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GetResponse Review

In blew, we are to analyze GetResponse to explain why the company is widely recognized by customers. This review mainly talks about GetResponse current promotions, email creation & sending, email contact list management, email tracking & reporting, and customer support.

Get-ResponseEstablished in 1999, GetResponse ( is one of the best email marketing service providers. Due to its abundant features and flexible designs, 350,000 customers from hundreds of countries are attracted by GetResponse premium email marketing service.

GetResponse Provides Special Deals

For ordinary customers, we mean, profit organizations, GetResponse offers 30 days of free trail. If customers do not know GetResponse very well, they can start with free trial for 30 days. They can try out GetResponse different plans with different features, except sending emails. Once they feel good, they can import their subscribers and send emails to make money, by using the complete set of GetResponse tools.

GetResponse Email Marketing GetResponse Email Marketing
30 Days Free

For non-profit organizations, GetResponse gives 50% off discount forever. With GetResponse, they can create beautiful newsletter by using more than 500 templates, grow their audience with social media integration, and easily manage their groups.

GetResponse Review on Email Contact Management

Before customers send emails, they need create contact list at first; a good list needs good management. At GetResponse, customers can receive smart management tools to help them create and maintain good contact lists.

GetResponse believes sign-up forms should be tailored to customers’ different needs, thereby, new GetResponse forms come out, which make customers’ online marketing easier and more efficient. List builder wizard can lead customer to create designer-quality forms. It comes with over 500 top-notch templates, 9 predesigned template categories, 1-click color magic, A/B tests, and advanced custom fields to use detailed user profiles.

List builder apps are provided to create engaging forms. For instance, sign-up box can be customized with customers’ brand feel, and makes opt-in easy. Scroll form, image box, and shake form are all list builder apps which can be used to catch visitors’ eyes and ask visitors for email addresses. Other more, fixed form bar, exit pop-up, and download box are also the unobtrusive and tasteful methods for customers to grow list.


All GetResponse plans include advanced segmentation. By using it, customers can segment contacts into similar groups for targeting their email campaigns better. Even if customers are new to segmentation, GetResponse also helps them separate groups quickly and effortlessly, based on conditions out of advanced search and online survey, including subscriber custom data, geolocation, subscription data & source, subscriber engagement, etc.

GetResponse Review on Email Creation & Sending

At GetResponse, email creation starts from scratch in the HTML code editor, which allows customers to copy and paste plain HTML code. Then, more than 700 templates and layouts provide limitless creative design solutions. Also, there are 1,000+ iStock images which can enhance emails effect to attract more visitors engaged in campaigns.

The most wonderful thing is that GetResponse drag-and-drop editor enables customers to quickly pick an image or content block and drop it in place. The editor has smart image editing dealing with best images inside their drafts. If customers encounter accident and lost their well-designed emails, the editor has basic blocks library, email creation history, and snippets archive, which can help customer reuse the designs done before.


Once emails are created, sending the emails needs pay more attention, because it can impact on campaign performance. Before sending emails, customers should use Time Travel to set the best sending time. By conducting A/B testing, customers can know which email performs best attracting visitors’ attention.

In addition, Autoresponders 2.0 is a simple and powerful marketing automation. With it, customers can create time-based messages which are adjusted to their audience profile; they can creates action-based messages which automatically response to their subscribers’ needs and actions. All in all, Autoresponders 2.0 can help customers to develop closer relationships with their audiences.

GetResponse Review on Analytics

After sending emails, tracking and reporting email campaigns are essential to research customer behaviors and needs. GetResponse provides Email Intelligence which works as the email analytics tool.


It tracks and reports the results of email campaigns from different aspects:

  • It tracks the time when customers’ subscribers take action on their emails. The reports of tracking will be the reference for future campaigns, so that customers can send their messages at the most responsive time.
  • By tracking open rates, clicks, unsubscribed, and conversions, it can make the comparison between two campaigns to find out which one generates better results. According to the results, customers can learn how to attract their audiences better.
  • After installing a tracking code, GetResponse will track the sales, signups, and visits. The results can show customers the real email ROI quickly.
  • With the tool, customers can quickly and easily get the comparison of all autoresponders. The results can help customers to identify the weak points and improve them later.

Besides, it can track social sharing stats and email clients stats as well. Smart reporting makes tracking results simple, clear, and visible.

Other Highlights of GetResponse

GetResponse provides many features making email marketing easy. Apart from the features we told above, we find some other highlights as following:

GetResponse List Building Program

Each email marketing solution at GetResponse includes a free List Building Program, which can boost customers’ list and help their marketing move to a higher level. With it, customer can grow contact base up to 10,000 subscribers, and learn to create beautiful newsletters as well as combine online marketing tools effectively.

GetResponse APP Center

GetResponse integrates with hundreds of apps. Customers can get it at GetResponse APP Center, such as GetResponse app, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Joomla!, Salesforce, Google Analytics, WordPress, and many more. Hundreds of integrations can create powerful social network that can attract more new subscribers automatically added to customers’ GetResponse account.

GetResponse Review on Pricing

For profit organizations, GetResponse offers 30 days of free trail. It means customers have 30 days to try out GetResponse services. After that, if they love GetResponse, they can enjoy complete set of GetResponse features and choose the best suitable deign according to their 30-day experience. In below, it is part of GetResponse price structure:

Plans\ Subscribers 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000
Email   $15/mo   $25/mo   $45/mo   $65/mo
Pro   $49/mo   $75/mo

Besides, GetResponse also provides 50% discount for non-profit organizations forever.

GetResponse Review on Customer Support

The company provides abundant resources to help customers. Video tutorials contain many practical skills, like how to start GetResponse, campaign settings, contacts management, message creation, and more; FAQ is a quick way to solve problems, because there are almost all questions & answers which are frequently asked. Moreover, customers can download manuals, whitepapers, and reports; higher levels of customers can join the webinars to learn more.

In addition, GetResponse gives multiple contact ways, which are phone call, live chat, and emails. Customers can find GetResponse Facebook, Twitter, Google+, as well as Pinterest, and then fan GetResponse. These social media platforms are important channels to get the latest news about GetResponse and its tools.

When to Consider GetResponse?

In a word, GetResponse is very excellent to deliver great email marketing. Its multiple designs coming with different, rich feature make email marketing so easy. Considering its affordable prices and excellent customer support, we think GetResponse should fit small to large business.

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