Wix servers, users can get fast page loading speed. And if people are encountering with any issues, they can get help from Wix for free too. Wix Help Center contains a bunch of stop-by-step tutorials to be helpful for all customers as well.

To cut to the chase, Wix features one of the best free website-building experience available. Among the most user-friendly website building tools, Wix builder ranks on the top list. Integrating ranges of attractive offerings, like hundreds of beautiful templates, powerful apps and ease-of-use drop and drag editor, Wix becomes one of the perfect options for most aspiring webmasters. To claim Wix free site builder, please visit


weebly logoWeebly is a San Francisco-based, global platform allowing people to build unique websites, blogs or online stores in an easy way. In 2007, the company has been listed among the 50 Best Websites by Time magazine.

With Weebly free plan, people can receive 500MB storage, unlimited pages and more. And there are hundreds of free templates categorized into different sections including Bold, Fun, Minimalist and so on allowing users to select. If people want to know whether it will present as they expect on a full screen, they can click “Preview” to check how it will look like on a desktop screen or on a mobile screen. After that, people can edit their websites as required.

Weebly Website Builder Weebly Website Builder
For Free

Users can build their websites as simple as dragging & dropping. The Weebly Editor is arguably easiest-to-use of its kind. It comes with a selection of web elements in a dock along the left side of the screen. All elements are classified and put into different categories, including Basic, Structure, Media, Commerce and More. Users can simply drag any element under each part and add it to their sites. Weebly builder will automatically resizes and adjust existing elements on the sites to make room for whatever people just added.

Other more, there are many advanced tools in Weebly App Center, some are free and some are not. The good news is that most of paid apps have free trial periods so that people can have a test for them without any payment.

Besides that, Weebly offers hosting for all websites that are housed on its platform at no cost. And the company not only optimizes all sites for its own hosting, but also takes care of security against hackers and spam thus people can save time and energy to focus on their websites managing. Furthermore, all free accounts at Weebly are provided with an email support as well as a well-done Knowledgebase.

To experience Weebly website builder for free, please visit


strikingly 220Compared to the Wix and Weebly, Strikingly is more famous as a one page website builder. It was designed for both beginners and advanced users to build a simple as well as professional website without any knowledge of CSS or HTML. Another highlight of Strikingly is its mobile-friendly websites.

Generally, Strikingly free plan includes a domain, 5GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited free sites, and a simple store with 1 product per site. Other more, Strikingly brings a library of beautifully designed templates that are friendly for any devices. And each template is fine-divided into several sections, including Big Media, App Store, Feature Listing, Profiles and more. Users are allowed to rename these sections and add new content as needed. And they can also customize their backgrounds.

Strikingly Website Builder Strikingly Website Builder
For Free

Unlike other website builders out there, Strikingly offers the easiest way to edit people’s content and theme directly on their web pages. They can see that changes take effect while they are editing their sites. And all of changes are presented on one big page, thus everything is very simple and clear.

Other more, Strikingly App Store offers various kinds of free apps for users to choose from. People can immediately find what they want under categories like business, media and eCommerce, etc.

As we’ve mentioned above, Strikingly is also the easiest mobile optimized website builder. It has just launched its app on iOS. All users can download it for free to monitor live traffic and new inbox messages for their websites.

Additionally, Strikingly does very well in customer supporting. Whatever customer come from, for free plan or paid users, they can get assistance via submitting a ticket or searching answers on Strikingly Knowledgebase and Idea Forum.

To build beautiful websites with Strikingly free website builder, please follow

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